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Aren’t you glad you are getting these letters?
That means… you are THE FIRST to know!
Just as I sat down to the computer, wondering what to write… the phone rang…
It was Zorra!
Well, he and Quazar and I had a lot of fun, kind of laughing and joking… Zorra was quite buoyant… lots of chuckles. And you know how Quazar is… always probing… wanting answers… and we got them!

An ultimatum has been given to the United States, Iraq, and China:
“This RV/GCR must be positively handled by this weekend!”
And if not?

On Monday morning… look to the skies! Ashtar will be in charge! Ships of The Ashtar Fleet will appear in the skies of these three countries. And, although the Galactics never use weaponry… Zorra had a big chuckle over what they CAN do!

And with yet no compliance? Those decision makers will go to bed on Planet Earth – and wake up on her sister 3D planet! Gone!

So folks – we are moving ahead, with or without them! smile emoticon

Oh, I also meant to tell you… the other day when I talked to Zorra about the Twin Flame reunion… he said I could tell you that the Twins will be reuniting in the First Quarter of 2016. So keep those vibrations… HIGH! Remember, our vibrations need to be close to the vibrations of our cosmic Twins’.

Oh yes… another thing… when I was talking to Pallas Athena today … just before she called… I was hearing music… hummmm…. it took a while to put the words in and connect… it was the Hallelujah Chorus! Twice that was played for me! Sounds like they are already celebrating on The New Jerusalem!

Well, Folks… this was the frosting on the Sunday Cake when Sananda stepped aside to allow Sanat Kumara to make his historic announcement! Yes, we also have a Mass Initiation about to happen!


Renewfor: We just got the go ahead to purchase our historic TOV bonds which we have anticipated for a couple years, they also say for us that hold any of the 5 currencies in the first basket to get ready for revalue. What I am hearing is $7+ on dinar and 2+ on dong. Expect to hear a lot more from Reno throughout the day, as I am told from Hong Kong that is where the action is.


Source: http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2016/01/tnt-tonys-cliff-notes-by-sunny-6-jan.html?spref=fb

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