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TNT Call notes 4-September-2015 (via Adept1)

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Friday, September 4, 2015.

Pam: Please could everyone send good thoughts and prayers to JB in Texas.

Tony: I’m going to do a really short call for those who want to hear it. There is not a lot of information, but it’s still looking good for this weekend, or for September 14/15, then the 30th. At the present time, the agreed time is before the 14th. It changed 2-3 times yesterday before they came to a conclusion. Everyone is excited, happy, on alert, on standby for this to possibly happen over this weekend. No one has been told to go home or stand down. It may not happen, but there is a strong possibility that it could happen.
I just want to do a short call to let you know everything is possible. Lots of people are going out of town for this last holiday weekend of the summer. So go do that, because if and when it changes, a tweet goes everywhere. Have your plan ready, know where your currency is, and be ready. Some have already gone out of town; some took all their currency, some just took enough to exchange where they are, and then they can take a plane back. Just have your plan for what to do if it does get released this weekend.
There is nothing else specific – it was just like Wednesday, only more upbeat, being told to stay ready. That’s all the news I have for you today.

281 caller: [Appreciation] My birthday is coming up. I haven’t talked to you for two years since my birthday before last. You said that you would always remember my birthday on this call. I want to ask for birthday greetings to my soul sister in Virgo. [chitchat] My birthday is next Wednesday, the 9th. What kind of birthday will I have this year?

Tony: The problem with texting you is then you’ll be calling me and everyone would get mad. I’ll do the best I can. Happy Birthday from all of us, and I hope it’s the best birthday ever and we can all celebrate that.

Tony: Pam and I were discussing Texas today, about how it seems like a whole different planet. I will see if I can get there.

702 caller: Tell Pam I’ll definitely pray for JB and family. When we go to the first visit, that is where we put the money into the bank account, right?

Tony: That is certainly where you should do the first negotiation… fees, no fees, guide-line for what rates are authorized for that manager. There are codes right now so that the person can find out what is authorized. Some banks have been told that there is a limited number to whom they can offer the contract rates, and that it will be scrutinized.

Caller: But if you have a lot, and you get to the second appointment, is that where they might be able to give you more, or the contract rates?

Tony: I’m not sure on that, because the contract rates might be gone by that time. I would ask for what you want right away. However, you can negotiate on interest rates and such. I have heard that they are setting up new high-rate products for high-value clients.

Caller: What about the zim – is there is still a cap

Tony: Yes, I believe so – half a billion last time I heard. Now, the first meeting is only 20 minutes, so you will have to negotiate quickly. It’s in and out. It has been done by people who have already exchanged. As for negotiating fees, maybe I’ll find out over the weekend.

636 caller: What is the starting point for ‘those who have a lot of currency’?

Tony: I don’t know what their threshold is. A lot of us will have over five million dollars after exchange… maybe five million dinar? They were talking about this for the first time this week in the training class. Maybe I will get more information over the weekend.

860 caller: How are you? I’m also super-fantastic. I was checking out the stock markets, and an RV would motivate us to give them some help. Do you think that the stock market is generating pressure to get this done?

Tony: I think it all helps: the stock market, the bonds that go on sale on Saturday. I also like seeing this on a Friday, on a holiday weekend. Maybe we can go in on Tuesday and turn it around.

Caller: We can certainly help if they push the button on it. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller: GM… National Guard Law? Anti-corruption Law?

Tony: I think this could be a great weekend: markets and oil prices down, holiday weekend, I think this really good be a great time. They are arguing about the laws. They have been passed, and they are agreed that they need it to make investors comfortable, but people want to get their slice of the cake first. All the laws have been passed, as we have been told by people here and in Parliament. I’ve been told that at the last moment they will ALL be implemented and Iraq will change in a day. They are not required for the RV, but they are desired so that there will be no backlash or backup next year. They are trying to get it all implemented as law, and afterwards they will deal with the rest.

Caller: I read something saying those two laws were not passed.

Tony: Inside Parliament, they say they have already been voted on and passed, even though they are working on implementation. I am looking forward to this weekend, because I am hearing this weekend, the 15th and the 30th are the dates for this month.

559 caller: [Appreciation] and we are praying for JB. Consider a good report when you get off this phone – it is done, so expect good news. Anything else on taxes?

Tony: I will put my 50-60% aside until I know what is going. The rumor I hear is 16-18%. That is the target, but I don’t know that for a fact. They had meetings this week, and that’s what they came up with. But I’m putting aside 50-60% until I know for sure.

Caller: I’m going out of town on business next week, and I’m taking mine with me – I’m not taking any chances on this! Vegas, Vegas, Vegas here we come!

410 caller: Happy weekend for all of us! I feel a whole different energy from you and from everyone on the call – more expectation, and I love soaking it up. They were concerned about a lot of us coming in, and usually you can withdraw $10K, and then you said that it would be $7,000 – have you heard anything else on that?

Tony: Seven thousand is what I heard. It depends on who you are, the bank, etc., but for general purposes during this process, the cash limit will be $7,000.

Caller: Did you say something about five million people?

Tony: There are maybe six million total, but they want to get Dinarland – about 50,000 who listen to these calls and act on their information – in the first five days. The rest can drift in as they find out about it. The people who put it away in their sock drawer might not find out for six months. It’s the initial 50,000 they are preparing for in that first push.

Caller: I’m happy to see everyone at the bank, stimulate the economy, close the gap between rich and poor. Maybe this will be our last call… otherwise next week but not Monday, right?

Tony: We will NOT have our regular call on Monday but I hope by then you won’t care. If nothing happens, we will speak on Tuesday morning. But I’m hopeful for this weekend.

Pam: Have a lovely Labor Day, and we will be here next week (if nothing else happens), for as long as we can. Thanks for your prayers for JB.

Tony: We are still in a super-fantastic place. There is nothing negative, no bad news, and we are still geared up for any moment, any day. I’m going to enjoy my weekend and I suggest you have fun; just be ready for the tweet. Everyone is still in agreement, and they do have a date and time picked out; we just need to make it to that day and time. Nothing negative, just be prepared and enjoy your weekend. See you Tuesday!

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