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Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:06 PM EDT on August 15, 2016

I hope this info, in text form, might be helpful to some who like to read at their leisure.

Winston Shrout’s 8-14-2016 text version of his message released as a video on you tube and was posted on the following link:


Youtube link dierct link:


I listened to the entire 1 + hour message and decided it might help some people who have not had the opportunity to follow the history of when the US army began to see what could be done to remove the cabal and bring us back to our Republic.Here is a very brief summary of his message posted yesterday. I began this translation to text after the initial introductions etc. I have not changed the intent of his message only made some comment I placed in brackets [ ] for clarity in some cases.1) At some point the Army created and staffed a complete structure for a Republic. Located in VA or WVA they were completely staffed waiting for when they would be called forward. They would be called forward in the event that there was no possible way that the existing administration that once it got passed the tipping point they had to step in to save the country. They have stepped forward.

2) In about Jan. of 2015 they began to operate in earnest. The Gen. that was in charge of it at that time was Gen. Carter Ham. He was one of the army generals that was fixing to send troops in rescue those at Benghazi. But he was ordered to stand down by the “quot un-quot” Commander-in-chief and secretary of state [Hillary]. Winston said he probably has a bitter taste in has mouth about that. In any event it appears that Gen. Carter Ham was inserted as the interim president of the interim Republic. He then began operations in earnest around Jan. 2015.

3) On the international front, the international global matrix, was under repair. This repair has been and is being orchestrated by the Ascended Master known as St. Germain. AS this repair was being done there were certain accords that was agreed to that was known as the Basel Agreements.

In particular the Basil III agreement specified that a national currency, in order to trade, internationally would have to be substance backed.

4) So the new interim Republic had no gold with which to create a national currency [for the US]. Winston said as you recall, the operations that we had done in regards to the Federal Reserve Banks [FED], he said he would not repeat the whole story, but that in any event starting in 2013 because of the actions we have taken, the FED banks all 12 of them could not re-charter. So basically they were melted into the United States Treasury. Of course the US Treasury was not much better than the Federal Reserve Banks.

5) The new government would not incorporate the Federal Reserve System into this new Republic and certainly not the currency, called the Federal Reserve notes [FRN]. So you all know about these FRN and the ramifications that come with dealing with that.

6) So, the new president [of the Republic] was under the problem of getting some gold so the new Republic could create usable and recognizable currency for use for both internationally and domestically. In April [ 2015 I believe] to start it off the Chinese Elders gave the Republic the equivalent of 100 billion in gold bullion, he says there may have been more given since that time. Winston says as he understands it that gold bullion is being held on an army base in Texas. But it is not in Fort Knox I can guarantee you that. All the gold in Fort Know had been stolen long ago. But this gold [in Texas] is being scrupulously guarded so it cannot be stolen. But with that gold in hand at that point to comply with the Basil III agreements, the Republic could in fact create a new currency, which they did. That new currency is know as Treasury Reserve Notes [TRN’s]. He explains that this money is government level money. This money does not go out publicly on the streets. But it was a valid currency and it started trading in the international markets in the summer of 2015, and it is still trading. So we know its a valid currency, recognized internationally, otherwise why would they trade it in the markets?

7) So what good does that [new FRN currency] do you and I? So the next thing that had to be created was a usable currency for use by the people thier day-to-day and commercial activities. This currency is known as United States Notes [USN] empahsis on NOTE. For those who have studied whats called the Federal Reserve Note, you immediately understand or you can identify that its not a NOTE. I don’t care what it says it is. For those who have studied any degree of Negotiable Instruments law you will recognize that the Federal Reserve Note is not a NOTE, its only a Perpetual Annuity Bond. So that was what we were using as “Money” in our transactions and so forth, which caused us NO END OF PROBLEMS.

8) In any event the New Republic have been involved in the creation of United States Notes. They are going to be a little different looking , he says he has not seen any himself, but they have been printed up and they are being held in the banks. We who work at the International level had expected that they would release the USN’s last October. But October came and went and the notes were still not in use on the streets by the people. So we are scratching our heads trying to figure out why that is. So what we found was there was a great deal of “push back” from the Cabal’s, from some of the Cabal banks and some of those elements. It was kind of like taking two steps forward and three steps backward for a very long time. So that problem had to be dealt with. As I have mentioned, the Pentagon being a corporation, and actually acting as if they were part of the Fascist regime had to be deal with. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs was General Mark Dempsy, and I can guarantee you that he was a large part of that problem.

9) So eventually General Dempsy got released and in his place in November [2015] the US Congress selected General Dunford of the US Marine Corp as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon. Now we are beginning to see a little bit of change here. So when that happened we were all wide eyed listening to see what would go on trying to find every little scrap bit of information that we could possibly find. So in consequences of his appointment he [Gen. Dunford] went into action very quick. Because along with being the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he also took the position, that General Ham had taken as the acting president of the interim government. So if you go back and study that history a lot can be found on the internet. Of course the powers that be, the Cabal and all those kinf of people, basically started taking pot shots at him. They were trying to kill him. He avoided death on a couple occasions. The last intel that I [Winston] have received is that General Dunford is in fact dead. I can’t swear to that but the last Intel I got is that it happened. So I assume, even though I don’t know, I don’t have any intelligence on this, but I assume that General Ham probably took that back up [the Republic intrim president position]. I don’t know that for a fact.

10) In any event some of the things accomplished by General Dunford; 1) he shut down the FED completely, 2) they pressured the CEO of The United States Incorporated, to resign, 3) General Dunford did in fact take over the White House and there for a time General Dunford was flying around on “Air-force One”.

If that gives you an idea because sometimes you have to take the little bits and scraps of information that you find and make deductions and make conclusions from the small things that you see.

11) Now as we roll into our present situation, this being an election year, There is a lot of excitement. We have the leading candidates as we suppose to be Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton. Rest assured, neither of those, will be the elected president of the new Republic come November. That will not happen.

12) Now let me give you a quick run down on some of the things that happened in the intrim. There has been so much shifting going on its rather hard to keep up with it. A lot of it again you have to just use left handed information and intel to draw conclusions from.

a) probably around last spring it was thought, at least the logic was that the American people would become perhaps spooked if it was found out that the military General was actually running the government. They would perhaps think there was a military coup, which could be further from the truth, but that was the thinking at that time. So at that time since the president and vice president had already resigned they went to the third in line, it was the speaker of the house Mr Paul Ryan. What they did was they put him forward for those who could see, they put him forward as the acting president of the new Republic. Perhaps the thinking was we had a historical precedent for that [ I shortened this to the bottom line]. Re-cal that in the times of president Nixon when he resigned they [ultimately] went to the speaker of the house, Gerald Ford and he became the un-elected president. Setting a precedent so we have that in our history. So there for at least awhile, it looked like they were trying to put forth Mr Paul Ryan as the interim president simply so that the public would not think it was a military coup. Then at some point I think that even changed around. I am not sure of those inter workings at this point.

b) But regardless of who took the nomination at the GOP let me suggest that that individual, Mr trump, will in fact step down. At that point Mr Paul Ryan will step forward, and I believe he will become elected in November 2016 as the next United States President. I will give pretty good odds on that. [my comment is IF Mr Ryan is dully elected, by the people under the new Republic, only then will he be our next president].

c) In any event one of the things most certainly, that will be executed upon, when he takes that position will be NESARA [National Economic, Security And Reformation Act]. It was signed into law who was the last United Sates President, who was Bill Clinton. He signed it into law and they had intended upon executing it and the only thing preventing them from doing it was Septembet 11, [911] when they took down the twin towers. Where the offices were for those working on NESARA were located. That set that effort back quite a ways. [I am not sure why Winston is calling Bill Clinton the last president, maybe he does not consider Bush Jr in anyway possible an elected president which is an understatement].

d) Here we are finally in 2016 going into 2017 and that [NESARA] will be executed upon. [If you want to study that see the links below. One link not posted below is a cabal dis info NESARA site.]. The provisions, they are very very favorable for the people and so you can go look that up, some of whick are complete baloney, so you got to sift through it go into your heart and look at those things and look at some of the history of it. There is quite a bit of history there and I think you will be very very pleased.

e) So we are kind of down to the point now where the expectations are getting very very high and the thing I have focused on, is especially in regards to public opinion. Has to do with MONEY. So if people, if they can go to the store and buy their grocery’s, if they can put gasoline in their automobiles and so forth. Then pretty much things are OK. If they couldn’t do that, then there would be a problem. So those who are working these things, have been very very careful.

13) Over the last number of months as things have gone on, there has been a lot of “push back” from the Cabals. Pehaps at this point I should bring in the concept of whats known as the RV or the revaluation of currency. Now this revaluation of currency is an important thing to have happened and it certainly was being promoted by the Chinese Elders and the White Dragon Society. [23.39 mim]

They started working on the RV in either 2013 or when they met in Reno, NV at the World Trade Center and started to hammer this out. Now there is two purposes and that is number one was to break the control of the Cabals on the oil industry in the Middle East, but unfortunately we are still driving around in autos and planes and things that require petroleum type fuel. We should have been way past that by now, but because of the petroleum Cabal we haven’t made itaway from that element.

14) As the RV was structured in the event connected with it, I hope some day someone writes a book about that so we can get all the details about how they did that, but in any event as they moved forward with that evaluation, they successfully broke the hold of the petroleum Cabal In the Middle East and put them into a dire situation. For instance, it’s well known that the Rockefeller Empire had been divesting itself of the petroleum and were going to alternative energy, can you believe that, why would they do that? Apparently they saw the writing on the wall. So, eventually they were able to break that hold. That is an important thing, because if we can break the hold not only of the Middle Eastern oil and with the effort of the Chinese Elders and so forth to bring out and put in to production free energy devices for your home and for your transportation, we will have a great thing. So what we have done with the RV that was so important was for us to make progress in those areas.

15) Now the second element of the RV that I like to talk about is taking control away from the Central Banks. As I have shown in 2012, when we did that commercial lien and prevented the Federal Reserve Bank from re charting in January 2013, the idea was to put the Central Bank back into the control of a nation’s treasury. In all these countries they have their own Central Bank and as you know, they have done nothing but rape the country of their country’s assets. So it was the Central Banks that was regulating a nation’s prosperity or [lack of] prosperity. Because it was the Central Banks that was keeping the third world countries in poverty, that was who was doing it. Central Bank was doing it by multiplying the currency. So to get past this problem, you have to get the Central Banks under control. So what they did with the revaluation of the currency they went into each country, each nation and evaluated certain elements of that country.

16) Number one was perhaps the gross national product, in other words, what were the people really making that they could contribute to international commerce. Number two, they looked at natural resources in the ground, timber, precious metal, etc., so they evaluated a particular country based on those elements and perhaps some others. From that they [valued] their currency in a hierarchical manner. So in other words if a country had good manufacturing, they were producing, they had good natural resources, even oil, in any event, they [were] rated on a hierarchical scale, the value of a nation currency and took that power away from the Central Bank. Now we have a stabilization in these countries that have been under the thumb of the Cabals and the banks and so forth, these countries now come out from under that. So regardless of the money of a particular country, particularly a third world country, it is now competitive with the currencies of other countries. So that is the method being used to bring third world countries out of poverty. That is how it works, that’s how it’s going to happen.

17) Now in order to do that and I don’t want to get into technicalities of this next part, because I don’t understand all those technicalities. In certain instances, some of those currencies of some of those countries were offered for public sale. Many people in the United States and other places, even governments [purchased these currencies]. Actually there are five tiers of investors in those currencies. People on the streets like you and I have invested in those currencies. In any event people like you and I will get paid last, so don’t be upset by that, probably you are going to be paid this week or next week. There has been a lot of pressure on for a long time, it has been two steps forward and three steps back. The opposition to this is being slowly, but surely removed.

18) The way it is being removed is the White Dragon Society put up a ton of pure gold as a bounty for anyone who could convince so and so to change their way and I’m not sure if they cared if it was dead or alive. I can assure you many of the bounty’s have been collected, I have the information on some of that and they are still working on it. Once they got rid of the top tier of the Cabal, they had to work on the lower operatives and they are going after them with extreme prejudice. They’ve all been given the chances they would be given and they still would not relent,as any sociopath would, in any event they were gotten rid of.

19) About three or four years ago, St Germain had sent me a message in regard to the situation, which was basically this: “No one will stand in the way, anyone that gets in the way will be removed.” So now, we come right down to it right now, so many of them that were given so many chances are being removed, I feel sorry for them, I not one of those out there doing that, but if that what it comes too, that is just the way it has to be. Those are really hard statements, but that is really what is happening.

20) So in any event the last information I have received and I have a few contacts that I can depend upon and some of them are in the White Dragon Society and others that are well connected in international things. So for those of you that have RV currencies to redeem, I believe they will start on that redemption this week. I don’t see anything in the way of it now, so watch for it, some of you who are involved with redemption groups you know about this, others that are not involved with any groups, you will at some point be able to go directly into the banks and redeem your currency for whatever rates are available at that time, so this is going forward so look for it. It will be here as quick as a flash. In any event, that is some of the happenings going on right now.

End of his message.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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