RV Update: “The USD Is Crashing, Finally!” – One Who Knows – 3.12.17

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The USD Is Crashing, Finally!

I said that I wouldn’t counteract disinformation, but I just want to point out a couple of things just for perspective.

#1) I have noticed that the disinformation has been coming from well meaning people who are really trying to help, but they have just been misinformed. So don’t judge information based on how much the giver of that information believes what they are saying. So it is not really their fault, they just have bad intel sources.

#2) I just read some stuff from Beny, and bless his heart, he really is trying to help the cause, but what he doesn’t know is that all is well. Unless you have the right perspective, you get the wrong picture of what is really going on. Here is his post:

“Global Economic Collapse to Trigger RV/GCR” – Beny Intel Update 3-11-17

In the post he says that: “The Dollar inside Iraq is falling so hard is ridiculous”

At first, that sounds bad, and I am sure he meant it that way, but, that is actually GREAT NEWS! At first, $1 USD could buy about 1000 Dinars, but now, it hardly buys 20 cents of one Dinar. It dropped in value alright!!!!! Of course, we like to think of it as $1 Iraqi Dinar = $5 USD!!! So, in reality, it is not the USD that is dropping in value, as much as it is the other first basket currencies raising in value. So THANK YOU Beny for that Great News!

#3) It looks bad in the news and politics, because it is supposed to. Not one thing is going on or being reported that is not already part of the script, the plan. You have to realize that if we are going to dump the old USA Inc., something is going to have to go wrong publicly, and people are going to have to get in trouble, and revelations made, to justify to the sleeping public, why the New, Restored Republic needs to be brought in and take over.

So don’t get caught up in the show, after all, the good guys control the military, the financial system, and all the banks and money supply. And, by the way, all these yappy politicians’, and news people are impotent. If they dare to do one single thing that is off script, all their pedophilia & Satanic evidence will be released to the public, which will crush them. No matter what they say or do, it is exactly what the NPTB want from them, and right now, it is a show that leads to the Republic and the new age.

The Bottom Line

There is going to be a lot of misinformation and fear mongering in these final days, and there needs to be. There is going to HAVE to be some sort of huge political turmoil that upsets the public enough, that they will embrace the New (Restored) Republic. But remember, it is all a show, that leads to what we want.

Fear Mongering about all kinds of things is an important part of it, but it is ONLY for the Ignorant who don’t know what is going on, or where it will end up. THAT IS NOT YOU. You know what you know, so don’t get taken in by the show. Just sit back with your popcorn, watch it play out, and see the genius in the plan. Shhhhh…. The show is about to begin, and I don’t want to miss one minute of it. We are about to witness the climax of a multi thousand year old plan and it will be spectacular!

Remember, we are the “Light Workers” and it is our job to hold the light, despite the weather conditions, such as high winds of disinformation, or heavy rains of Fear Mongering, our light will still continue to shine relentlessly. So Be It!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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