RV Update & Rumors – March 8, 2015

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Blinkster:  If I recall, this is what Backdoc said in his post, here it is:


Well, with that, Frank has been clear that once this process starts, WE WON’T SEE IT UNTIL THEY WANT US TO (paraphrased) so I cannot speak to just HOW we can see it beforehand even if we want to.

But, we CAN look for signs of it. Remember, this is Iraq, lol…yet while they can hide it, albeit for a short time, they can’t hide it for long.

So anyways, we all wait, brudda! heehee I’m not going to hold Backdoc accountable as he always puts it as IMO, which is indeed what it is.

It will be interesting to see what other things hit the press over the next 12-24 hours…

Where’s my popcorn? Popcorn, anyone? Alan?   here bro…   Cookies???


Ricklibby » March 8th, 2015, 4:17 pm   Hi bacdoc, no problem with your post IMO. the MR is in progress and the currency changes in irak are also. retrieving the 50 dinar notes is the beginning of the dropping of 0’s from the physical currency IMO.

Following the moves of the CBI & GOI it’s not hard to see their actions. as we anticipate the next move and wait for the news, assumptions are easily made in the excitement of seeing what is going on.

Like we hear all the time, wait and see what is done not what is said



EXOGEN: March 8, 2015 Many in IQD land are studying and looking at the WRONG Thing.

The ONLY thing IMPORTANT now is Bank Screens in the Country you LIVE in.

Our Admin team does not EVEN watch of Follow the CBI……….


Because we are NOT Exchanging at the CBI

We are Exchanging with Banks and Currency Dealers!!!

Jim Beam  > EXOGEN Well Exo from what we are hearing rates are at the banks and just waiting for the go ahead right?


John Smith  > EXOGEN Are the forex screens to be considered also?

EXOGEN  > John smith  Are you exchanging with FOREX or at a BANK/Currency Dealer There is your Answer


LEB:  Today proves two things…1) no one knows the date or the rate. 2) Iraq has never made a guru back wall date or deadline, so why start today? Stay expectant, but stay very wary too. This will happen when they are damn good and ready, no matter how bad we want it or even if everything looks completed. I still believe this will show up unexpectantly and without fanfare.


GoldPeg9:  What is the biggest surprise about getting rich?

Good answer:

 Anonymous  I have almost four million dollars in the bank, made mostly on the side while working a tech job.  Not filthy rich but I have more in savings than anyone else I know in my peer group.  The first thoughts I have off the top of my head:

Don’t tell anyone.  At my last job over time, I foolishly somehow mentioned to my co-workers that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of cash trading and it changed the impression people had of me, and not for the better.

These are people that I had worked with for years and considered good friends.  Nobody ever asked for anything but there was an undertone of jealousy and little snarky comments sometimes when I absolutely never flaunted anything.  It never got better even though I never mentioned it again.

When I changed jobs to a new company, I vowed never to mention it anyone again under any circumstances.  Can’t advise this strongly enough.  Don’t tell anyone. Friends, etc.

Tell your spouse it’s retirement savings, not mad money.

Material things don’t do anything for you.  I know, it’s such a cliche, but take it from me, someone who thought I was different.  I bought amazing cars, had all kinds of cool toys, lived large for sure.  Nothing really lasted at the end of it all I later thought was that it was a lot of money I threw away on nothing.

Depreciating assets.  All it does is alienate you and the people you impress with that kind of spend isn’t really the kind of lasting people you want in your life..  Now I live a comfortable life consistent with my tech job income.

While I might have a bunch in savings, I think real *wealth* is getting into a situation where you have passive income every month, meaning you do nothing and get a check cut to you every month.

If I don’t trade or don’t work my tech job, I won’t have any new income.

I think real wealth and security come from building up an empire (rental property, self-running business, etc) where you can have a check coming in, even not a huge one, that requires to do nothing.

My stress level is low.  My real job can blow up and I can coast as long as I need until I find my next gig.  Not that I ever want to do that but it’s nice knowing if you fall, you have a net.

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