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G20 discusses plans to sidestep US on IMF reforms18 APR 2015 – 10:49AM

G20 discusses plans to sidestep US on IMF reforms
The emergence of the BRICS Development Bank and Reserve Fund, along with both the AIIB and Eurasian Development Bank, including a large membership of American allies, has created a political situation for both Democrats and Republicans which can no longer be ignored or postponed.

All of these institutions and their representatives have officially stated that they do not wish to create a new monetary system outside of the existing IMF and World Bank model, but wish to enhance and expand what they feel has been a USD dominated framework to more fairly represent the economic realities of a multilateral world.

Whether or not America agrees with the multilateral transition and reforms to the IMF no longer matters. The leverage and Plan B framework has been established and is fully capable of bypassing any resistance and gaming by the United States.

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