Here’s the technical legal term for NDA for those who are still focused on the upcoming currency exchange transaction:


But for those of us not uber focused on the money transition, we appreciate the irony of being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement when the whole point of this historic event is to publicly disclose the cabal’s fiat money central bank lie via a change in money’s core value (gold) and corresponding international and sovereign rates.

Hilarious! The beaming smiles on our faces and tears of joy in our eyes will reveal everything without having to say a word. And if they still can’t figure it out, the new Italian sports car in the waterfront mansion driveway will say volumes.

LOL! Too funny! But ok, I get it. Loose lips sink ships in the banking industry. Whatever…


16. Most people will be signing an NDA. If you sign an NDA DO NOT violate it. Ones who have already violated their NDA of their exchange, Homeland Security has come and arrested some and taken all their funds away. As it been told us, keep your mouth shut! No phone calls, no emails, no conversations, etc. about what happened during your exchange. Keep it private. It is no one’s business but those who were with you if there were people with you. (Source: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/10/information-for-exchanging-your.html ) [ SO,  DO NOT SIGN ANY NDA]


“ZIM Redemption Story” – Anonymous – Tuesday – September 27, 2016

Received anonymously via email at 10:34 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

ZIM Redemption Story
Tuesday – 2:00 PM
September 27, 2016

Location (undisclosed)
Wells Fargo/Abbot Downing (staff of 6)

ZIM Notes Redeemed:
10 x 100T
ZIM Rate Offered: $1,004.00 USN
ZIM Rate Requested: $3,500 USN
ZIM Rate Received: $ 3,000 USN

Structured Payout Term: 50 Years
Payout Schedule: Quarterly
Humanitarian Projects: 95%
Personal Trust: 5%
Interest: 5%

Cash: $100T USN (Trust Holding Account)
Cashier Checks: 5x100M, 5x250M (charities, distributed through attorney)
Additional Trusts: 5x5M (children)
NDA: Signed, 8 pages (strict)

Appointment Duration: 1:45 minutes
Follow Up Appointment: October 4

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:13 AM EDT on September 26, 2016

RE: “ZIM Redemption Story” – Pepper Jack Z – Friday – September 23, 2016

I just wanted to mention that this person was cheated. At a redemption rate of $818, a $50T note should exchange for $40.9 Quad. When I saw that this individual (only) received $4.09 Quad, I first thought I must be mistaken. So, I figured it several times in my head and repeatedly came up with the same answer. I then opened up the Windows trusty calculator and it gave me the same answer – several times. Even at $81.80 exchange rate, this person walked away with an untold fortune.

However, consider this: The banker pocketed the remaining 90% of this transaction. So, please warn your constituents that bankers do these computations all the time, every day, and they will NEVER accidentally misplace the decimal point by one place. This demonstrates that at least some of them are still shysters.

You need to do your own math and know the answer yourself. Let this be a lesson that you should NOT take the banker’s word for it because somebody just made that banker VERY VERY WEALTHY – 9 times wealthier than he himself became that day! What if these bankers are doing this to every exchanger, all day long?!?…



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