RV Update: Jim Willie: The Global Currency Reset is Real and in Motion, 30 JAN

Jim Willie: The Global Currency Reset is Real and in Motion
Two Hours with Jim Willie. Jim Willie talks with Patrick Timpton. He discusses the acceleration of systemicbreakdown events has come in earnest during January here, exactly as forecast.
Two Hour Interview Highlights from OneRadioNetwork:
-Willie says there is a strong contingent of powerful “Good Guys” ex military who are tired of
the status quo; and there are extremely wealthy Chinese Elders who are sick and tired of “The Boys” andtheir destruction of the Planet.
-There are three major factions who run the world….for now; who are they?
-Germany is actively looking for credible ways to exit the Euro Zone, political and currency
-The dollar is losing market share, as we speak, with the emergence with BRICS
-The amount of gold Russia and China has will curl your hair
-The U.S. is out of gold
-Putin kicked the Rothchild’s out of Russia a few years ago
-The Vatican is loaded with assets on all levels and it goes back over a thousand years
-Willie explains how oil got to $45 a barrel today
-It’s all about derivatives and not supply and demand for all major assets
-Just how did the Swiss pull off keeping the Euro peg for the last three years
-The dollar may have strong numbers today but is weak at heart
-Willie’s take on ISIS, their origin and what they are up to
-The Global Currency Reset is real and in motion
More from Jim Willie @ GoldenJackass.com   LINK

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