RV Update: “It’s Just Us” – Messages from the Masters 3-2-17


Messages from the Masters

Thursday March 2 2017

The New Jerusalem!

It’s Just Us 

It is our desire that you close this Love Letter in a higher rate of vibration than that in which you came.

Actually, I don’t believe this is the New Jerusalem, but it is the best we’ve got.

This photo came from NASA. They pointed their high-powered camera into a blank part of space and left it there for some time. And this is what emerged!

Actually, we have been told several times by our Beloved Galactics that The New Jerusalem is “hiding” right in front of the planet Venus. The light that we see as The Evening Star – the planet Venus – is actually the light of The New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem is 2,000 miles long and 2,000 miles wide – with TWELVE levels. That would give it more ground space than that of the United States.

And today I have some updates from my source on The New Jerusalem. They were given permission to give us some specifics on what they refer to when they tell us, “Much is happening behind the scenes…”

Humanity has been crying, begging, for some real information, as it has been so quiet – just saying “Much is being done behind the scenes… ” – the collective has grown frustrated.

In an earlier newsletter we were told that there is a lot of mis/disinformation bouncing around the Internet – some even saying that the RV is happening “now.” – And then we were told that there is no RV underway “now.” – And we didn’t mean to disappoint you by this – because the RV is actually so close. But it cannot be releasing “now” because it is not safe.

Here is the latest:

The CIA, the FBI, and the military tracked 10,000 global bankers who were handcufffed and hauled off in planes.

They will be tried and later be prosecuted.

Who is missing? They have all been hologramed (solid holograms) and, as holograms, are working at home – their families do not and will not know that this has happened until after NESARA is announced.

This is happening all over the globe: yes, the bankers – and, politicians – reporters – Senators and Representatives – even from the Supreme Court – all removed and replaced by holograms… all who choose the dark. But this will not be announced until after NESARA.

All of this “behind the scenes” clean out must be fully done and completed before our NESARA REPUBLIC can be announced.

And that is why we are told “NO RV money has been released.” This will not happen until it is 100% safe and the clean-out is complete.

SANANDA Sunday February 26th

This is Sananda. I did not announce my presence earlier to this one, James. Again, I am here. I am here to continue the process, the process that was begun so long ago. Here we are now as we continue on. Continue with our endeavors, continue on with all we have come here together to do. Together we are operating here. Together we are making all of this happen.

There are many things going on behind the scenes still. There are many things that are not yet revealing. But I tell you now that many things are going to be revealed, there is much that is coming. There is much that is going to be announced.

Of course, times cannot be given, dates cannot be given. You know deep down within you, within your consciousness that all is about to shift. All is in the process of shifting now as I speak here. Do not lose heart. Do not lose the sense of expectation you have. It is coming. Many of you are tired. Many of you are feeling the energies and sometimes they are too powerful. Sometimes you cannot handle them. But I tell you, you can handle them. You can move through this. You will move through this. There is nothing to stop these energies now. There is nothing here on the planet and nothing above the planet that can stop these energies. They are going to come. They are real. They are coming in a wave of energy that is going to come here.

More will be spoken of this in the next time we come together. We can reach out to many, many more in this moment through the radio broadcast. I, as Sananda, tell you that you are in the exact right place, the exact right time any moment that you need to be. All is as it has to be and all is as it should be.

I only ask that you continue to trust yourselves. Trust in all that is a part of you and that you are a part of. All is coming to a conclusion. I am Sananda.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I am always here with you whenever you call upon me or any of the others that mentor to you. Love be with all of you.

Folks, we will hear from Sananda this coming Sunday, 12:30 PM Mountain time, March 5th, on our BlogTalkRadio show with Ancient Awakenings:

Remember, Sananda said last Sunday,
” More will be spoken of this in the next time we come together. We can reach out to many, many more in this moment through the radio broadcast.”

And Sananda will be bring a special Guest with him this Sunday!

By the way, how many of us “caught” the significance of President Trump’s announcements in his talk with the joint session of Congress? We were told it would actually be a soft announcement about the upcoming NESARA REPUBLIC. So… did you catch the BIG American Flag behind Trump, hanging in such a way as to signify the Republic’s flag? And for those familiar with the basic points of NESARA, you would have recognized them openly listed as “going to happen” by Trump.

And yes, I am still gathering info for our upcoming “Health Love Letter” which just may be our next letter! These days seem to end before we even get started! Ah yes, “Time.” – Winding down before our eyes!

With my love,


Feel Our Love,

Anne (Mom) Jesus/Sananda

Hollow Earth Network, 749 W Vista Hermosa Dr, Green Valley, AZ 85614

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