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ascension_lightThursday PM , February 11, 2016



World peace has been achieved (at least on paper); including Israel & Palestine, Turkey & Syria, Saudi Arabia & Yemen.

Peace is one of the non-negotiable requirements for joining and remaining in good standing with the AIIB (Chinese Elders).

Islamic State funding has been eliminated from all private and public sources.

Buying illegal Islamic State oil is now internationally illegal.

All oil transactions must now be paid for in either: Euros, Rubles or Yuans.

NATO will be disbanded as it exists currently (less USA), and reconstituted as a European Peacekeeping Force.

Turkish President Erdogan surrendered all his personal/illegal Islamic State activities in northern Syria, northern Iraq and Turkey.

He did so in exchange for a percentage of the new Turkish Stream (gas pipeline) that will connect Russian gas with European population.

Both Erdogan (Turkey) and Assad (Syria) will be allowed to remain in power.

Rome’s Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill are meeting in Havana, Cuba tomorrow, they will sign an agreement transitioning Christianity into the new Aquarian age.

This agreement will settle a 1,000 year old schism in both Christianity and the Vatican papal structure.

Peace talks in Munich, Germany between Syria, US, Russia, EU, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Kurdistan have ended with a cease fire agreement and humanitarian aid package to refugees.

New boundaries have been drawn to split land and take oil fields away from Islamic State/Turkey/Ottoman Empire.

Kurdistan will be given Sovereign Statehood, breaking free from both Turkey and Iraq governments.

Iraq will be announcing Mosul’s release from Islamic State forces next week.

IMF’s Christine LeGarde received a second term by Chinese Elders, who own both IMF and World Bank now.

Chinese New Year ends Sunday Evening 2/14 in China (Sundaymorning 2/14 in USA)
World Markets are being gently positioned to exact RV algorithm starting points the Elders have pre-set for each.

Do not be anxious about the wild market swings, as they are final adjustments in a larger macro strategy.


Some attempts made to RV this week.

Didn’t go through, but they’re making progress.

Bank wide memos have been going out all week internally in both banks/redemption centers.

Seems like there’s not much happening, but the exact opposite is true.

There was a 72 hour preparation period that ends midnightThursday.

So we are very, very close to the finale of this–things are really different.

Project Funding for Humanitarian Projects have moved to individuals in charge of that arena.
First tranches have successfully gone through, and now waiting on successive tranches for humanitarian projects.

Tonight, the TRNs are about to be live, if not live already.

New currency USNs wil come out quickly here in the next few days, possibly even tomorrow.
We know a lot of paperwork is going on to finish up within a certain timeframe.

Everyone is on track, and everything is rolling out according to a plan.

Monday is Presidents Day, and all the banks are closed.

Large banks, WF, TD-Bank, and HSBC are scheduled to be open however.

Many exchange locations will also be open on Monday.

Not talking about rates or dates per usual.

Waiting on a moment by moment, hour by hour basis still.

Do not be anxious, let it come to us in God’s timing (which is very close).

Be prepared. Be ready. Be blessed.


God is with us


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