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Because I wasn’t able to keep up with DC this morning, I am sending out Zebragirl’s transcript — she writes it out word-for-word.  She didn’t have time to transcribe the questions and answers, so between her notes and mine, you should be good.  I do feel DC’s section is particularly important today.  If you got the gist from the earlier notes, then you don’t need to read these… but at least you have them if you want them!

Please note:  I have not edited this transcript at all.  Many thanks to Zebragirl — I know how long this takes!

Dr Kyre Adept :

TNT Call notes 11-Feb-2015 – VERBATIM by Zebragirl, info only (no Q & A)
This is the meat of the call but I didn’t have time to do the Q&A. Leaving tomorrow for a
few days and will be away this evening. Good luck everyone :) ~z
TNT Conference Call 2.11.15
T: Okay, gooood morning TNT! So today, guys, we’re gonna do things a little bit
different, and for the transcribers and Pam and Ray, ‘cause I already told DC, we’re only
gonna do an hour-and-a-half call today, so we’re gonna go through it real quick and try
and get into some stuff that you guys really wanna get into since we have a shortened
period of time. So, DC, let me just say this, as sort of east to west, so everything’s
great, everything’s on time. The budget is signed. It is in today’s Gazette. We’re
looking for it to make a difference for you sometime in the next…I’m gonna let DC finish
that sentence.
DC: Couple days!
T: Yeah, okay, 72 hours. How ‘bout that. Well, a couple of days, somewhere in there,
to make a difference for you is what we’re looking for and hoping for, so that’ll tell you
that part. Should be some announcements later in the day. President Obama’s doing
something at 3:30 Eastern which is, so we’ll listen to that and that’s why we’re kinda
cuttin’ it short along with we’re expecting something from Christine Lagarde this
afternoon. We’re expecting something from Abadi today about the economy, war zone,
Middle East, the whole thing, so those’ll be three things that we’re looking for. So your
big questions, or DC did you wanna say anything before we…
DC: No, I agree! It’s, we’re, are all those events, we’re not necessarily looking for a big
announcement, just those are important people making important statements.
T: Right. So they will be things involving the global community and the global
economy. They’re not gonna be an RV announcement. How ‘bout that, did I put that
DC: There you go, perfect.
T: Okay. All right, so, from that point you guys should be lookin’ at, and what we
wanted to get into is how this could come out to you, what your options are, what you
should be looking to do both during the exchange process and immediately after with
your newfound wealth, all right? So anywhere you wanna start?
DC: Nope. Do you wanna lead or I can, either way.
T: Okay, let’s go with we’ve been hearing rumors, and we don’t know for sure, that the
dinar will come out at the approved rate which is three something.
DC: Right.
T: And be stabilized for a while, that there may still be an option for someone to do one
or two 25,000 notes.
DC: Right.
T: Right, to start with while they’re waiting for their appointments since they’ve been
extended past the ten-day mark or 72 hours which they initially wanted, so that could
happen. The dong could theoretically come out at 8 cent, and should we all dive in as
soon as that happens or, you know, risk/reward, that type thing as far as that is. And
then the other currencies will be there, so what kind of strategy would you pursue?
DC: Okay. So we can handle this in many different ways. So let’s say it comes out at
a, let’s…okay, on a different strategies, I was thinkin’ about a different way to…
T: Oh. No, but go ahead, do what you wanted to do! Go ahead. Go ahead.
DC: Okay. Well, if anyone doubted this was live and not coordinated….
T: That’s right!
DC: Exactly! “Hey y’all have got this framed.” Sure we do! We’re not that bad. So,
you know, kinda we’re not that good but we’re not that bad. So, so bottom line, folks, is
here’s kind of the likely scenario that Tony and I see coming up, and here are the
options and whatnot for us to consider. So likely scenario is that in the next let’s call it
three or four to five days just to, to not get anybody’s, you know, not ride the roller
coaster, it comes out. And it’ll come out most likely at night our time, or that being US
time, and then at that period, and therefore we’re supposed to be noted to go in to
exchange. Because you’re paying attention, you’re naturally gonna get in line first. The
banks will, you know, some of the banks will be quick about it, and some banks will take
their sweet time and may take a long, long time to go through it. But now once you
have the money what’ll you do? Let’s, what it looks like right now, it’s gonna come out
in the mid-threes, somewhere between $3.58 to $3.71. If I was a bettin’ man, I’d, I’d space that out to $3.95 to if I really wanted to, like the outside lines I’m lookin’ at is $3.41 to $3.91, or excuse me, 95, and the dong coming out at 8 cents. Our understanding is that the dong will most likely rise after that. So you can play this so
many different ways, so you can put that in. So you’ve got this money, you, a couple
different scenarios is you can, for future investing is you can invest into more dong, you
can invest into other currencies on there. Make sure you pay your taxes and have a
conservative amount, but if you get a little extra spending money on there, if it comes at
8 cents, that’s a, a, definitely a scenario to take on there. I’m sure a lot of folks at the
US Treasury are not real happy with me right now, but the simple point is is that that is
an option to go after. I would go at, or I’m planning on doing it. You can go after it with
just keeping the dong you have. You can cash in the dong, get your money, and then
buy some more. You don’t have to buy it physically, you can buy it through different
venues, whether it be Forex account and MCAs or, or whatever you want, you have that
capability of going forward. But my strong belief is that if these rates come out at a
lower end of what we expect, then the likelihood of it going up is, is high. Is that gonna
be three days from now, four days from now, four years from now? I have no clue. But
all I do know is what Vietnam wants to be at, and they’d like to be at 47 or 57 cents, and
that’s what they’ve been pushing and egging for, so if it comes out at 8 cents, how long
is it gonna take them to go up.
Also, the other question is with the dinar about RI vs. RV. We are fairly certain that it’s
gonna be named reinstatement, or RI, so that means basically say they their old rate
that they had, they redid it. Shabibi still reserves the right to RV it later. RV could be as
short as a week after, and it could be as little as like 10 cents, or it could come out and it
could double or triple it, where he really wants it to be and thinks it should be, is they
have that option, so that’ll be a surprise on there. Will that be very quickly? We don’t
know, we’ll just have to wait and see. So this is basically just kinda different options out
there. You can, like a lot of people, and should say this ride was hellacious enough, I’m
out. No thank you, I don’t wanna ever hear of a currency reform again ever, and just
take your money and put it in a nice conservative investment and sit there and
wait. Anyway, is that the venue that you were gettin’ at, Tony?
T: Yep.
DC: Do you wanna go a little bit further?
T: So, yep, let’s, let’s look at this thing, guys. And, and I want you guys to pay real
close attention and give this a lot of thought ‘cause it’s your future, not your exchange
day. Your entire future is gonna be determined by what you do as soon as you can go
to the bank and the next 72 hours after that. I mean your entire future is gonna be
determined at that time, how you react to it, so.
DC: No pressures.
T: I’m not lyin’! But anyway, I’m just tellin’ you, okay. So here’s the difference. You
could take the, the $3.41, $3.58 and say I’m takin’ my money and runnin’ ‘cause I’ve
been waitin’ for four or five years, or you could cash in a couple notes and say, “You
know what I’m gonna do? Since I’ve been waitin’ for four, five years, or ten years and
I’ve been following this, I’m gonna wait until they let the masses, those other four or five
million people get their money out, ‘cause they’re gonna run right to the bank ‘cause
they have no clue what we’ve been talkin’ about for the last four or five years, let them
take that and then I’m gonna take the higher rate that’s gonna be on Forex.” ‘Cause
that’ll be a Forex rate. Now we’re not talking about contract rates. I’m talkin’ about
people who are just gonna go out, I’m just gonna make this happen on my own. That’s
your option. Take what comes out, wait a couple days, hours, see that it hits Forex, it
goes up, and it’s greater later. Excuse me. So you get enough to pay your bills, do
what else, enjoy life, and say, like I said, I waited five years I can wait five days. I can
wait five months if I have to ‘cause I already exchanged enough to carry me that long
without it being pressure on me. Now, I’m not only talkin’ about for the other people
who are listening, you know, we’re talking 30,000 people right now, we got 25 on our
call, so I mean tomorrow it may to 100, 200,000 people. We’re not talking about 5
million people following this. Probably 200,000 won’t even follow it, but anyway.
DC: No. No.
T: Anyway, there’s an option for you that makes it greater later. If you’re lookin’ at the
dong, the same thing. If the dong came out at 8 cent, and I’m tellin’ you guys this is
honest-to-God, I mean I swear to God, I’d buy every dong I could buy if it came out at 8
cent, I mean I just would because I know that’s not where it should be based on what
we’ve learned the last four or five years, based on our global economy and everything
else. A lot of people need the money, they can’t wait the time that it’s gonna go, but
what we’ve always talked about is take your base currency that you get and put your
money to work so you’ll have money for the rest of your life! That’s a surefire way of
doing that with minimal risk, I think, at that 8 cent. And it could fall down and go back
up, but you guys heard the numbers over the years, you know where they want it to be,
and sooner or later it has to be there. You guys know what’s gonna happen when this
hits Forex, when they’ve been hearin’ scam, scam, scam for ten years and boom, they
see it? They’re gonna jump on it like it’s free money fallin’ from heaven, which means
it’s just gonna go up. Is it gonna stay up for a long period of time? I don’t know, but at
that point you have two options. You can either call the bank, make an appointment
and go get it, or call one of the exchangers, put in a sell order, have your rate locked in
at that time. I don’t care if it takes them another 30 or 45 days to get to you, you are
now locked in at that rate. Those are things you guys need to look at, those who are
lookin’ at this as a life-changing moment, not just, you know, money for the next 90 days
or 6 months and then you broke again. So just some things you really wanna look at
based on the numbers that come out, okay?
DC: And I’d also push 1) we are not financial advisors or attorneys. This is just what to
do with gambling money, etc. You still need to be conservative with your conservative
money. Still need to pay taxes, still need to do all that stuff, but given the scenarios it
looks like it’s going to come out, but not guaranteed, but it looks like it’s gonna come
out, there’s some real opportunity there for everybody.
T: Yeah. And I’m just tellin’ you what I would do, so I wanna make that clear. This is
just what I would do, okay. I’m not tellin’ anybody else to do anything else, it’s just, you
know, if it was me. So, all right, so there are some options for exchanging. We don’t
know what the exchange procedures are. We know you could still possibly go in there
and the bank could offer you more immediately to do what they wanna do, and again
you’ve secured your money, so that’s an option for people to look at, you’re getting
interest, you’re only gonna spend what you have in your hand, and you’re lettin’ the rest
of your money make money for you, which is the most important thing, I can’t stress
it. Before you start buyin’ the cars, the houses, the boats, the planes, the trains, ya
gotta put that money to work…
DC: Absolutely.
T: …and decide what you want your monthly income to be off your money. You know, I
was talkin’ to a guy this morning, and we’re talkin’ about, I don’t care if you only end up
with $500,000. There’s a absolutely positively way that $500,000 can guarantee you
$2,000 a month. Now, would an extra $2,000 a month change your life? Yes,
forever! Not just for 90 days after you spent the $500,000 or a year, but we’re talking
about $2,000 forever. And there’ll be a couple million dollars for most of you if you do
that, and it’ll compound. So those are things I would look at before I start buyin’, you
know, a hundred-thousand-dollar Bentley or a million-dollar house when I only got five
million dollars. That might not be an option. Go ahead, DC, were you tryin’ to say
DC: No, I was just gonna strongly agree. I’m just agreeing with you that please get
your money to work. Before you give it to anybody, before you do anything, and, and to
also get good tax planning advice because there are a lot of things you can do, properly
advised by a tax attorney or a good CPA, like depreciation or, you know, when you’re
setting up your trust or setting up your foundations and everything else, there’s the
capability of, you know, you can really save on those taxes before you get to, to, before
you actually, that’s right to check. Okay.
T: I’m actually readin’ this text, sorry. You might wanna read it, too.
DC: Okay. [Pause.] All right. Let’s talk a little bit about foundations and giving money
away. So I know most of these people that we hear from that are on the call, online,
etc., have got hearts as big as Texas. I mean they’re just, just begging to help some
folks who are starving, just veterans or, or, you know, other less, less fortunate folks,
just absolutely begging to do so, which is incredibly touching and frankly the main
reason I’m doing this is because I think I’m actually helping through that, to be perfectly
blunt. But what, there’s a smart way to do it. And also, as Pam and I were talking about
this morning, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to start a whole
foundation to do all this and everything else. Sometimes it’s just as simple as writing a
check. If you’re comfortable with people doing, the way that people are doing things
and, you know, it’s, it is a well-run foundation or well-run charity, then writing a check’s
the best thing you could do, you don’t have to redo it. Perfect example, I’m gonna pick
on myself. One of the things that I really care about is basically kids who don’t get
enough to eat. I know ending world hunger sounds kind of funny, but what I was just
saying, like just simple in little old Austin, Texas, right? We have way too many kids
who go hungry every day, and it drive, it makes my head explode, mainly ‘cause I got
two little small kids and I think how in the hell could we allow these kids to starve. There
are government programs, there are everything else, but they, there’s definitely some
gaps that need to be filled, and there’s some three or four organizations in Austin,
particularly, that do a very good job of it. They have low overhead, so most of the
money’s going towards food. They already have the schools mapped out, they already
have all the apartments correctly identified. They already have all the people in the
database set up for it, so I don’t need to go out and start a new thing, I just need to
make sure the money I give to these organizations are done so in a, in a, you know,
how are you spending my money, walk ‘em through, okay, I’m gonna give you say
$100,000. How much of that goes for food? How much of that goes for
overhead? How much of that goes for your salary? You know, how much of that is a
developer, development officer’s finder’s fee? And to just basically fully understand that
to go forward. So in essence I’m not starting a big organization to do just that that
they’re already doing a very good job of. And I would, I would make a strong guess that
a lot of the folks that would like to give money, it’s just best done through an
organization that’s already down there, ‘cause why reinvent the wheel when you don’t
need to? Now there’s some organizations that are esoteric or, I’ve got one foundation,
nobody’s doin’ it, and I’m definitely going to, to, you know, start that from scratch and do
it on there. I’m, I’m comfortable with building organizations as well because I’m, I’m
built for it. But, you know, those folks who aren’t, and also there are some projects that
people are doing a great job of it now, so they just need money, so we can provide that
to ‘em. Again, just my two cents, Tony?
T: No, that’s, that’s great. But guys, as you research the foundation and you think
about what you wanna give ‘em, also think about when is it you want to give it to
‘em. So if you get your check on Monday, do you wanna give them $100,000 on
Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday? No. Say, I mean, I wouldn’t anyway, ‘cause I
gotta (inaudible), I’m just, was told to be careful how I tell you guys things, so I’m being
careful. All right. So just personally I’d say, you know what, I wanna give this charity
$100,000, but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put my money in this investment vehicle
first. I’m gonna follow whatever my bank strategy is, whether I’m goin’ with the bank or
have my strategy, what it is. I’m gonna see how much profit is produced to me. If it’s
$5,000 a month, $20,000 a month or $100,000 a month, and I’m gonna take from that
and say, okay, these are the charities I wanna give, and I’m gonna give you $10,000 for
the next ten months, not a lump sum ‘cause you’re gonna spend it in ten days, but every
month you can count on this. But the important thing is I’m gettin’ it from the, my
money’s money, not my money. I’m not spendin’ my base, again, I’m spendin’ money
that’s come in off my investment that I can now give to you and actually write it off. But
if gives me a lifelong avenue of injecting money into foundations, charities, and
everything else instead of a one-time event. It could be a thousand dollars. They’re
gonna be happy to take a thousand dollars, guys. You say, “I’ll give you a thousand
dollars a month when this come in,” if that’s what you choose, or a thousand dollars a
month is what I wanna give away to different charities, then you do that instead of giving
all your money away up front, ‘cause now it can’t do anything else for you, you’ve given
it away. And then you get mad ‘cause, you know, the next day you see the director
drivin’ a new Bentley or somethin’, so. But anyway, just so…
DC: It happens.
T: Be careful, yes, and it will happen, that’s for sure. Okay. Where are we at now?
DC: Okay, I think that’s it. Do we, let’s go through, just for the new guys, just the way
we understand the exchange process and where, real quick, just to make sure we have
a, I know this is a little bit haphazard. If it helps a few it’ll be good just to kinda refresh
memories. Okay, the way we understand, that it will go in the middle of the night
sometime, and we will be notified fairly shortly after, but most of the US will not, most of
the US banks, most of the US politicians, and a good part of the different agencies won’t
be notified until after this is done. They’re not gonna be ramped up, they’re not gonna,
you know, fully man exchange centers or, you know, law enforcement ramp, or
whatever, it’s going to be afterwards, and so therefore that ramp up will take at least
several hours if not an entire day. That doesn’t mean we’re not gonna be going in that
day, it just means basically everybody will be getting their act together on there. And so
therefore let’s say, let’s just pick tonight just for argument’s sake. I’m not saying it’s
going on tonight, in fact, I’m, I’m not looking for it tonight. Well I, actually I am, but I’m
not, like, there are several days, it’s one of several days I’m looking for it, let it put it
better, sorry about that. And so what, we’ll get a call, you’ll probably see some stuff
online, etc., and once we can actually verify the thing, Tony’s gonna send out a tweet to
go before it. We believe, we’re suppose, we know we’re supposed to be contacted, and
we know who we’re supposed to be contacted by–Tony and I and Pam and others, and
others not just us but other gurus too–and we’re going to do basically at least a
call. The question is will it be immediately then or it may be up to eight, nine, ten hours
afterwards to do a call to say here’s what’s going on, because we have not received
information from the bank, nor have we received where to funnel to a website or 1-800#
or whatever. We’re, we’re still told we’re going to be doing some of that, but again it is
still a debatable event because there are some folks who don’t want us involved at all,
and there are some folks who want, frankly want us involved for at least seven
days. That decision, I’ve not been told that decision’s been made. In fact, I’ve been
told even over the past month it’s been back and forth like four or five times, so, you
know, we just don’t know what it’s gonna be. But we have to be prepared for all
options, so that’s why we’re kinda explaining everything. And then we understand that
at minimum we will be able to do one call and basically say hey, nice, nice knowin’ ya,
here’s the 1-800#, here’s the website. Or hey, we’re gonna do four calls or we’re gonna
do seven calls over the next four to seven days, and we’re gonna walk through
procedures and to, to get everybody up to date on what’s going on.
The banks will start exchanging as they ramp up themselves. The ones in major
metropolitan areas, but also they have a hell of a lot more people to go for it. Every
bank will be handling it’s own, it’s own channels. Most of ‘em, the big banks have a,
have a 1-800# for their foreign currency departments, and so that’s what they’re
planning to use. One bank in particular will still man call sites, or excuse me, call
centers and exchange centers and just set up those appointments. And so, and then
once you get an appointment you say, you know, and one, we’re understanding one
appointment per phone call. So you can’t call up and hand it to your mom, dad, brother,
sister, uncle, aunt, whatever, it’s one call per appointment. That call is supposed to be
less than two minutes. They’re not gonna hold your hand, they’re just gonna say yes
you have dinar, be at Main Street and Fifth Street at 5:30 p.m. with your dinar and
receipts tomorrow, you know, it’s gonna be very simple, very too the point. They are
timed for less than two minutes. They’re not gonna be a big giant debate on
there. Those folks are not gonna be, some are highly trained, but most of ‘em are not
trained specifically on, you know, the exact cash-in procedures, etc., and their job is to
roll through to the next call, so it’s gonna be quick, fast, and abrupt. Then at that time
you take, you’ll go to your appointment, and at, we’re still told it’s gonna be what I call
the cattle call operation, which is you’re in and out in less than 20 minutes. You’re
gonna take your dinar in, they’re going to, you know, verify who you are. You’re gonna
need at least two forms of ID. Some banks will require three on there. If you have a
Passport, they prefer that, but they need to see at least one picture ID, if not two if you
have it, it’d be best. But if you, just one picture ID, and at least another form of
identification. It can be whatever, just basically has to prove that, you know, Joe Smith
is actually Joe Smith, that you are there. You’ll then set up a, set up the account, they’ll
run it through the Delarue machine if they have it. If not, they will count it themselves
and have a third party verifier in the room there with you to walk through the scenario, or
excuse me, to make sure that yes, you indeed have ten 25,000 notes, and that’s what
you have and God bless you. And they’re gonna put it in a plastic bag, sealed with your
name and, and a label put on it that they will then ship off even after, even if they do a
Delarue machine, and they will then take that and put it in their vault. And then
sometime during the day they will have, you know, just like they do cash, it’ll get
distributed through their, their normal networks to go to a counting facility where they’ll
double check that rate. Some banks will allow you to have 100% access to that cash
immediately. Some banks will say no, you get 10% for the first 24 hours, and then
within 72 hours you’ll get all 100%. That is to, you know, that’s bank by bank, we’ll just
have to see where they go on that.
At that point it’s gonna be done, so it’s very anticlimactic, and, and you’re done. If you
have the non-contract rate, you don’t sign an NDA, you just take your cash in and go. If
you do sign an NDA, you’re gonna need to read over that. The last we had checked, it
is six pages. The last one I had read for the general, or excuse me, had read to me was
four pages, and, on some, and six pages with the seventh page as a, as a signature
page. Those are the ones I’ve read. The ones I have read, I am not an attorney or a
legal advisor at all, or a financial advisor, but all of ‘em were really simple, simply laying
out just be quiet, don’t talk about it at all. And if you can’t do that, don’t sign it! I mean,
you have to know yourself. “Oh, no, I can keep quiet.” Now, if you’re one of those
people that feel like you have to tell people, don’t sign the darn NDA, ‘cause you’re
kinda driving yourself crazy. But those who can keep a, something quiet, then that’s
fine. Just kinda reassurance on there, I think most people are capable of keeping
secrets, because you don’t tell your mom about your sex life, do you? Again, you don’t
have to tell….
T: What’d you say? Tell your mom about your sex life?
DC: Most people can keep secrets, because you sure as hell don’t tell your mom about
your sex life, so you can keep a secret. It is not hard. And she doesn’t wanna know
anyway. So my point in mentioning is you can keep it quiet if you need. It was also to
shock people a little bit there, obviously. And so then we understand within, most banks
are gonna try to do it within three days. Some banks will probably take a little longer,
especially the ones that’ll be flooded in the major cities like Atlanta, Dallas, San
Francisco, New York will take longer, but they’re gonna have you go through a wealth
manager or some sort of investment advisor to meet with you. They’re gonna put you in
different categories of, of what you have. Some of them, let’s, and in the categories that
we understand that they’re under right now is a million dollars or less is one category,
and it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get, you know, the junior guy who’s, you know,
still got cow licks or somethin’ like that, you know, he still has mom’s, still livin’ at
home. What I’m saying is just there is a different need, financial need for folks in the
million or less because that’s an accumulation stage, so therefore your goals are more,
so they’re gonna put you in that, in that category. If you’re gonna do a million or less,
million to five, five to ten, ten to fifty, and then fifty and above, million dollars. Those are
the groups they’re gonna try to put you in and the type of advisors on there. If you’re in
a smaller town, those groups are gonna get smooshed. If you’re in a big town, they’ll be
pretty rigid about those kind of levels and try to, try to direct you towards that route. It
doesn’t mean you’re getting a higher quality or hey, I’ve only got a million bucks but I
want the fifty-million-dollar guy. No, you don’t. You don’t wanna be doing, you know,
advanced hedge fund stuff with a million bucks, it’s not something you’d want to do. So
again, it’s a, it’s just different strategies on there. Some banks will be offering at that
time to negate the 2% fee that they want to charge, and they will be saying, “Hey, if you
keep it, if you agree to, for us to run your money for ten years or five years or one year
or two year, we’ll negate these fees. We can even bump up your exchange rate if you
agree to do so.” And that’s just a decision you’re gonna have to make yourself. If you,
or if you’re gonna do something conservative with your money anyway, and if you’re
going to, that doesn’t mean to keep every penny that you needed, that means the
majority of your money on there. That still means you can set up a nice conservative
corporal deal that pays you say $100,000 a year or something like that. They’re not
gonna keep the $100,000 a year, that goes to you and you can spend it as you will. So,
you know, for a lot of people that’s a very good, very good thing to think through. And
so that’s how it’s gonna go.
For those who go through the exchange companies, the currency exchangers, we
understand they will have 1-800#s that they will call and websites in order to, to get
their, and a website to, to set appointments to go to. Fully expect, even though they
don’t think so, their websites are gonna get crashed, their phone systems are gonna
crash, it’s gonna go to hell, and that’s just my cynical interpretation just because I don’t
think anybody understands how quickly they’re gonna try to bum rush, everybody’s
gonna try to call the, the numbers. So when you get 30,000 phone calls at one time, it’s
gonna crash a, you know, a computer PBX system, no problem. Or if you get 50, or if
you get, you know, 50,000 requests on your servers, it’s gonna nail it, no matter how
much excess capacity you were, extra paying for, they, they aren’t prepared for this kind
of pull at the same time, so I think everybody needs to kinda calm down if that happens
and not, and, you know, keep their crud together because that is definitely gonna
happen. But everybody’ll, at least one or two exchangers I know that are pretty well run
and that, you know, they’ll, they’ll manage through the, the initial chaos. But remember
most of the people doing it at first are just the dinar guys, so it’s not like four million
people hittin’ it all at the same time. You’re talkin’ a couple hundred thousand at a time
with at one point three over probably 36 hours to 48 hours, so again, everybody’s just
gonna have a, have to have a little patience when this goes through. On the
exchangers it’s gonna be very similar to that. They’re gonna go through the exchange
process, make sure you count it, counted it. Most of those exchangers have Delarue
machines and will send you a, er, excuse me, wire you the money to whatever account
you want to, and you’ll have to follow each of those exchangers’ fees. If you do it
through that route, then you won’t have to have a, you will not have to have a, you
know, you know a lot of the bank fees, etc., you don’t have to pay those. It just goes
directly into your account and, you know, frankly when a big sum of money comes into
your account it’s gonna trigger, the sales guys in the banks call you and say, “Hey! We
would love to talk to you about your account balance being this big.” And so expect
phone calls and management some on there. You don’t have to, to have them do
anything, but you can do what you want to with it. And remember, a banking
relationship is a two-way relationship. If a bank thinks you’re just gonna blow through it
be, you know, the, the toothless crackhead, then they will most, or a lot of the banks
plan to end, to give you 30 days to get your, your money out of the bank and go just
‘cause they don’t want to deal with it. They don’t want to deal with the headache, they
don’t want to deal with the frustration, but a lot of the, but, you know, if you seem like
you’re gonna be a reasonable person to deal with, they want to have you there. There
are also more people than just banks. There are trust companies, there are other
fiduciary companies. There are also wealth advisors that are independent of banks that
are very good people to talk to. Again, just strongly encourage everybody to take their
time and don’t spend any money until your money’s making money. You just don’t
spend a darn dime until you do so, I mean even if you’re the smartest guy in the world, I
don’t care, you’re not that smart, you’re just not. And also, your head is not gonna be
screwed on straight for a while after this, so the best thing you can do is be mature
about it and know you’re not gonna make the best decision until you calm down,
because, you know, part of being an adult and part of being a wealthy person is
knowing when you make the decisions best and when to just back off, and then most
times it’s best to just to wait to get your head straight on there, ‘cause it’s not gonna be
straight for a while. I mean, you’re gonna see diamonds and stars and, you know, cars
in your eyes. So let’s see, anyway, then that’s how the exchange process will go
For those who are lucky enough to do the exchange, we understand there will be some
groups that are activated. How that’s being done is some of the groups have already
prepared, and some of the groups they’ve think they disbanded they might come back
to, will be allowed to go in as well. And remember this is mainly not ‘cause they love the
guys or whatever, it’s mainly an organizing function, ‘cause that’s how they get, you
know, 5,000, 10,000, 30,000 people organized quickly who already have
documentation, already have email, who already got prepared to go, you know, follow in
line and be a good soldier. They already have those folks ready to go, and they
already, you know, on there. The contract rates will be offered to some in the groups,
and then also we understand will be offered through some of the initial bank deals. We
do not know how much of that pool is left. We do know, and we got reassured this
morning again, that the general public–meaning us–will have access to the pool. We
don’t know how much, how, like what percentage of, is out there, but we do know that it
is going to be allowed, we’re gonna be absolutely have a fighting chance at the
contracts that go through. Some of the contracts will be as little as 20% over the
ongoing rate. So let’s say it’s four bucks, so you, you know, you’re talking into the midfours…
mid-fours, mid-fives some, and some will be as high as $28. We, just frankly it is
going to be, we’ve heard so many different variations of it, it’s very hard to tell what’s
right and wrong. And I also personally strongly believe that some people are still gonna
get high rates, and there’s been a lot of people that are gonna get real good rates but
not necessarily the highest of rates. And then frankly it’s gonna be the luck of the draw,
and that’s it. I would also tell everybody to calm the hell down, you just made three
thousand times your money, so, you know, if you just get out at $3.58, $3.71, $3.95, you
just made an incredible sum of money and, you know, it is, you know, the large part of
the world and including, and me too are going to be, you know, cry me a river, you
know, I don’t care, that, you just made that much money. Is it fair that some get that or
not? No, it’s not fair, I’m not saying it is. I’m not saying I’m getting it either. I’m gonna
fight for it and try to get at it, but our intent is to basically be as realistic as we can on
there, and it is just, from everybody I’m talking to, it is unrealistic to think that everybody
who listens to us or pays attention to different folks online will get the actual contract
rate. So you just need to get your head around, you know, get your head right where
you can make those right decisions. If you can’t, if you get up to the line and they say
no, no more contract rates are available, make sure you get your head straight and in
the game where you can adjust to that scenario, ‘cause that is on there.
I’d also say that all the exchange people, all the exchange centers, all the bankers, let’s
be very sympathetic to their situation, ‘cause how pissed would you be when your boss,
when everybody else is sayin’, “This ain’t happenin’, what the hell are you talk, you
know, what’s goin’ on?” And you got a toothless crackhead goin’ in there with a, you
know, that looks like a complete moron, doesn’t know anything, and all of a sudden
they’ve got ten million dollars in their pocket? I mean, you gotta be a little sympathetic
to the guys goin’ through or the guys exchange, being told that it was a scam, a scam, a
scam, and so it’s just not, you have to be realistic to that scenario. And the, also be
sensitive to those guys. And the old adage that I’ll end with is you can always, you
know, my grandmother always used to say, again, it’s frankly run my life is you can get
a lot more flies with honey than you can vinegar and that nothing is more true when it
comes to money, too. So, all right, my diatribe’s over.
T: Oooo, man! Are you tired?
DC: Everybody’s tired of listenin’, I know that!
T: I’m gettin’ these texts, and they’re sayin’, “Can you repeat what DC is saying?” So
I’m tellin’ you guys no, I cannot!
DC: Go through your exchange, you get paid, you get money, life is good. Just take
your time.
T: Yeah. There you go. He’s tellin’ you guys what we’ve been tellin’ you for the last
four or five years, last two or three years, last two or three months, he’s just reiterating
the whole thing, the procedure, the exchange procedure, the rate, so we could just go
through it one final time. And you guys can listen to the recording as much as you want
to, to get it. So the good thing is, I’ll you guys we’re getting, are we saying it’s in the
Gazette? Yes. We got it from several sources, it is in the Gazette. I actually have a
Iraq government official who was just tellin’ me they won’t even let him look at
it. They’re telling him he as to wait…
DC: ‘Til tomorrow? Or when?
T: No. Well, they told him a couple hours. But anyway. I wasn’t gonna say that, but
anyway, so. I was sayin’, and he’s an official, and they’re like no, you gotta wait! So,
but, but it is there, it’s bein’ broadcast over there that it is official and it is in the
Gazette. So we’re lookin’ at it to be available for everybody hopefully sometime
tomorrow where everybody can click on it, view it. If not, they have determined another
date that they’re gonna make it very public for, for the whole world to see. Iraq may
take the option that they have and enjoy it the first 48 hours, 72 hours themselves
before they actually do that, so. Another thing you guys gotta be aware of, in the
budget it says 1166. It always said 1166.
DC: Always has.
T: The moment it comes out, you wanna explain that?
DC: Sure. So, guys, don’t freak out when you actually see the budget, it’s 1166. That’s
fine. In fact, I fully expect it to come out at 1166. I will be shocked to absolute hell if it
comes out in anything other than that. After that point, we’ve got, we kinda got
ourselves on a timer because of some laws and some rules that they, it’s gonna be hard
to not follow, very hard not to follow, that they are going to, to, to get done. So I expect
once it comes out it’ll be 1166 and then within somewhere between two minutes or
three or four days it’ll pop up.
T: Right, and we won’t get it until it actually changed, so it really shouldn’t affect
us. But it could happen over there. It’s supposed to come out there, and like he said, it
could change in two minutes or two seconds or they can say we did it and now let’s go
right to the rate, which would make sense that they don’t wanna come out there, wait
two or three days, we all know it, and buy every dinar we can buy, or the hedge funds,
everybody else buy every dinar they can buy knowing that it’s gonna change in 72
hours. So that really doesn’t make sense for them to do that even though it’s even
gonna be harder for the rest of the world to actually know it is, is what they’re tryin’ to
put up. Make sure they slow roll it or keep it as close to the vest as they can without it
being known to the public. I’m not sayin’ dinarland, I’m sayin’ the public, so, because
they know the chances of them keeping that from us are growing slimmer by the
moment, that’s right. ‘Cause we got too many people that are right there on it for, for
them to keep it from us, so. But we understand what they’re trying to do. But I’m gonna
tell you guys just what DC said. We’re gonna do our call, we’re gonna do everything
we’re supposed to do until somebody contacts me and says okay, now I need you to do
somethin’ else, or this is what we’re gettin’ ready to do and here’s their package and
that. ‘Cause until then, we’re just like free agents, right? I mean we’re just…
DC: Yep!
T: Until we get the package, and then we have agreed to do the presentation, get the
package, explain it to you guys without puttin’ undue influence, without giving you our
opinions or that, this is just how things are, and this is how it’s gonna go. And I think I
can do that. Now that part about the NDA and if you can’t keep quiet don’t sign it, does
that apply to me?
DC: Yeah, it applies to you, too, buddy.
T: Oh! So I don’t have to sign it now you’re saying.
DC: No, no. That means you got, you gotta sign it whether you like it or not. They’ll
just make you (inaudible).
T: So you better learn to be quiet. All right.
DC: Exactly.
T: So, um, so guys, things are great. Yes it is in the Gazette, yes we do have
confirmation, yes you may see it tomorrow morning. It may stretch out a couple of
days. People over there are happy. It’s in their news, it’s floatin’ all across the country I
guess like it’s supposed to be. But they’re still waiting for that. Legarde is supposed to
make a speech today, I think it’s at 2 Eastern? Not 2, 5:00 East, 2, 2:00
Pacific. Obama’s supposed to do something here at 12:30 Pacific and Abadi is
supposed to do something at 11:00 their time, right?
DC: Right. Right.
T: Yeah. Which is in a hour.
DC: Uh-huh.
T: Okay. So, and his is about their economic program going forward. That coulda
been why they told this guy wait a couple hours. Hers is about global economy, some
things to do with the US, IMF and that.
DC: And Greece, yeah.
T: And Greece. And his is about…
DC: I don’t know.
T: Oh, you don’t have a copy yet?
DC: No, I don’t.
T: Oh, okay.
DC: I have a general idea, but I don’t have a copy.
T: All right. So, since we’re doin’ a short call today, let’s go right to 828.

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