RV Update – Dec 7/2014 : New Karen Hudes Bombshell! It’s Here, New Currency To Replace Dollar

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By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

In Karen Hudes latest webcam release from December 4, 2014, the World Bank whistleblower explains that the time has arrived, the new currency which will replace the dollar and other fiat currencies, Aurom, will contain gold within the currency itself. Karen explains how this will occur in an orderly manner in an attempt to prevent the US greenback from fully crashing, and updates us on the new “coalition for the rule of law.”

It is a short webcam update and Karen’s Facebook page is here for those that wish to keep up with her periodical updates in the future.

some more info/intel:
Good Morning (Afternoon) to all. Things are really coming together. Details later. We are in a great place.”@JCR3758: Announcements have started and the rollout can’t be stopped. I will post as authorized. Don’t listen to the hype or bs. No delays.””@JCR3758: Do not entrust anyone to exchange for you.Protect your blessing and future. We are almost there.””@JCR3758: I know that there’s a lot of misinfo out there. The best advice I can give you is try to remain calm & know that the process is ongoing.”

JC @JCR3758 9m9 minutes ago

Do not entrust anyone to exchange for you. Protect your blessing and future. We are almost there.

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