RV Update: A Couple of Bits of “EnLightened Financial News” from “Transpicuous D” of RTS and “FuturistTrendcast Lada Ray”

removing_the_shackles_new_banner_1futurist_trendcast_banner_240_4This is about all the “financial stuff” I care to listen to these days. Both of these I found very informative and mind-opening. Relevant articles are linked below.


Transpicuous News Special Report: Global Currency pegs and the “RV”


[D of RTS] On Friday night I did a Transpicuous News live stream special financial report on CCN, to discuss Currencies in general, and the recent news out of Iraq and the World Bank on the Iraqi Dinar- or “RV”.

I put out a pre-homework article Friday afternoon here which contains the PDF of the World Bank Statement that was released on Thursday, that I discussed during the show, and the clips from last weeks TN shows that discussed the “pegs” used in the global currency realms- you can review the information HERE.


New LadaRayLive Episode! LRL6. Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey – Greek Election – EU Breakup


[Lada Ray] Lada’s geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis and predictions.

In the short couple of days after #Syriza won the Greek elections, #Greece has already challenged the EU more than once. Will there be #Grexit? Who is next to rebel (Spain already is)? Will this lead to the EU breakup, and when?

We talk about the EU game changer: how Russia’s discontinuing the South Stream project and announcing the new alliance with Turkey, together with the new Turkish Stream pipeline, influences the future of Eurozone.

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