RV Update: “Catchup” Financial Blessings Newsletter Part 2 of 2


“Catchup” Financial Blessings Newsletter  Part 2 of 2

At the time the Federal Reserve was created, I think there was something like four central banks in the world. Now, there are over a 150. As many of you may know, the so-called “Axis of Evil” was pretty much made up of the countries which hadn’t yet gone along with the Rothschild’s central banking system, all of which now, except, I think, North Korea and Iran, have been drawn into that system by force.Anyway, transporting to 1963, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 — look it up. He basically made an agreement with President Sukarno of Indonesia to back the US economy with gold, owned by the Asian Elders and hidden in gold troves in Indonesia. This was all signed and agreed upon, but — and basically, Kennedy was going to take the dollar back to being an asset-backed currency.

Of course the bankers didn’t want this because they were driving as fast as they could toward a total fiat system so they could control it and print all the money they wanted. Shortly after President Kennedy made this deal with Sukarno — which was also going to be used to develop Asia and Africa — Kennedy was killed — within two weeks of signing that agreement. I think that was one of numerous reasons why he was taken out…


Now recently, the quantitative easing so-called, a cute name for printing money and just giving it to the banks, was finally ended as you probably know, just about a month ago. I’m being told by my contacts with the Asian Elders, that this was being done because the Elders had terminated the contract of the Federal Reserve to print money, for the first time really, since the Bretton Woods Agreement.And that was because now — we are taught even people who know about this at the Reserve — we think they’re printing that up out of nothing. I’ve been learning that actually the paper money has all been borrowed against the Asian gold, and the repayment is now overdue. It hasn’t been repaid.

The Western banking cabal has basically destroyed the global economy and most of the environment in the process. So their contract to use this money, to be the ones to distribute money worldwide has been terminated. It remains to be seen if that’s true, but there’s a lot of evidence building to back that up.

On the flipside of the equation, what we’re seeing is that the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — along with over a hundred countries which have joined them, are creating an asset-backed world economic alliance, in order to restore a thriving status to countries all over the world.

This would involve sidestepping the Federal Reserve or the IMF, the World Bank, and the BIS. That’s not a practical move with the cabal, but those countries have a lot of nuclear weapons, million-man armies, and they own a lot of our debts so they can’t be pushed around easily.

…Regarding the scenario I described where gold gets collected in wars and then hidden and protected also in wars — if a country thinks they might be invaded and can’t protect their own gold, they often send it to other bigger countries with agreements to pay for safe storage. That happened a lot before and during World War II.

A lot of countries sent their gold here, but they also buried quite a bit of it in Asia, in Indonesia, in the Philippines, Vietnam, in China. And the — there is an alliance of elders, of royal families from each of those Asian countries — called the alliance of the White Dragon Society or the Alliance of Asian Elders.

They see themselves as the stewards, the spiritual safe-keepers of this gold. I have been told by pretty authoritative sources that this gold represents possibly 90% of the world’s wealth…

…We’re basically in a situation now where these Asian Elders possess most of the asset wealth of the entire world. And the Federal Reserve and the Western Banking System is totally in debt to them.

They have, according to my sources, been very carefully playing a game of chess with the Western cabal. They saw that the cabal wasn’t going to use the money for humanitarian purposes — quite the opposite.

They have been in a game of basically checkmating the cabal, in order to wait until they’re in a position where they can’t be pushed around, as I’ve described, and where they can offer alternatives not only to the US but to the entire world to take us all to another level.

There is no reason, in terms of minerals, in terms of resources, food, water, all that, why anyone should be suffering, much less having to go through the incredible level of despair that’s on this planet right now.

I’ve been told that the Elders’ commitment is to the spiritual legacy of their families, their people, and to humanity in general, as opposed to just being motivated by greed and the desire for control over others.

Which by the way, has been the operative mode with the Western banking cabal for decades, if not back to the founding of central banking almost 400 years ago.

What I’m being told is that the Elders have said to the cabal, “We will give you a soft landing. You’re overdoing your debt. We’re foreclosing on you and we will help you have a soft landing if you’re willing to actually partner with the world rather than try to dominate it.”

That would mean that as the Elders released trillions or quadrillions of dollars’ worth of wealth into the world, a lot of it would flow through the Western banks, the big banks — Citigroup, Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo, and so forth so that these financial institutions could actually get some real deposits on the books.

Hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivative debt that has been completely crippled and running on fumes could ultimately be erased — as well the debt of the US Treasury being forgiven — if the Western banks are willing to go along.

An aspect of the release of these funds would be an accompanying of a global currency reset where all the major currencies of the world would reset based upon their real resources, their productivity and services — as opposed to being based on military power or their debt levels.

So this is the offer that’s on the table. It has been negotiated very intensively for over a year now. We’ve been told that several times, everything was signed and sealed, but then each time, the U.S. government would back out…

If you’re interested, Foster gives a Plan A, B & C scenario in the interview that I haven’t included here because so much has changed since February when he made these statements. I’ll communicate more on what he has learned in a future update.


From the 6/6/15 Newsletter # 169:

Sara: The SWIFT system: SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is shorthand for the SWIFTNet Network. Whenever you wire money, it is done through the SWIFT system (it is actually a corporation owned by the elite– a system through which the elite has been easily able to steal funds).

It is what will be the old method of moving funds, used in the old financial system—the system where the Central Banks are owned by the wealthy elite.

The NEW method of moving funds will be using CIPS under the BRICS system of Central Banks– owned by the people of each country. CIPS stands for China International Payment System.

The CIPS network is meant to facilitate cross-border transactions specifically in yuan and the latest reports suggest that the system is already in place and could be launched as early as this September.

See this 3/31/15 article for more information:


Note that, in this article, it states the CIPS is for moving Chinese yuan and it will likely go into effect in September. This matches what the Ambassador said in the items above about the yuan being the Reserve Currency and September being a significant time period (so this is also a clue that the public RV/GCR is more likely to happen in September and not before.

Note also that Pope Francis comes to the US in September—that’s a curious coincidence—there’s “September” again!)

The comments made about this new financial system in the audio are that the old and new systems will be operating along side each other for a while, in order not to create too much chaos, since so many are in the dark about all these massive changes that will be happening.

To hear the 50 min audio for yourself (and I recommend it— I also suggest you follow along with the notes as you listen) go to:



From the 5/20/15 Newsletter #164:

There is considerable discussion online about something called “The Event.”

“The Event” will be in the news, though it may not be called that. I expect it to occur anytime from now through the end of the year, with particular focus on now through September/October. It will be a massive time of change and confusion, possibly even some natural disasters. Think of all this as “birth pains” that are expected to end in a positive “new life” for us all, however.

We are in a time requiring great discernment, calm presence and wise action. And preparing now, as you would for an impending hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc. is strongly suggested. Weeks of interrupted food/water/energy/communications access, banking/cash access, etc. could be what we will be experiencing.

[Suggestion: Change your bank accounts back to paper statements so you will have a hard copy record of your account balance so, in case your account does not reflect what you know it should after the changeover, you have proof of what was there before the bank went down.]

This is not to spread fear but to open our eyes to the fact that, for the planet to “right” itself, it means massive change must occur and, while every attempt to make this change graceful is intended, it is humanity’s reaction to it that could be the cause of most of the roughness.

To clarify this further: We are all awake to the control the wealthy banking families have had on this planet for hundreds of years and that the releasing of the RV/GCR (Basil III, the death of the Federal Reserve, and fiat money, and much more) represents the restoration of our economic system.

We also expect the restoration of our US Republic and for our justice system to revert back to common law at the same time (and similar changes are expected in other countries as well). This is a global tsunami of change.

But we are in the minority. There are millions of people who have had no idea any of this has been going on throughout our history or why these changes are happening now. This could be extremely frightening for the masses and create the kinds of riots that have recently occurred in US cities, but on a much larger scale.

For those of you who may be wondering why I hold such a positive view, despite all the discussion about JadeHelm15 circulating around the internet, my information is that, while the original intent of JadeHelm15 was for the cabal to disarm and control the masses, this appears to have been neutralized and the same structures and facilities the cabal set up for their nefarious purposes will be used positively for the changeover.

Having said all that, I am still working to get multiple confirmations of this positive intent through Chinese Elder connections, to be sure we aren’t being tricked. This is definitely an opportunity for discernment—and we need to be alert throughout this entire process of change.

Reminder: We play an important role in all this. It’s essential that we focus our prayers and positive intent/actions toward feeding the forces that are dedicated to the Whole, rather than feeding the self-serving forces which have dominated the planet for so long. The power resides in each one of us to help make this changeover effective and graceful. Hold a positive vision for the planet in your awareness.


From the 5/20/15 Newsletter #166:

The evidence that the planet is truly in the hands of those who serve the Whole is becoming more and more obvious. But no substantial funds will be released until they can be held safely in banks.

What that means is: If the bonds are actually being sold (that is, money is going into people’s accounts) and humanitarian projects are being funded (with money going into people’s accounts), then we will know that the cabal is finally out and the banks are safe once again.

I can’t emphasize enough that the Elders will not release substantial funds until it is safe to do so. So, if they ARE released, then we can celebrate the fact that, when our funds come, we can be at peace that they won’t be stolen.

I will be using my updates to emphasize this positive progress so you can be hopeful once again.


I am often asked the question, “Why would someone pay such high contract rates to buy our dinar in an early exchange or after the RV, when they can buy it now at such low rates from a dealer, etc?”What many people don’t realize is that countries like Belize, China and India, among other countries, which did not fight in the Iraq war, aren’t allowed to buy dinars directly.

Therefore, the only way they can get…

See the rest here: http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/catchup-financial-blessings-newsletter-part-2-of-2

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