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01 – News, Rumors, and Opinions Sunday Morning. 11/23/2014.


R.V. / GCR November 23, 2014 at 10:00am what is going on today globally what you can expect to see is the changing of the guard

Hale Ali’i – My source still says before Thanksgiving we will see our blessing! This is still our week. Some would like to stretch it out until 2015…but have no fear, our time is now!!

SUNDAY INTEL UPDATE!!! Posted by EXOGEN on November 23, 2014 at 5:32am

Lucky11 there were 4 chances we would get paid this weekend/by monday, two expired… we are on third down and goal to be paid in 2014….

T.O.T I am hoping the right play is called. It’s exciting that Iraq is going international it appears tomorrow. The UN has a defense for the USA, so let’s hope we get our shot.

Guesses to Exogens Picture Clues/Intel:

rich t 100 Percent Confirmed!…..no one knows the date or the rate for IQN RV.

“3rd and goal on the one yard line. Run play. Left guard pulling left between tackle and tight end. Running back (GOI) blucking for full back (CBI) who gets the ball and scores the winning touch down (IMF/ISX goes Int’l/ BIS/ Major Banks exchange, contractors/ military suppliers get paid in IQN)!

HCL interim agreement signed, $500 million paid to kurds, civil servants paid, Fils issued, qi cards

loaded, oil pipeline deal sealed with Turkey and cash flowing now, Biden in Turkey for oil deal/ RV toast today, Iraq has a fully inclusive-sovreign govt,. and can RV at ANY TIME.

G T November 23, 2014 at 10:29am Sunday Morning Clues….

3Rd & Goal Play being run!!!

Coin Flip for 2014 or 2015 Exchange (have a Hard Time the 2015 people will win because the World CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG…..UNLESS THESE A-H**** here in the US/Washington DC figure out a way to let the world exchange instead of us)!!!

tsr > G T Thanks for your Clues. I am almost 100% hopeful of this happening over the next 4 week ends (Counting this weekend as well) all the way up to December 20th. Hoping that this will happen even today before midnight. …Blessings.

Dave So seems like by Monday we should know what’s going on ..Tony and DC Intel doesn’t makes sense …..we go before thanksgiving ok. Then public gets one day before they shut it down till January.. Makes no sense it has to go international for the public to exchange ,,so how can they then shut it down??I guess this is good because if this doesn’t happen we can take a break till January. Finally the moment of truth ..

Hale Ali’i > Dave Remember…there are no rules, expect anything.

Inthelight > Dave Well…I would not completely discount this strange intel. this is just my opinion. I have the feeling that the new republic is about to show its face; and when it does, it will take control of the banking system and the media. Allowing us to exchange for a few days would be just so we can have cash in hands while the banks remain closed for a few weeks. Truth sometime is stranger than fiction.


Topic: The greatest discover of my generation is: human beings can alter their lives by altering their attiudes of mind. Wm James.


Highley Blessed: Video of a family after they exchanged! (Beverly Hillbillies)

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV2jhwyV_xk

[chaseybear] morning everyone, well i wonder what to the rumour about the exchange people being called in this morning hummm as follows : Poeticblues wrote 2m ago » was told by someone who works for an exchange center they were told..expect call around midnight and you have 4 hrs to get to center…which would put them in around 5am and give 2 hrs to prepare before opening

Iko Ward: Guys, little lesson on Forex. People are right when they say that all Forex does is analyze the past. But the members know they are using highly sophisticated algorithms to do so, and if you know the architecture of those formulas you can then apply your own plus a bit of good ole’ common sense and “predict” what is next.

Sandyf: I SX has been open and trading as normal today, no change yet. TNT may well be the next F & F but does not do anything for some of us. (overseas)

Ok Rocks: SO possibly the last window is the wee hours tonight/Mon morn… I have seen others say that, maybe it is going to work this time :)

SandyF: There will be no general exchanging at a different rate until the Interbank rate is changed.

OK Rocks: sandyf I am thinking maybe the 800s come out to get all of us an appointment even if its after Thanksgiving or whenever… we will have an appointment even if they pause it for the general public which is for only here in the US, we can still make our appointment… just a guess of course.

[igotit] Good Morning “Team TNT” & All Other Dream Chassers! If the promise hold true, we are are in window #3, with only window #4 to go … only if needed! GOD IS GOOD …

[DC] [via Adept1 Friday CC] Iraq is extremely prepared, have run through all their checklists. They are absolutely prepared and notified everyone, and everyone agrees including the USA. In Parliament, the Budgets have been done and they will announce the adjustments to Erbil, HCL and the Kurds.

The amnesty law has been completed and is now ready [They are announcing the amnesty law today (Friday), right?] Yes. It’s not vital for the RV, but it does help keep people calm.

On Iraqi television and in the mosques, they are announcing this will happen any time…They have been doing things in the news of how ready they are for this.

[DC] [ Who is going to pull the trigger and how an options do they have?] With all the checks that have been run at the finance ministry, security, IMF+BIS, CBI and all the rest, they agreed several days ago that it is up to Iraq, and …they are set up to go.

The CBI will do it, it will propagate through ISX and to the other banks. Then they will adjust the CBI.IQ site in Iraq and Houston. After that, Abadi and others will announce it after the fact.

There are four feasible windows. [The first window was this morning (Friday), and it didn’t go.] When everyone was ready yesterday [Thursday] afternoon, the US said, “We fully support it, but you’d better not do Option A”. Otherwise, they are playing ball nicely.

There was productive lobbying for options B, C and DC, by US and European politicians. There are two windows this weekend and one early next week…those timelines are already agreed to…They are staying firm and that is a wonderful thing.

[DC] We understand the UST is ready, the banks have been briefed, the command centers are ready, and everyone is ready to go on. Timelines and windows for non-Iraqi citizens (i.e., US citizens, etc.) are these: they still plan to have Dinarland, the people who are really paying attention, to be done by Thanksgiving. That is fast but reassuring. The general public will then start after Thanksgiving

walkingstick » November 22nd, 2014,

Police managed to track down 100 billion dinars .. Iraq looking for employee embezzled 40 billion

22-11-2014 11:07 PM

A source in the province of Baghdad, police said on Saturday, for the largest embezzlement in Iraq, where he disappeared employee after embezzled more than 140 billion dinars (about US $ 120 million), have been identified on the fate of 100 billion dinars (about $ 86 million), of which up to now .

The source said, that the employee, by reservation to be named, turned the amount of fake instruments was reached 100 billion of them, having tracked in four local banks, while still being sought for another 40 billion and employee accused of embezzlement.

The most likely source of converting the remaining amount out of the country and the flight of the employee to the neighboring country by land informally, because of failure to find her name in the lists of travel and aviation.

Any clarification from the Iraqi Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank of Iraq about the incident, and the affected was issued in the event of payment is not stolen retrieval.

Previously, the Association of transparency in Iraq that revealed the corruption of files in Iraqi banks cost the country huge amounts of money, indicating that the embezzlement operations during the era of former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, exceeded 600 billion dinars in several government and community banks.

– See more at link: http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=131999#sthash.1SKJYnxd.dpuf

02 – BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments. 11/23/2014.

[tlm724] ((ty michael for this article))

Economist urges the Government to deal in local currency instead of dollars

[tlm724] Economist urges the Government to deal in local currency instead of dollars. They keep repeating this, the push is on baby !

[tlm724] dinars !

[rsp1] yes!!!

[tlm724] stressing that the advancement of the Iraqi economy is through this step

[tlm724] The local currency needed to important steps strategy for the advancement of their betterment by limiting financial transactions by government.

“The adoption of governmental institutions in financial transactions on the foreign currency, especially the dollar is not desirable and not supporting Iraq economically,
[rsp1] can you say, “getting ready”

[tlm724] yes I can

[tlm724] calling at the same time “the government to abolish the government to deal in dollars and replaced the local currency

[tlm724] abolish the dollar !

[tlm724] the majority of “countries of the world are encouraged trading in the local currency but unfortunately the opposite is happening in Iraq.”

[raindrop1] well isn’t that special!!!!!

[tlm724] has called for some state institutions to local currency adoption of the US dollar rather than in their dealings to raise its value against the dollar to support the Iraqi economy

[tlm724] to raise its value

[tlm724] to raise its value

[tlm724] to raise its value

[tlm724] raindrop1 Wink why yes it is

[tlm724] get everyone on the dinar works for me

[raindrop1] I think the beginning of 2015 is going to be very special!!!!

[tlm724] tyvm BondLady and Michael ! awesome article

[tlm724] raindrop1 I agree cd

[poopsie] ty very exciting indeed

[tlm724] each day brings us more insight into how they are doing this, step by step ! De-dollarize ! chop chop CBI !

Economists call for the restructuring of state-owned banks to provide performance equivalent to the opening of the Iraqi market

[tlm724] “restructuring of banks in proportion to the global development of the global banks and keep up with economic openness with the countries of the world

[tlm724] “The committee is working on legislation to restructure the banks and government Rafidain and Rasheed to free them from the domination of the Ministry of Finance and imbedded two major banks competitors for local and foreign banks law,” adding that “this project will be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament in the next few days for discussion and voting on it. ”

[tlm724] this project will be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament in the next few days for discussion and voting on it.

[tlm724] to upgrade the Iraqi banking system through the support of the banking sector legislation of laws

[tlm724] stressing “the importance of the Banking Act, legislation to support the banking sector in the country.”

[tlm724] He called on the International Monetary Fund and the Central Bank of Iraq to take measures towards the gradual liberalization of foreign exchange offer through auctions held by the Bank so as not to repeat disorders suffered by the financial market in the past year

[tlm724] liberalization of foreign exchange

[tlm724] most important here, this project will be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament in the next few days for discussion and voting on it.

[tlm724] *hallelujah*

[tlm724] the International Monetary Fund and the Central Bank of Iraq to take measures towards the gradual liberalization of foreign exchange

[tlm724] this legislation will be the catalyst for change in the banking system as well as the foriegn exchange regime, Iraq is setting the stage to go into article VIII of the IMF

[therealbubbie] *hallelujah*

[therealbubbie] gradual liberalization of foreign exchange

[tlm724] therealbubbie thats the best news to date ! this project will be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament in the next few days for discussion and voting on it.

[tlm724] therealbubbie that was said years ago ! they been doing it imo

[therealbubbie] tlm724 I’ll drink to that !!

[tlm724] Banking laws are lining up

[tlm724] therealbubbie me too brother

Economist: no justification for fears of a drop in oil prices

[tlm724] pointing out that the export of 150 000 barrels, as well as 250-300 thousand barrels another issue of Kirkuk oil through Kurdistan would give the general budget of more revenue

[tlm724] that no justification for pessimism due to the descent of oil prices.

[tlm724] that exports Iraqi oil through all export ports in the south and the north through the Turkish port of Ceyhan will achieve $ 76 billion in light of the expected oil prices and this enables the government to run the country to the fullest

[tlm724] this enables the government to run the country to the fullest

[tlm724] *hallelujah* I like the way he thinks

The private sector

[tlm724] there became a glimmer of hope for the private sector to take its share of running the economic file *wolfwhistle* making progress

[tlm724] after a long wait of more than eleven years, where the government program focused on the door in several paragraphs paved the way for the adoption of this done

[tlm724] Abadi supports this trend, that would be building the private sector

[tlm724] We emphasize our call for the private sector to rise to the level of this great responsibility and realize the size of the critical stage Amrabha Iraq, which require concerted efforts in order to achieve successes required to enhance the victories and achievements.

[tlm724] Iraq is surely on their way to greatness ! This whole process will take years of course, you can’t just flip a switch but the point is that they are doing it, they are making the necessary moves to grow their economy !

Not affect the salaries of staff

[tlm724] confirmed that the government will not affect employees’ salaries or any other belonging to the citizen despite austerity announced by the State and the financial crisis experienced by the country,

[tlm724] or any other belonging to the citizen

[tlm724] good thing !

[tlm724] near the issuing state law set up industrial estates to stimulate the industrial sector of new and which will form the mainstay of the national economy.

[tlm724] they are getting ready to rock and roll, the private and industrial sector are going to boom and it will bring in boatloads of money for them and us as well Wink a growing economy only furthers our cause

Jubouri looking in Amman security and economic development of the two files and parliamentary work

[tlm724] to the need for joint cooperation between the the two countries at all levels

[tlm724] just an FYI they signed a memo of understanding during their meeting, let me show you, this is directly from parliament

On the sidelines of his visit to the Kingdom of Jordan Alhashimah..alris Jubouri “We appreciate Jordan’s efforts to embrace their fellow Iraqis and continuous cooperation with us.”

November 23, 2014 Met with House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, on Sunday, his counterpart President of the Jordanian House of Representatives Atef Tarawneh and his two deputies and several members of the Jordanian Council, and discussed with him the cooperation frameworks between the two houses were also signed a memorandum of understanding between the two presidents.

Link: http://www.bondladyscorner.com/t104631-on-the-sidelines-of-his-visit-to-the-kingdom-of-jordan-alhashimahalris-jubouri-we-appreciate-jordan-s-efforts-to-embrace-their-fellow-iraqis-and-continuous-cooperation-with-us

[tlm724] also signed a memorandum of understanding between the two presidents. Wink

Link: http://www.bondladyscorner.com/t104690-morning-news-comments-11-23-2014

03 – IRAQ DINAR 123 NEWS: Iraq Budget Expected in March 2015, 23 NOV 2014.

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Finance committee explained that the delay in approving the Iraq budget because of dispute between provinces in Iraq. Baghdad and Kurdistan major dispute on oil production and revenue. Decline in the oil prices effecting Iraqi treasury and Budget depends on treasury. Lake of finances in Iraqi reserves is main reason for delay budget.

Iraq spending lot of capital for current security situation but most of development projects is pending due to delay approving the budget. Finance committee said that Iraq budget will announce at March 2015. Budget date announced with the coordination of all the ministries and finance committee.

All disputes between provinces and regions will discuss in the Iraqi parliament and hope to resolve all the meters before announcement of the budget 2015. Finance committee also said that budget will announce as soon as possible because financial condition of country depends on budget 2015.


11-23-14 Adam Montana: [I keep reading that the HCL is done and then it isn’t done. When it is really done, what other laws need to be passed before we see a RV. I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but how long will this go on before we see an RV?]

NO laws have to be passed to RV – the CBI could do it today if they wanted to. But they aren’t going to do it until the HCL is done because they need that revenue engine firing on all cylinders in order to sustain the rate they choose. Without the HCL, Iraq is only running on a few cylinders.

05 – Late Saturday Jester: “Zap’s Post is More Accurate Than You Might Think”. 11/23/2014.

Jester’s Place:


Link: http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/poofness-for-nov-21st-2nd-mid-week-report

[pollyp] Jester, meaning 2015?



[BocaLinda] jester I remember, just bummed hes saying January now…


[pollyp] Jester, I remember, I thought that was the part of Zaps post you were referring to, my mistake


[Jester] REMEMBER?




06 – Tidbits From KTFA Members Sunday Morning. 11/23/2014.


cshessman : Brother Randy, Great point brought to light on the last thread. I had thought the same thing but had kept it to myself, thinking…Kirkurk! Wait…wasn’t that in dispute before Daash came a rumbling along and then the Kurds took a stand and took it back.

And Baghdad has made little fan fare over the Kurds getting their old lines in the sand back. Which really the only fuss was from the prior administration I believe.

Help me brother with my recollection… wasn’t the Kurds supposed to be pumping 250K barrels to Baghdad all the time prior??? But had stopped because of the disputes? right ?

So, now we see a deal to only have to pump 150K barrels and they get their 17% of the budget or ??? But i’m thinking if only 150K now…they are saving 100K barrels a day, which comes to 241,500,000 a month @ 30 days @ 80.50 / barrel.
Not recalling their budget figures for the year. Anywho, so, now we see them saying they will turn up the pipes again to ramp back to 250K barrels a day. But I thought they would soon be blazing past that figure just about any time now with their new findings and contracts they have had for at least the past 6 months or better.

Anyway, great pointing out this morning. It was definitely beneficial to many to see that conclusion and make that connection, so, kudos on that!

Cheers brother and thanks for all you do for the family.

Aggiedad77: Hello C$,Thanks for the kudos sir. I was just trying to put pieces of the puzzle together and surprised even myself with what appeared to be coming into focus.

You touch on something that I didn’t write about, the fact that the Kurds have been flowing somewhere at or maybe slightly above 200,000 to upwards of 250,000 barrels of oil per day from their own respective oil fields to Ceyhan, Turkey since early in May.

It is my opinion that their flow through their new pipeline has only been halted since that time when the storage tanks in Ceyhan may have been full to capacity.

I strongly believe this to be true and even flows today for them.

If this is true and what we’ve read is true, the Kurds are being allowed to keep their 200,000+ per day barrels of oil…..and are simply adding 150,000 barrels of oil per day from the Kirkuk fields.

This, also according to past articles is something they had been trying to put together since their Peshmerga took over the area this past summer.

I’m not sure what infrastructure they have had in place or have been putting in place to get the Kirkuk oil into their pipeline to Turkey….this oil had flowed before to Turkey but through a pipeline that was owned by Baghdad and not the Kurds….this is the pipeline that has been down since March due to operational issues, mostly terrorist related I believe, and remains down even now.

Thus why Baghdad is allowing this oil from Kirkuk to be pumped to the Kurd pipeline….who knows how their pipeline network works in that area, how it is inter-related. It is not out of the question that short jumpers could have been installed in the months since ISIS came on the picture to allow the Kirkuk oil to flow towards the Kurds.

I’m of the opinion that the Kurds are getting 150,000 barrels of oil “on the house” from Baghdad in addition to the salaries being paid….first $500 million in October then bumping up to $1 billion starting in November. I can only see this as a HUGE WIN for the Kurds, oil-wise, Article 140 wise, and confidence with the people wise.

Maybe I’m missing a piece of the puzzle here…but if it all does fit together….this is SENSATIONAL news I think. Time will tell us more….hopefully in short order.

Thanks again. Aloha Randy

backdoc » November 22nd, 2014, 11:38 pm

Vietnam banks to trim bad debts by year end

Reuters HANOI – Thursday, November 20, 2014 09:31

A man on a bicycle rides past the State Bank of Vietnam in Hanoi. The State Bank of Vietnam, the central bank, projected bad debts would amount to between 3.7 percent and 4.2 percent of total loans at year end. Photo credit: Bloomberg

Vietnam tightens valuations to clean up bad debt

Banks alone cannot clear their bad debts: economists

Vietnam’s bad debt rises as new rules take effect: report

Bad debts in Vietnam’s troubled banking system could fall sharply by year-end to 2.5 to 2.7 percent of total loans thanks to debt restructuring and tighter supervision, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said on Wednesday.

Toxic debt eased to 3.88 percent of bank loans in September from 3.9 percent in the previous month, compared with 17 percent in September 2012, Dung told the National Assembly in a televised session, citing banks’ reports.

Dung’s government has been battling with high levels of non-performing loans that have hurt the property market and stifled efforts to boost private sector businesses and stimulate credit growth.

The State Bank of Vietnam, the central bank, projected bad debts would amount to between 3.7 percent and 4.2 percent of total loans at year end, as it “supervised and reassessed more tightly the debt classification,” Dung said.

The Vietnam Asset Management Co (VAMC), the central bank-run firm formed to deal with bad loans, has resolved 4 trillion dong ($187.97 million) worth of bad debt, or 4 percent of the 95 trillion dong of debt it has bought from banks, Dung said.

“Resolving bad debts in Vietnam faces many difficulties and needs time due to an incomplete legal framework, a lack of state budget and experience,” Dung said.

The government aims to trim bad debts to around 3 percent by the end of 2015.

Dung also said Vietnam’s annual inflation would likely to stay under 3 percent, the lowest since 2003 based on government data.

The annual credit growth in 2014 may surpass 12 percent, up sharply from a sluggish 4.5 percent rise in August, Dung said.

Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service have raised Vietnam’s sovereign ratings, citing improvements in the economy and stronger position in its balance of payments.

But independent economists still cast doubts on Vietnam’s economic performance and reported levels of bad debts.

“The figure (given by the prime minister) does not reflect a real picture of bad debt ratio right now,” said Do Thien Anh Tuan, a lecturer and research associate with Fulbright Economics Teaching Program.

“VAMC’s bad-debt solving regime basically moves bad debts from banks’ balance sheets to its own.”

Link: http://www.thanhniennews.com/business/vietnam-banks-to-trim-bad-debts-by-year-end-34225.html

The Beverly Hillbillies Explain Economics.avi

Back in the 1960’s the US economy was booming. An average man with a single job could buy a house, t…

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