(Posted @Stage2Omega, compiled by Rique Seraphico).
Published on Oct 20, 2014.

On Sunday, October 19, the Ambassador and Ron had a long conversation about world events and the frustration many feel in regard to how slowly some of the needed changes materialize in our world. Many people still try to get their information, or confirmation regarding things we talk about, from the mainstream media, as if the professional liars are all of a sudden going to start telling the truth.

Yes, it’s insane! Psychopathic liars do not tell the truth. What is happening in Hong Kong is but one case in point. Ron asked the Ambassador to share his perspective in another video that will not get on network news.

We are attempting to educate people as the Cabal continues to create problems, stirring unrest wherever they can in order to get an overreaction that will further their plan to tighten controls and create even more conflict. It’s the old problem-reaction-solution … divide and conquer mentality! Humanity must awaken!
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