Richard: One Who Knows Gives us an Update on Intel and Healing as Well as the RV/GCR

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Richard, The One who knows: Intel, Healing, Warning, Contact, Book, Intel – ONLY One RV 6/28/2017

There is only one RV (Revaluation) going to happen.  In the old days we used to think that there were going to be several groups of currencies revaluing such as First Basket and second basket etc.  But now, it turns out that EVERY CURRENCY IN THE WORLD will revalue at the SAME time.  Some will go up, some will go down, and some will stay the same.  But, once this Revaluation (GCR) ends, there will be NO MORE revaluations. In other words, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, etc, will all change now, if they are meant to.  It is a ONE SHOT World-Wide Revaluation, resetting of ALL values of EVERY COUNTRY all at once.

Intel- Phone Number Directory

When the 800#s come out, it will NOT be just one phone number, it will be a directory of every country.  You look up your country, and you will find the phone number you are supposed to call.  So when it is time to call, it will be easy for anyone to find the number they are supposed to call no matter what country they are in.  EASY!

Intel – Zim

Cabal Disinformation is showing its ugly head again.  I saw some post on IDC that said you shouldn’t mention your Zim when you are calling in to set your appointment.   What could be more stupid than that?  That is the one you should mention FIRST.  Frankly, if you have Zim, no other currency you have matters by comparison.   Not only should you mention the zim you have, you should also mention zim Bearer Checks as well.  They will also be redeemed even though they are “out of date.”

Intel- HB

Not only should you mention any of the 5 major currencies that you have such as the zim, dinar, dong, afghan etc, you should also mention any Historic Bonds you have.  Technically, they should have been “Claimed” a long time ago, for redemption through a different process, but if you did not do that, this is your last chance to get them redeemed.  These are old Fed Bonds, Chinese Bonds etc.


There is a Healing Pulse that is now being broadcast from Hollow Earth.  It is so amazing how it works.  This is the preliminary Healing before the major healing pulse that will come after disclosure.  While it does help everyone, it is especially intensified by calling for it.  The more you call for it the more you can feel it.  To call for it, simply “Acknowledge it, and appreciate it.”  Just say aloud or to yourself

“I acknowledge this Healing Pulse and appreciate it or you are grateful for it.”

(Which ever you prefer)  I know people like myself that feel it right away, in fact I am feeling it now as I write this.  However, others did not feel it at first, but the more they called for it, the more they felt it until it was at full power.  For best results, call for it throughout the day, and get your health back in tip top shape!


The Cabal have done their best to stop me from posting and communicating with you.   You would be amazed at the things they have done to try and stop me.  However, I have heard of their newest tricks.  They are now posting as me, using my name “One Who Knows” and even using the pictures I use as well.

It will be up to you to “Discerned” whether or not the message in those posts is me or not.  If it is fear based, and giving disinformation it is Cabal scum pretending to be me.  Don’t listen to it.  At this time, they are trying harder than ever to delay the GCR.

There are only 2 places that I trust right now, to give you my messages.  Those two places are:

Gary Larrabee (Video Channel)…

When I give you a message on his video channel, you can hear my voice and know it is me.  That makes this venue my most highly trusted source to get genuine intel from me.  The next venue I trust is:

Ascension With Earth

He will only post “One Who Knows” from me.  Every other place, could be corrupted by the scummy Cabal.  We are in the final days my friends and I want you to get the truth and for now these are the only two places I trust.


This has been a long wild ride to get to the final end of the GCR.  However, what is to come with ascension, disclosure, and learning how to use your God given abilities to control your own realities, will be very important.  In that regard, I will be moving to my very own website, where there will be no Cabal scum, no lies, no disinformation.  There will only be truth about Disclosure, the Republic NESARA/GESARA, Ascension, Enlightenment, Empowerment and the latest in technologies, projects etc.

Richard Lee McKim Jr. / One Who Knows / Star Fyer (Full Galactic Name)     My Book & Audio Book

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