Ret. Air Force Generals Say UFOs Will Stop A Nuclear Holocaust

From PAO: Ret. Air Force Generals Say UFOs Will Stop A Nuclear Holocaust

Generals from several US nuclear missile facilities convened to share their information with each other, which they had heretofore been prohibited from discussing publicly of a decades-long and ongoing intervention by UFOs of their activities, with the disarming of their weapons and the interference in their tests, etc.

Moreover, we find that officers from other nations with nuclear arsenals have long been reporting the same thing.

Note from Colleen:

This video was actually published in December of 2012. This is the first time I’m see it and I’m sharing it because some people think that the GF isn’t doing anything to help us. Here the retired Air Force generals are reporting that the extraterrestrials are concerned about our use of nuclear weapons and have demonstrated many times that nuclear attacks will not be allowed.

I celebrate and honor the many whistleblowers that are coming forth with Truth.10459874 1446463655604456 6978444883394894719 n

Of course, Sheldan has told us for many years that the use of all nuclear weapons and attacks will and have been stopped by our Galactic Neighbors. If the GF did not stop these attacks, the “powers that were” probably would have annihilated our entire planet by now. I didn’t particularly like the attitude of the newscaster but then that is her job to make light of the subject. The good thing is there was some coverage of the retired Air Force Generals conference.

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