Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 14 2017


Compiled 12:01 am EDT 14 Oct. 2017Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 14 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 14 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Oct. 13 2017 1:23 pm EDT GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 13, 2017

1. Yesterday Oct. 12 US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order for the new Health Care Bill, which removed a 70% tax on the RV, along with many other things.

2. Now it was safe for the RV to take place.

3. The Reno Commission which controls the new asset/gold-backed US Treasury Note, was ready.

4. Chief of the Pentagon General Joseph Dunford was ready.

5. The 800#s to make exchange appointments was ready for distribution.

6. We were at an any-moment basis.

B. Oct. 13 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

Replay: 641.715.0623, pin 409029#

1. Iraqi and US banks met in DC about international interests in the financial sector. Supposedly the plan was for Abadi to announce the full liberation of Iraq in late Nov, with the international rate surfacing in Jan. 2018. However, one of the military leaders was saying on TV that 97% of Iraq has already been liberated, and could be 100% liberated within a week.

2. Some members have banking people who have seen contract rates, with a Dinar rate in the $20-$30 range (as opposed to a $3.71 international rate).

3. There were conditions to signing a contract with the bank. If you breach the terms, they may claw back your money and anything you have bought with that money.

4. There was also an NDA, a Non Disclosure Agreement (that is likely under Homeland Security) that says you need to keep your mouth shut about the exchange and its details, or else.

C. Oct. 12 10:11 pm EDT Secret News, Anonymous (ID: vy3Y5hFc): /pol/ Discussion About the Announcements 10/12 Secret News

1. The “storm” Trump’s referred to isn’t Vegas itself. I confirm 100% that a much larger event was planned/thwarted. It was done to divert Trump away from declassifying/ releasing “the storm”.

2. This storm is a series of classified info that the admin will disclose publicly on three different socially controversial topics: (the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Reserve).

3. They’ve already delayed this twice.

4. They exploited the hurricanes/devastation to their advantage, by wrapping him in so much red tape re: resource distro/allocation, services/duty assembly/deployment, etc.

5. Hence the “storm” reference was to McCabe, Kelly, Tillerson, Pompeo, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

6. While the MSM distracted concerned public/Trump, it kept in him check as they geared up for Vegas. It’s a “miracle” it didn’t work.

7. Harvey was the first low-hanging takedown, so just imagine how high-level this will go.

8. While Hillary, the Clinton campaign/staff, Obama admin, establishment (both parties) and DNC as related to election fraud, etc. will eventually fall for epic crimes, you’ll never see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit for actual pizza.

9. The MSM and public will only be given a few hours of notice on the day of each series of Presidential addresses, and will NOT be given details or talking points in advance. The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for question, when it comes to the people.

10. The President won’t have to disclose like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, elections rigging, etc. specifically.

11. When he’s done, it will be a literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage. No one ever again will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved coordinating, etc. anything that has ever happened and been considered a “conspiracy theory”, ever again. When he’s done, the entire world will know. It would be all-encompassing.

12. Like Trump says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever again.

D. Oct. 6 2017 16:51 pm EDT, Another Poster (ID: vy3Y5hFc): Can you give us any indication on timing of when these disclosures will occur? Within days? Weeks? Months? Years?

1. Soon, but I won’t pin myself to anything more than that because I literally can’t. Scheduled dates on a POTUS’s calendar mean nothing. Literally ever.

2. When the President of the United States formally announces he will be making an official Presidential Address to the American public, the networks have to cover and broadcast it, unedited, unfiltered, uncut and IN FULL, from the time he starts until he’s left the podium. No broadcasting breaks, no side commentary, no commercials. Complete network silence when he speaks.

3. After it’s all over, no one will be able to turn away from the truth. The masses will never again be able to claim with 100% certainty that 9/11 DIDN’T have inside, US-sponsored and funded, department/agency coordination, allocated resources and assistance.

4. No one will EVER be able to NOT believe that our own agencies and departments and former admins. didn’t play a huge role in shit like JFK, OKC, 9/11, ISIS, Pizza, Vegas, etc. They won’t be able to turn a blind eye to what they consider “conspiracy theories” today, simply because the MSM told them to.

5. We’ve all been horrifically lied to on incomprehensible levels. Nothing we’ve been led to perceive as our “reality” for generations since the very day George Herbert Bush was sworn in as Director of the CIA.

E. Oct. 12 12:00 am EDT, Ben Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report: “Something Big is Coming” — October 9, 2017 Ben Fulford Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

1. A top Yakuza assassin, a senior MI6 operative, an NSA representative, a representative from a new CIA faction, and others agree that something big is coming.

2. A Mr. K stated that starting in late Oct. the world will experience “earthquakes, storms, and other disasters” that would result in a large drop in the world’s population before “a happy new era” begins. He said that something could happen in Japan just before the Oct. 22nd Japanese general election that Asian secret society sources say will result in the ouster of Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (Remember ZAP said Oct 20-21 would be a turning point in humanity.)

3. Pentagon sources explained that, “After the Las Vegas massacre and an Israeli ambush that killed 4 U.S. special forces troops in Niger, [White House Chief of Staff General John] Kelly summoned the Joint Chiefs of Staff and combatant commanders to the White House on Oct. 5 to bring all hands on deck to back Trump against the NFL, Antifa, the deep state, and the Cabal.”

4. “Even NSA boss Admiral Mike Rogers and Pacific Commander-in-Chief Admiral Harry Harris were invited, as Trump said cryptically that this is ‘the calm before the storm.’” The “storm” would take place in the form of mass arrests, the issuance of a new currency, and the launch of a global currency reset, the source said.

5. The mass killing operation in Las Vegas and the accompanying corporate media BS storm about a single, now-dead killer being responsible was a fatal mistake by the Khazarian mafia, many sources agree. The Internet is full of videos showing that multiple shooters were involved, and calls for comprehensive revenge are being made.

6. By promoting this obvious lie, the FBI, nominally in charge of the Las Vegas investigation, has made itself a target of the U.S. military and other agencies.

7. Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff evidently were planning to make a fortune by using this incident as an excuse to make metal detectors manufactured by a company they own mandatory at all concerts, bus terminals, etc. Instead, both men are now hunted, if not already dead.

8. A different CIA source says that Las Vegas was run by the Chicago Mob and that even honchos like Adelson and Chertoff are just front men for the Italians. “It is Florentine nobility running the Chicago Outfit and the remnant of the Jewish Mafia. The Chicago Outfit is involved in weapons, drugs, and human trafficking across the U.S.-Mexican border. John DiFronzo is a top boss of the Chicago Outfit along with his brother Peter DiFronzo.”

9. In other words, it is the fascist P2 Freemasons who were ultimately behind the Las Vegas Gladio-style operation. The FBI is a P2 subsidiary and you can expect tanks at their headquarters soon.

10. “Hollywood and the Democrats are reeling as the New York Times was ordered to do a hit piece on a fellow Jew, the serial sexual predator film producer and major Hillary and Obama fundraiser Harvey Weinstein,”

11. This was just the tip of the iceberg, and you can be sure much worse revelations about murder, rape, pedophilia, and human sacrifice rampant in Hollywood would come out.

12. Now that the campaign to use North Korea as an excuse to start World War 3 was being undermined, the Khazarians were trying to reignite tensions with Iran as an excuse to start their Gog-versus-Magog end-times war. However, Pentagon sources say the Iran thing is not going to happen either.

13. The Washington D.C. Corporation—not to be confused with the Republic of the United States of America—missed a payment deadline that came due on Sept. 30, its fiscal year end, say MI6 sources. The U.S. government’s budget had a $1 trillion shortfall and the situation has reached the point that, by its own estimates, its net worth is minus $65 trillion.

14. The MI6 sources say that when the payment deadline was missed, an extension was granted that lasts until Oct. 17. However, previous reports say that an extension was granted until Dec. 15.

15. The Khazarians were flirting with real bankruptcy and loss of power because of the demise of their petrodollar. Saudi Arabian King Salman made the first-ever visit by a reigning Saudi monarch to Russia last week. The Saudis agreed to buy arms from Russia and reached many other deals. The Saudis also talked about the possibility of ending the petrodollar by selling their oil for currencies other than the U.S. dollar, Pentagon sources say. This led the U.S. military to issue a veiled threat to the Saudis by suspending all military exercises with the Saudis and their allies.

16. The Pentagon still needs Saudi oil to run its machines and Saudi money to pay its salaries, and thus will not allow the complete death of the petrodollar until a comprehensive global financial reset is in place, Pentagon sources explain.

17. Another sign seen last week that something big was about to happen was a fire burning on the roof of the New York Federal Reserve Building.

18. If you want, you can believe the Fed’s story that a generator caught on fire, but a good guess is that they were burning evidence before the U.S. military makes their long-overdue move to occupy that criminal institution.

F. Oct. 13 2017, BobTheTaxMan: From BobTheTaxMan, 12 OCT
Monies gained from the RV are not going to be taxed as capital gains. This is going to be an ordinary tax event because you did not buy this under contract with a specific date for return. Therefore you don’t qualify for the blessings of being a true Forex trader. The IRS already said no. You’re only setting yourself up for problems if you were to file a tax return showing the RV as capital gains. Identifying what it is you’re going to get snagged. So don’t do it. NOTE: This should NOT be considered tax or investment advice. It is purely informational and the views of this guru. Speak to your own tax or investment professional.

G. At your RV Exchange Appointment: 

1. If possible, have two types of photo ID, a Drivers License, Passport, Birth Certificate and at least one utility bill with your name on it for proof of your current address.

2. Your tax file number.

3. Receipts of your currency purchases (or gift letter) if you have them – ok if you don’t.

4. Names of family members you want on your trust accounts.

5. Have 6-7 names for your trust accounts (in case certain names have already been registered).

6. Have the names, addresses, bank account numbers and details of all family members that you wish to wire money to before you leave the bank – including swift codes if sending overseas.

During your exchange:

1. When setting up your account get receipts of the currency you will be exchanging. Those receipts should be stamped and witnessed by the banker.

2. Ask that your accounts be ACCESS RESTRICTED to essential bank personnel and tagged as non-test, non-training accounts with absolutely no third party access.

3. Ask for the highest screen rates. They will not be offered to you unless requested.

4. Have a written explaination of your humanitarian projects.

5. If you are asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, make sure you understand it, reading it front to back, back to front and asking questions as you go.

6. Obtain Proof of Funds Certificates showing that your money is not tied to anything illegal (clear and clean). Recipients of your money may need these proof of funds as to how you came about such large sums of money.

7. You may need to set up a private password that is only known to you and your wealth manager/personal banker.

8. Set up a separate appointment with your personal wealth manager before you leave the bank to discuss your humanitarian projects.

9. You may leave the bank with up to $10,000 cash (that will have a tracker in the money to make sure you get home safely).

H. Oct. 13 2017 8:27 pm EDT Must Do Reminders for Currency Exchange: Before you Exchange: Must Do’s Reminder Again

1. ARRIVE EARLY! Make sure you know where you are going. Do not loiter. If you are too early, stay SECURELY in the general area.

2. Be discrete, be professional, and be alert and aware of your surroundings. BREATHE! Seriously consider hiring security to accompany you to your appointment or bring a trusted friend.

3. Collect business cards from everyone or take their name and phone numbers as well as the location of their regular branch office.

4. THE FIRST THING you will likely do is sign the NDA!

5. The second thing will be to learn the rates and make sure bank will not be charging a spread (reduction of the rate to you because bank takes a ‘fee’ for facilitating the transaction)

6. If you exchange multiple currencies, open separate accounts for each. DO NOT PUT FUNDS IN ANY EXISTING ACCOUNTS you may have with the bank. DO NOT CO-MINGLE FUNDS. This is a critical tax issue.

7. GET PRINTED RECEIPTS of all of the transactions with regard to all the accounts which includes Deposits, Debits, and Current Balance.

8. Record your account numbers for each account using the Bank Form in this book.You can also use this form to record other pertinent details about your account.

[ ] Get a receipt for your deposit. Some people are making copies of their currency and requiring the wealth manager signs off on each page.

[ ] Ask for all accounts to be NON – testing, Non – training and NOT available online (off internet). Require that the wealth manager be the only person with direct access to your account information.

[ ] Get a copy of your signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

[ ] If you need immediate funds to deposit in some other current bank account to pay bills, etc. until you get your second appointment with your private banker. You can also use this time to get cashier’s checks to pay off existing debts, etc. Bank Cash Exchange Check ListAsk For Onsite verification and instant deposit credit. Some banks will try to require a 10-day hold. This is negotiable. YOU have the power.

Specific Requests

1. Please waive all bank fees

2. Banker to sign and date each IQN purchase receipt upon exchange of dinar

3. Flagged all accounts as access restricted to non-essential bank personnel and tagged as Non-test/Non-Training Accounts

4. Provide list of Cashier’s Check to be drafted for paying off bills, etc.

5. Book of checks (at least 10) to have with me when I leave

6. Ask for credit or debit cards that are secure. Be sure they are NOT RFID-enabled. (RFID = Radio Frequency Identification).

7. $10,000 cash in $50 bills

8. Gold/silver coins/bars if available

9. “Proof of Funds Letter(s)” (for each property to be purchased) from the bank to show to realtors and/or 10-20 CCCs if still applicable

10. Obtain copy of NDA

11. Do NOT agree to give the bank “power of attorney”. Not maintaining this control could result in the theft of some/all of your money.

12. Do NOT let a money manager have complete fiduciary control over any of your money. Make sure you have to sign for everything. Not maintaining this control could result in the theft of some/all of your money.

13. Do NOT have a “test” account. This opens access to your account, increasing the likelihood of theft.

14. Do NOT have access by all tellers. You want to protect your privacy and safeguard against theft.

15. Do NOT have automatic withdrawals on your accounts. Set up a secondary account that you can transfer money into instead of using the wealthy account.

16. Do NOT use computer or remote banking from your iPhone or computer

I. Oct. 13 2017 7:43 pm EDT, Judge Anna Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz — As a Thing Is Bound, So It Is Unbound

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 13, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 12, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 11, 2017


Hi Everyone, when we get the 800# we probably be very overwhelmed and may forget some things when going to The Appointment…. so i made a list of what to take to the appointment of how I think it will play out from reading all the info in DinarChronicles , good to print out and prepare.

Make sure you have all this info below, written down in a note pad as when you go to your appointment your phone may be taken from you for security reasons, so any contacts or info that you may need you must have ready before hand.

1) 2 Types of Photo ID…..Drivers Licence and Passport….Birth Certificate.
Utility bill with your name on it.
2) Tax file number.
3) Proof of Current address.
4)Receipts of the Currency if you have them, not to worry if you don’t.
5) Family Members names to set up TRUSTS.

Make sure when setting up your account you get receipts of all the currency that you will be exchanging. And that must be stamped and witnessed by the highest in charge.

Make sure you flag all accounts as ACCESS RESTRICTED TO NON -ESSENTIAL BANK PERSONNEL & TAGGED AS NON-TEST/NON -TRAINING ACCOUNTS to prevent banks from using your accounts for new staff training purposes, where funds can get lost absolutely no 3rd party access.

You Must ask for the Highest Screen rates as they will not be offered to you unless you ask!

Tell them if you are interested in the Humanitarian projects, and have your projects written down.

Make sure you read and sign the NDA ( non disclosure agreement) if there is one.

Get proof certificates that your money is not tied to anything illegal.

You may need to set up a private password that is only known to you and your wealth manager/personal banker.

Have the names, addresses, bank account numbers, details of all family members that you wish to wire money to before you leave the bank…including swift codes if sending overseas.

You can wire money to your family members there and then or you can request cashiers checks for each one, that is guaranteed money.

Also your recipients may need proof of funds by their banks as to how they came about such large sums of money, ask your bank if they can verify that it is all legit and legal….proof of funds.

set up a separate appointment with your personal wealth manager before you leave the bank to discuss your humanitarian projects.
You may be leaving the bank with $10,000 in cash that will have a tracker in the money to make sure you get home safely.
Get out the champagne and CELEBRATE!! 

Print this out and pass on to whoever you know is going to exchange, don’t go in blindly, have an idea of what to expect….

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