The ‘Reset’ Has Already Begun

Thanks to Starship Earth: The Big Picture – What’s happening on our planet—and why.

While I’m not so much into the financial side of things, this headline caught my attention, and they back it up. 

We can’t expect anyone to send out a news release to announce that the Global Financial Reset has happened; that the major banks are closed; it’s not that simple. We have to watch the clues, like everything else… collect the puzzle pieces, assemble them as best we can so we know which ones are missing and what to watch for, and then drop them into place, one by one, until the picture is complete.

It seems to me like we’re missing but a few pieces now, but I’m no financial guru. I just report what I see. I get the sense that the Resistance Movement wants at all costs to make our transition as smooth as possible, so I suspect that even major milestones will be minimized.

I hadn’t heard before that 99 per cent of the world’s gold is counterfeit. Just some of it. Gold-dipped tungsten just doesn’t cut it.

BTW, I don’t often use all caps and exclamation marks because if over-used, it can be akin to crying wolf. Let’s face it—not all the news is sensational. When you see me using exclamation marks, it means I’m excited, and you may be, too.

If you see LOTS of caps and exclamation marks, make sure you pay attention. Something BIG is goin’ on.

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