Refreshing news for the start of OUR YEAR 2015 : THE PHOENIX RISES OVER BEJING ~ POPE SAYS, SLAVES NO MORE! ~ 03-01-2015

ECETI : Great Message I am getting information from some of the top insiders this is real, it is necessary and part of the awakening and healing process. Many institutions that were the problem have been taken over. Soon even the legal system will be converted then the real clean up will happen.Lots more to the story will give an update on two upcoming shows to be announced.

phoenix rising

Published on Jan 2, 2015

The Ambassador called Ron this afternoon all excited. A fiery Phoenix cloud formation that appeared over Beijing just before Christmas during the time his message was being recorded with rock. The elders took this is another sign that 555 would overtake 666. Bear in mind that the Ambassador’s symbol is the phoenix. In addition, the Pope’s New Year message was about ending war and stopping slavery.

Of course most of humanity would like to see this come to pass, since it is our vision is much as it is the Ambassador’s. Gwen Caldwell, a Native American from South Dakota, join the Ambassador and Ron in the conversation.

Comments By Readers:

Events are moving very rapidly now. Confirmation in the sky for the DF is a portent. Ron’s video last night made people clap, cry and shout out loud. The message of “No More” is spreading. I hear it from more lips each day. Well, cyber lips). A thank you to the Ambassador for what he has done and is doing. And, I also see the change in DS. He is a different man in his heart. His organizational skills will be of great utility.I want to thank Ron again for being who he is and giving us access to the Ambassador.
The Movement is in deed MORE than started; 555 manifests more daily, hourly, momentarily as one chooses focus & LIVES in Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Justice, & more from united Heart & Mind with holy (wholly) Spirit with Grace & Truth walked & spoken. Practical BEing & DOing: Try CLGJs, grassroots resurrection of “hidden fourth” branch of govmnt; Learn a PEACEFUL LAWFUL solution- 
Just The Facts, then 14-10-25 Just The Facts.mp3 Then see & hear  “NOW Declaration of Independence” @vdo below
  We the People CAN make the difference significant 4 ALL!

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