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Quan YinMessage conveyed by Ute

Greetings from Galactic Heart…

Last night Quan Yin came to me with a personal message. I have not been in contact with her for quite some time now. In the past my connection with her was always initiated by me. I was thrilled that she initiated our connection this time. She conveyed her heart is happy that I have let go of being disappointed with dates and embraced Joy as I participate in the Divine Plan unfolding. She honored me on my increase in spiritual maturity which brought me to tears. She told me that changing perspective is key and that all the Ascended Masters were deLighted with PAO’s last webinar (Our Changing Perceptions are Transforming Reality). I was filled with an exquisite expansion of Love. Thank you, Quan Yin, for shining your Light on my heart. I am humbled and forever grateful.

I was prompted to remind people to call upon Quan Yin for assistance as we integrate the cosmic energies flooding our solar system. The rise of the Divine Feminine is in full force bringing all of us to harmonic balance.

Blessings of Love sent your way…

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My Divine Presence is with you. I am shining my light upon you, to surround you, and as you absorb it, to fill your whole body-mind.

I will tell you more about my light, Beloveds, as light carries information.

My Light teaches you to soften your body in total surrender, because you trust the Presence of the Divine and you accept the principle of receiving, to be filled with my radiance of beauty, joy and pleasure.

I am worshiped as being the Compassionate One. But what is compassion other than Heart-Fulfillment, feeling your own completion which is a state of deep inner relaxation, acceptance and love. In such a state you experience that everything is already yours, that you do not lack anything.

When you feel your completion you do not judge. Judgement comes when you do not feel whole, when your Divine Essence is being suppressed. When you do not judge you love unconditionally and you love also those who suffer, because they imagine they are separate. This is compassion.

My Gift to you is my Divine Fullness that so gently caresses you with infinite tenderness. It heals all your pains and all your stresses and disappointments. It is the balm that calms your fears and sorrows and takes away all reason to be selfishly angry. That is the way I AM.

I AM that Female energy that unites humanity at their heart and showers contentment and nurturing presence upon you. If you feel Me – as I am right beside you – your separating perspective of life changes instantly.

What is your identity and who do you think you are, while you are worshiping Me as an external entity?Enlightenment comes with the realization that everything is already Your Own, and there is nothing outside to realize. But what appears outside of you is just a mere reflection of what is already inside of you.Do worship Me as your own Divine Goddess-Quality that lives as you, when you allow it.Call upon Me and these Qualities will flower in you, filling your being and healing the illusion that there is separation and non-love. Love and Unity are Divine Qualities that are the foundation of Existence. They are felt when the head does not lead, but the heart does, infinitely expanded in deepest tenderness. Both, men and women can live this way of life, because both embody the soul.In this state of Beauty and Harmony you forget your own separateness and pain, and you smoothen every conflict in your world, even more, you change your world. In fact, you can change it now. In this moment. You have the power, who, if not YOU?It is your choice, what will you choose?With all My Divine Blessings I am by your side as You!I AM Quan Yin***


Suddenly you perceive life from a completely different point of view, a view that has been withheld from your planet for Millenniums and which could only flower sometimes in intimate circumstances where people felt safe and loved.

However now the time has come, as the Feminine Presence on your Beloved Earth has returned, that humanity as a whole needs to reconnect to this beautiful quality that I embody for the sake of your liberation.

There is still predominant the distorted male power between too many of you. The male power that does not know the sweetness of the human heart, or has forgotten it.

I am here to remind you that you can call Me at times when harshness of life is still disheartening you, when you feel the pain of separation, when love is not yet shining and when you can’t remember your female vibration, whether you are a woman or a man.

Both genders can luxuriate and bathe in my soft pink and golden and white showers of graceful harmony and balance, resurrecting your Divine Dignity and Self-Authority.

Every cell in your body smoothes delightfully in my Presence which is also a quality of yours. Because how could you feel Me if I AM not already a part of you. I AM no other, but I show you what you have forgotten, I remind you to re- integrate what was once yours.

This female part of yours must now be lived by humanity. This is the deeper meaning of the return of the Goddess to Earth. The Goddess is not outside of you, Beloveds, She Lives Within, She Is You. The Gift is there. It is up to you to use it. And I AM a Personification of that Divine Gift to remind you of Yourself.


A Little About Quan Yin

There are many spellings for Quan Yin ~ Kuan Yin, Kwan Yin, and Guanyin, Guan Yin. Here is a short bio to familiarize yourself with her story.

Source: Hearts Center


Kuan Yin known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of Bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity. She removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.

Her shortened Chinese name, Kuan Yin, means “Hearer of Sounds.” Her full name, Kuan Shih Yin, means “Hearer of the World’s Sounds.” According to Eastern tradition, when Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven, as she stood on the very threshold, she could hear the cries of humanity. She did not enter but returned to help all who suffer in the earth plane. The term “Hearer of Sounds” can also be translated as “perceiver” or “regarder” of the world’s sounds. She is known in much of Asia as a divine emanation that answers the prayers of those who faithfully call upon her name.

Kuan Yin is a cross-cultural, nondenominational figure revered by many spiritual and religious traditions around the world. She serves the aspirants of all spiritual heritages and paths.Those who espouse a concept of an impersonal, formless divinity see her as an expression of the essence of compassion, or as a symbol of it. Others who acknowledge a personal Godhead view her as a divine embodiment of this virtue. Some view her as both the impersonal and personal manifestations of divine compassion, with no contradiction. She nurtures the growth of this quality in us through our devotions and our interpersonal relationships with others.

Excerpted from Kuan Yin’s Miracle Mantras by Josephine Stark.


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The more we know, the better prepared we are for our communities as the Divine Plan unfolds. 2015 is a pivotal year.


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