Plenty of Documented Activity Around the Sun Sept. 16

ship shooting beam 16sept2015Thanks to MissionGalacticFreedom, I got this interesting news. Lots going on up there this month.

If you listened to the interview with Capt. Randy Cramer and Alexandra Meadors that I posted yesterday, Randy confirmed that those policing the skies above Earth are very serious now about craft coming and going, and everyone was warned.

Now, if they don’t ask permission, identify themselves and describe their mission and cargo, they are literally “vapourized”—and those are the “fireballs” and “meteors” we’re seeing streaking through the skies. That includes Earth ships, as well.

But we won’t tell the stupid Earthlings about all the extraterrestrials coming to their planet. They don’t believe in aliens—or that their government would keep secrets from them. It’s better this way.  ~ BP


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