Pleiadian Light Grid News Brief Oct, 16th 2015

Millions of Star Ships in the night sky… Pleiadian Light Grid News I’m Larry Locken, Mary Long Administrator of the Facebook group Pleiadians Mid-West recently wrote in a post that there are over 2,000,000 Star Ships in the night Skies, if they all uncloaked you would see millions of more Stars than just what you see. Many from other Galaxies have come here to observe and monitor our progress on this Planet, in rising from a Planet of Duality to a Planet of Unity and Abundance. Where those that are Vibrating at the Highest Frequency of Love will see them frequently without a second thought of why they are here.

Long went on to say that We are here helping to raise the vibration of this Planet, to open the Hearts and Eyes of those that are striving for a New World of Peace with only Unconditional Love for all that is. There are over 10,000 Planets just in this Sector of the Galaxy that Sustain Life. Never Fear change, never fear the unknown, for your curious innocence of your re-birthing back to who you truly are is bringing you Home into a World that many have Longed for. in closing wishing Loving Vibrations to all, know you are loved and never alone. WE are ONE.

In other news of a less enlightened nature, A Navy veteran is suing after what his lawyer describes as a 16-pound pine cone fell and crushed his skull in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Sean Mace is suing the U.S. government, the National Park Service, the Department of the Interior and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park for $5 million. Mace’s attorney Scott Johnson says the veteran was relaxing under a non-native pine tree at the maritime park when the cone fell, causing an irreversible brain injury. Johnson says Mace has had two surgeries and requires a third. The park has already fenced off the grove and added signs warning “Danger: Giant seed pod falling from tree.”

Representatives from the U.S. attorney’s office and San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park did not return requests for comment. Larry Locken Pleiadian Light Grid News!!!

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