Please take Protection each day, every am and every pm- the Violet Flame and Tube of Light

Isis: each day, morning and evening at least – do not let more than 12 hours to pass between invocations to keep you protected and on track…also add the Tube of Light decree for protection and connection with the Higher Self.

Sangeeta Handa – September 8 at 3:13pm

Please take Protection each day, every am and every pm. Why you may ask? Because in this month (esp) our Light is increasing, and Light attracts bugs. The greater is your spectrum of Light the greater is the opposite spectrum of darkness attracted to you. Darkness charges its electrons on light. Your AURA is very important to live on earth. Aura is your Power, Aura is your Protection. The more powerful and complete it is, the more you shall be bait to the bugs. Its akin to a vicious circle. To live healthy you need a complete and powerful Aura, which in turn attracts negativity. Therefore, the more power you shall need to inject into your Aura to keep and maintain its wholeness. Therefore, for Auric Maintenance protection is uppermost and foremost pre-requisite!

the Violet Flame invocation

For the Tube of Light see these powerful invocations and explanations here:






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