“Planetary Alignments” Gone Askew [videos]

planetary alignments nope

The energies are intense out there and the drama never ceases.

Once-friendly allies continue to polarize, and Keenan’s at centre stage.

It appears that the Cosmic Voice group is the only one that doesn’t believe there will be large sums of money coming for We, The People.

If there is anyone else out there saying that, I’ve not heard it. I don’t believe anyone will get a king’s ransom for their dinar, but as the world’s currencies get into line again, perhaps there will be a few dollars/dinar changing hands, along with a few other currencies.

I would think that after all the money stolen from The People on this planet in so many ways over the centuries, and the incalculable wealth of the subhuman parasites amassed at our expense, that we should all get something for the pain and suffering inflicted on us in this life and others. Call it NESARA or by whatever name you wish. Labels matter not.

And THEN—let’s get rid of money altogether, shall we? I’m so sick of hearing about GOLD!!!

As well, the trolls are out injecting their poison into blogs and websites, putting up—and dredging up—absurd, pathetic videos discrediting Lightworkers. I have to laugh at them so I suppose it’s good entertainment. This last one submitted via comments was so good I was tempted to share it so you could all have a guffaw but I nixed it.

Since we’re watching what’s unfolding, here’s the link to Neil Keenan’s latest updates. He’s done several over the past few days, including a new one for today—Friday the 13th! Isn’t that a special Satanic cabal day?  ~ BP


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