Planet X Nibiru Researcher Says Prepare Now for Devastating Weather

No fear. Everything is under control. I feel I have to post this and make this connection publicly – connecting the dots – see this below, and that

PART II: The Three Evacuations

Chapter 1: Mission of Mercy / 2: The Gathering Storm / 3: The Cleansing Action / 4: The Great Exodus I, II, and III

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 18:14

(Before It’s News)

We are getting serious warning from planet x researcher. The researcher says “prepare now for devastating weather“. This planet x / nibiru video hopes to shed some light on some extreme weather events that have made the news and yet the ‘whole’ story was not told in order to keep the public from connecting the dots to the ongoing Polar Shift and ultimately Nibiru Planet X.

Many people have been wondering why the presence of the Nibiru Planet X planetary complex would be kept from the public’s awareness, this is done for the purpose of control. The Powers That Be fear what the public’s reaction will be to the news that not only is there a large planet in our solar system but that it has been here for at least TEN years and is responsible for not only ‘Global Warming’, but ‘Climate Change’ as well.

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