Photo of Romney’s Cuban Mistress Leaked by US Intel! Exclusive! Wednesday, January 28, 2015 18:17

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US Intelligence ( has once again leaked a photo showing Mitt Romney and his Cuban Mistress.   Romney needs to come clean on his adultery!  Especially since VT has reported that his mistress has ties into Russian Intelligence!  This is a VERY BIG deal and must go viral to stop this monster.  Share this article on all social networks and bring everybody you can to VeteransToday!  The fake news won’t report on this of course so it’s up to you to help VT – be sure you join “Veterans Today Truth Warriors” if you want to be in Washington DC celebrating with Gordon Duff when he is our next President!


Romney’s Bain Capital operates out of Cuba and US Intel has reported he is essentially a drug smuggler and money launderer for Daddy Bush among many other crimes.  Can you believe what a joke our country has become when they give us Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney to choose from?  All banker puppets, all new world order scumbags that should be in prison!  Jeb Bush is a HUGE drug smuggler that took over his Daddy’s drug business.  This has come out through the reports of Gordon Duff, Stew Webb, Gene Chip Tatum and others who have the evidence on these crimes.


Hear Gordon Duff’s latest report on ISIS and how they are being hit hard now by B1B strikes in the last 48 hours.  Stop supporting any alternative media outlet that is censoring VeteransToday stories because they serve the enemy!  Listen to the next President of the United States, Gordon Duff tell the truth nobody else will tell you!   He will End the Fed and release the free energy!  Tell everybody you know to turn off ALL the fake news and all the fakes in alternative media!  If they censor VT, they serve the new world order and if you support them you are helping the NWO directly!




Warning time for Netanyahu – PressTV

[ Editor’s Note: Iran and Iraq have been mistakenly or purposefully underplaying the effectiveness of US air attacks against ISIL. In the beginning it was different, as we had declared war on ISIL and the massive bombing campaign to do with that never materialized.

We are further down the road now and the story has changed, which Gordon’s details below will clearly show.

Avoiding civilian casualties is something that has to be avoided. There were instant claims of them with the initial Syria attacks, but with no photo proof to back them up…that old game.


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