Phoenix Welcomes Dr. Simon Atkins, Thursday, June 4, 2015 @10:00 PM EST – Truth Frequencty Radio – Great Show!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Phoenix Rising Radio Show @ Truth Frequency
With Guest Dr. Simon Atkins
“How To Successfully Get Through                                                           The Frequency Shift Of September 2015”
·      How can the Frequency Shift affect me? What is likely going to happen?
·      How can I protect myself better from the Frequency Shift in September?
·      Yes, the large uptick as of recent in earthquakes and 40 erupting volcanoesIS a major sign of planetary changes.  What threats are next?
·      Is it best to make major decisions with my money and my assets?
·      What is the government REALLY preparing with Jade Helm? 
·      What is CERN’s impact on weather, electronics, markets, and more?
·      Have you noticed any unusual health changes or new awareness?

This is an important follow-up show that we had with Dr. Simon in early May 2015 on this subject.  Don’t miss the chance to get “in the know” so you can move through this incredible shift successfully.
About Dr. Simon
Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc is doctor of climate science, macroeconomist, thought leader, author, natural health advocate, and a prediction expert in Planetary Risk Management and Societal Innovation. Dr. Simon is known around the world for his passion, forecast accuracy, entertainment, and motivation to deliver positive change.  His futuristic yet clear details provide mechanisms to better gauge the hazards in our rapidly morphing world. 


Simon’s Business & Scientific Focus Global Climate Shifts; Planetary Hotspot Threats; Futurist Prediction Impacts To Economies, Industries, Societies & Environments; Black Swan Risk Assessment; Customized Agribusiness Strategies; Advanced Natural Healing & Energy Medicine.

Simon’s Niche Expertise The Interconnectedness & Prediction Of Risks, Impacts & Solutions Aligned To Decreasing Global Threats, and Increasing Sustainability, Water Conservation, Advanced Agribusiness, Entrepreneurial Innovation & Social Stability, Free Energy, Natural Health.

Dr. Simon Atkins January 2015 Predictions on Phoenix Rising

This is another fascinating interview with Dr. Simon Atkins from January 2015. It’s worth sharing and taking the time to listen. Dr. Atkins comes in around 28 minutes with 10 riveting prognostications.

Simon confirmed that it is not the presidents of countries like the USA and Russia who are in control—it is higher beings. Good for him for getting that out there. Also on the agenda —he said the governments are preparing to share this information that non-physical beings have always been present on the planet, etc.

Interesting that he said all the banksters who were suicided were killed by mind control. So that means throwing them off of buildings, nailguns to the head, drownings, etc. were to cover up the cause of death.

(1:40;00) Then he began talking about mind control “weapons of frequency” used for many generations; DARPA talks about the brain mapping plan; and a “black box” was used on protesters in Ferguson which basically shut the brain down and people simply fell to the ground. He said it is against the Geneva Convention to use that machine in America, and was then knocked off the air, but was able to come back and restated.

There’s your proof, folks, if you doubt the use of mind control. If it isn’t a viable and dangerous technology, it wouldn’t be covered in the Geneva Convention.

Next he said he is over 90% sure the Dinar will revalue in July, but first there must be a ‘currency realignment’. (I think that is what we are calling the Reset)

He said it will come out that Cannabis cures cancer and there are several health suggestions he made that some people may be interested in, as the frequencies cause complications. Earthing is really important—even if just for a few minutes a day.

His final prediction involved bank bail-ins. The Federal Reserve is complicit in bail-ins and says bail-ins are good and necessary. Simon predicts they will be coming in the US in 3rd or 4th Q of 2015. Well, THAT could be cause for civil unrest!

He recommended people take their assets out of the bank put them in a small safe from Costco, bolted to something immovable where you have access to it 24/7.

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