Peter Mt Shasta: Step By Step: Ascended Master Discourses

Discourses by the Ascended Masters on manifesting the I AM God Presence in daily life. This is a collection of talks channeled by a former staff member of the Saint Germain stgermain (2)Foundation after Mr. Ballard ascended in 1940. They were given to a small group of former student of the I AM Activity through the joint effort of Pearl Dorris and Robert LeFevre. The book has been edited to modernize the language and eliminate repetitious material by Pearl’s former student, Peter Mt. Shasta.

As well as giving rare information about the Laws of Life, the Principle of Oneness, the Seven Stages of Consciousness, how to invoke your own God Presence, and many other useful clues to mastery, reading the book invokes a tangible power containing a blessing from the Masters.

FREE BOOK as PDF, ePub, or Mobi file, by clicking link below. The Masters are the authors, and I am only the editor.

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About Peter Mt. Shasta

After traveling extensively in India and spending time with Ram Dass and his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, Peter visited Sathya Sai Baba, Anandamayi Ma, and other realized spiritual teachers, an adventure described in his book, “Search for the Guru.” On returning to the West in 1973, the ascended master Saint Germain materialized in front of him in a physical body and told him to go to Mount Shasta for instruction, as chronicled in his book, “Adventures of a Western Mystic: Apprentice to the Masters. There he met Pearl, who gave him training in calling God into action through applying the laws of the “I AM.” Through that training he was prepared for service with the Ascended Masters, and came into contact with the Masters known as Kuthumi Lal Singh and Morya El, who he also met in physical form. He has also traveled to Egypt, South America, and Tibet, and was a student of Tibetan Lamas, Trungpa Rinpoche and Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. He is now on retreat in the hills of upstate New York.

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