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thothPublished on May 31, 2014
Pantheon of Aeternam is the meeting point between the high gods of the pleroma and the human beings of earth. There is a divine plan and a high project of creation which involves both groups mentioned and what we try to accomplish is the coming of a new golden era on earth. With our teachings we want to restore truth and freedom and bring high growth for all human beings and their mother earth.The order Pantheon of Aeternam is open to all. There is no secret knowledge to be kept for the selected few, instead all wisdom should be revealed to all who are interested in becoming truth. This is an important time and we all have to support earth and restore her to the most graceful expression of herself, her golden age.

Listen to our words and be happy that you are part of a high divine plan of growth and expansion.

We are working with earth but we also want to work with every individual on this planet and plant the seed of renewal and greatness.

There are many ways to get involved in the order, the most obvious one is to study our teachings and share them with others. You can decide if you want our teachings to become a compass for your life and growth.

Another way of involvement in the order is to find a way, your own way, to support our community and our messengers.

Being part of the order is to directly get our teachings through our messengers and become a teacher yourself, planting the seeds of knowledge and make them grow and by building communities of truth and freedom, that can support every human being in order to recognise his/hers unique path. Earth should breath again the air of freedom and you can help by celebrating the grace in you.

For more information about the order, or becoming a member please contact us on our e-mail,

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