Our World is Morphing… Did You Miss It? Karen Macdonald on Bases Interview [video]


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If you despair that nothing is changing on our planet, you will learn in a hurry that MUCH has changed—we just didn’t hear about it yet.

Miles Johnston chats with Karen MacDonald in Canada and when they were done, it was plain to me that massive change has already taken place. Very quietly—and that where some have suggested we could go—some have already gone!

Karen can’t talk fast enough to share everything she wants to say and Miles does a good job of asking questions to clarify what she is relating.

Karen is a former neonatal nurse, a healer with fingers in many pies, has personal experience with usurpers on her land, and is well aware of and a steward of many, many aspects involving key issues we are intending to modify for our new world.

I was astonished by Karen’s healing work as a medical intuitive and empath with various high-tech machines, essential oils, salts, auras, energetic signature, etc. because I was unaware anyone had taken healing to this level with technology, massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy—80 modalities! Talk about a medical over-achiever.

This interview was one of the most exciting discussions I’ve heard lately because it heralds the great promise of our future. We are on the very threshold of a massive shift in thinking and BEing.

It’s very encouraging to say the least and Karen is a true inspiration. We just need to get out of our own way and open our minds; to WANT to make the leap to a new reality and stop clinging to the old ways.

There is hardly a timely topic they fail to discuss, including AI, extraterrestrials, satanic pedophilia, corrupt law enforcement, free energy, Kirlian photography… you name it.

Karen doesn’t engage in commerce. She doesn’t exchange money. Period. She is a living example of where we are going, and proof that it can indeed be done if we can just open our minds.

She’s living years ahead of most of us, and she is FEARLESS. It’s obvious to me that she has achieved a significantly higher vibration and might be living in a higher plane already. She certainly raised MY vibration.

I recommend you listen to the whole interview and have a pen and paper or Wordpad open because she gives lots of websites and tips for what to take to alkalize your body, detoxify, etc.

Thank you Karen and Miles for this, and thank you to the reader who shared this link.   ~ BP

Bases 47 Part 1 Her Grace Karen Macdonald

Published on Sep 28, 2015

In what is one of the most detailed and advanced interviews to date, Her Grace Karen Macdonald gives a wide and highly detailed first interview. Via Skype from Canada, near one of Canada’s big DUMB bases, and not far from Nelson, which Karen confirms James Casbolt’s story.

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