Zaraya comments on a just-found shield around Earth, 7200 miles up. Zorra later confirms its construction – Object 3 times size of Saturn? Zaraya confirms: “It is a huge mothership, just arriving.” – US continues to block RV; Anne reads plea to Prime Creator – Zorra later confirms Prime Creator’s receipt of plea and “will act on  it.” –  Is Obama really exiled in China? – Obama’s recent 2 Executive Orders? True? – Do Obama and General Ham discuss new government together? – WHERE was Obama’s recent White House speech filmed? – Info on General Ham and Galactics – Results of 72-hour UN and White House meetings with Prime Creator?  Disclosure update? What is Sananda doing? New Jerusalem (“Venus”) moved to Eastern sky! – Zorra’s friends, the Mer people and more visibility –  How captive whales will be released – New listener wants RV info – Mike Quinsey said “city of light” over Sedona soon to be visible? “It is a camaflauged vessel – so is city above Mt Shasta.” Will New Jerusalem land in Singapore? – International Soul/Laminine orders can use this US address - What happens to us after Disclosure?  Where are white and blue aero ships from? Our % of consciousness now? What needed for tipping point? Bible questions. Trees communicate worldwide? Don’t kill a tree for Christmas!  HEALING PULSE.–cities-of-light–galactic-arrivals

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