Notes from Transpicuous News June 10 on Jade Helm & OPPT

Isis: All I know is that keep calm, meditate, be positive, and do good – the deceivers cannot survive/stay “not being exposed” in these energies. There are bigger forces involved in this end of the darkness/cabal on this planet…

Dani  Arnold-McKenny

Dani felt compelled to look into Jade Helm because as we all know, SOMETHING is going on—we just don’t know what.

Lisa Harrison joined her later on and they shared some riveting information about their personal experiences working with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on the OPPT (One People’s Public Trust) debacle.

Jade Helm 15

As far as Jade Helm goes she categorized the possibilities into six areas based on her research and personal take on things.

1. She feels the martial law takeover resonates least.

2. The possibility of having troops in place to control the masses in the event of a financial collapse when banks are closed, cards don’t work and people have no cash or access to it.

3. Major disaster is what Dani felt is the most feasible due to all the circumstantial evidence we have shared here; earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, activity at Yellowstone, West Coast, New Madrid Fault Line.

Also, the army seems to be preparing for something, has survival kits, and they put out ads looking for civilians to round out the effort to create a “total army” which may extend up to 4 years to aid in disaster-stricken areas of the US.

4. It’s possible the positive military is in place to arrest the cabal.

5. She threw this in, tongue-in-cheek; the aliens are coming. She says some websites are claiming this is what it’s about. (I said that disclosure might be a possibility, but I don’t believe that is it. ~ BP)

6. It’s probably deliberate fear porn and disinfo; a distraction in the alternative media.

She agrees that we’ll just have to wait and see.

Since we don’t know what will happen, Dani did encourage us to prepare a BOB—Bug out Bag, and have a list of essentials in it, such as first aid, meds, hand crank radio, and to know where important documents are ie. identification cards, passport, birth certificate, etc. so they are accessible in a moment, and also perhaps a treasured item such as a photo album.

Lisa M. Harrison

One People’s Public Trust & Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

I heard that things went bad with the OPPT and at this point Dani and Lisa feel that the truth needs to be told NOW because there is a chance that the documentation and filings done that were supposedly in favour of Humanity, may be the opposite.

The date June 15 seems to be a significant one for many reasons, and they are concerned that the powers-that-were may be using the filings to enslave us. It may be nothing, they said, but just in case, they want us to be aware.

Based on what Thomas Williams revealed yesterday on Drake’s show, I don’t believe we need to worry—but I don’t trust those globalists until they are all completely removed from the planet.

One of the most important things that came out of the discussion for me, was that these two “leading women” came forward and admitted that they had been deceived by Heather and others; totally taken in by the rhetoric and the momentum of the work they were doing.

I was personally put at ease by Heather’s “energy” and the fact that it wasn’t about money, but the language bothered me. It was awkward and unnatural, but because it was all about love and forgiveness, I didn’t give it too much thought.

I think the lesson I learned is that we cannot tell from someone’s energy or demeanor if they are a positive or negative force, or trustworthy. There are some great actors out there.

I also considered the company Heather kept, and believed that if the mission wasn’t a good one for Humanity, that Dani, Bill, Lisa, etc. wouldn’t have been involved. Mistake number two. Any one of us can be deceived.

Interesting to note that Drake wasn’t deceived for one moment and stuck to his guns.

Regardless, well done, ladies, and thank you for your candour. You put your egos aside and did what you felt was best for us all and I appreciate that.  ~ BP

Here is the link to that program.

“Transpicuous News, June 10th: Notice has been given”

First up, I want to give out a HUGE thank you to Biggi at CCN for working all night so that the video of last nights Transpicuous News Special Report would be available to the public this morning.

Last night on Transpicuous News, I put out a double special report. The first part of the show dealt with Jade Helm, and taking a close look at the various scenarios that people are attributing to what’s actually going on.

The Second special report dealt with looking back into the OPPT UCC filings… Lisa Harrison joined me for this and we dug deep to bring forward the information that we have gathered over the past several months, compared it with the many conversations we’ve had with various players, and connected the dots that have jumped out.

This is Notice.

Interview between Sacha Stone and Heather Tucci JarrafPosted: 10 Jun 2015 06:06 PM PDT

Here is the interview between Heather and Sacha.

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