NESARA NEWS- Aug 8/2014

Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative


Mass Arrests

by Former White Hat

The mass arrests of criminal bankers and politicians may occur in the next few days, next week, or soon…

This is the word going around…please do not re-post with, “FWH Says Mass Arrests to Happen Now,” or something, because my intel is not complete and the real times are being kept underwrap.

There will be a 24 hour prior notice.

Some have asked, “Why alert the bad guys and give them time to run?”  Keep in mind the Uncompormised White Hats want them to run, want them to try to transfer money out of the USA and head for the airport — they will be easier to catch and their fleeing will point to their guilt. Inevitably one or three will get away, have an undetected mode of transport (submarine, time portal access, etc), pay off certain people to slip through, but they will be tracked down when their underlings begin to sing, and believe me, there will be dozens of lower level operatives that will talk (like Timothy Geithner did) in exchange for immunity or lighter sentences.

Now, with Obama Clones #1-2 in Colombia…there does exist a U.S.-Colombia Extradiction Treaty of 1982, but is specific to drug and sex traffficers…could the Obama Clone claim asylum, political exile if the says it is an illegal military coup? And with Clone #3 in hiding under the Denver Airport, and the Airport sealed off by Cabal military units loyal to Obama…could be a mess.

Source: NESARA




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