Sept 15 2017

“Autumn approaches with a Change of Seasonings to Touch each taste bud, nostril, ear & eye Creating Sweet Ecstasies.

1st we have NESARA ANNOUNCED & Release from debt, Sharing Financial Freedom with the World as GESARA follows closely.

Then we have Suppressed Technologies by the 1,000s in a month or 2 (even with delays) as we grow Lovingly younger +++

Disclosure will follow in about 3 to 6/8 months depending on Humanity’s Progress, & Light Chambers 14-16 months to 3yrs.

Before First Contact we will meet the Agarthans & possibly visit Inner Earth if that is Our Inner Intention declared quietly.

First Contact will follow Disclosure again depending on the Receptivity of Humanity, the time will vary as Comfort Reigns.

All toll it will take about 2 to 4 yrs. until Our Ascension in the Metamorphic chambers of Light to Inner Earth, Venus, Mars
& Pax. Plus as I remember it, about 15% will be returning to their Native Star Systems, Local Galaxies and Universes…

There will be Waves of Prosperity, Humanitarian Projects & Hi Tech to learn Instantly…whatever we choose.

This We Insure as We Call on the Golden Grace of Ishvara, Our Almighty Merciful Father & Mother Love.

The Grace is always there & We Can pray thru It or Meditate in it, Manifesting Our Deep Intentions.


I Call on You To Ask & Receive the Grace of Ishvara Daily Until NESARA ACTIVATES SWEET SUCCESS.

The Grace is There for yoU, a Great Gift Filled with Endless Bounties for Our Mutual Benefits.

You can meditate in The Grace each day or after Your Meditation on NESARA & ALL YOU DESIRE…

We have an Opportunity to Enrich the World & Ourselves as we embibe the Many Changes.

And It’s not Really about Wealth or Hi Tech as it is about What We Are Now Becoming.

A New Integrated Specific that has never existed before made of the Light and darkness.

This is Why Gaia & this Star System will become the Show Place of this Our Universe.

We are the Prototypes of the New Light ready to Engulf Relativity in a Magical Magnificence.

Our Focus is the Fuel of Higher & Greater Realities Manifesting, as We Tune Up Up Up to Lockem in noW,”

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