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Rique Seraphico11:23am Dec 21

Best Xmas Gift Ever! Rique Seraphico’s “Mysterious Spheres” 432Hz & 440Hz CD Digital Download – UFO/ Spiritual Uplifting Music.

It is that time of year again amigos, Xmas is upon us, time to reach out to your hearts and be charitable! True spirituality is all about a healthy balance, between Material And Spirit, receiving, but also GIVING!

For all of you that feel I have somehow contributed to your lives and our Light cause, this is a great opportunity to show your gratitude and help me continue doing my work, suporting my music.

The Mysterious Spheres CD ranks as one of the best albums in its category, having won a prestigious award in the UK, in 2002, it is my best work to date, a great album, which I am very proud of and can be yours too!

To support my music, simply go to my Pay Pal (account name and purchase my CD, U$15.00 for one link (440 Hz or 432 Hz), U$20.00 (for Both versions).

A link(s) will be send to you to download the entire CD (it takes approx 5 minutes). If you cannot afford this much (or feel like giving out more), please donate anything you can. Your love and help are much needed and appreciated! Thank You for being there for me too!

PS When making payment on Pay Pal please select “Service” (as opposed to “Donation”, as Pay Pal Brazil does NOT accept Donations!). For enquiry, and other forms of payment, please contact me on my inbox (or email, same as Pay Pal’s account).

Much Love & Light, Happy Xmas to you all!

Victory Of The Light!

Rique Seraphico

The CD comprises of 12 Instrumental tracks (+ bonus track & CD covers and poster pictures).

Below you can find an MP3 medley I have put together showcasing the CD’s music (this medley is available as a bonus track).

Rique Seraphico’s Mysterious Spheres Medley (UFO Music). Copyright 2000 (UK). Music Taken from the Award winning CD, entitled Mysterious Spheres.


Talk UFO (UFO Data) – (Edited) Radio Show Featuring the Music of Rique Seraphico (Mysterious Spheres Medley music & CD comments).

Soundcloud Link:

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