Hypnosis and its positive effects

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Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness  beyond the ordinary, where the concentration, imagination and senses are heightened, and the mind is most receptive to suggestions. You are always in complete control during each session of hypnosis. If you meditate, you are already used to get in a hypnosis state. In meditation, you go wherever the meditation takes you. In a guided meditation session (hypnosis), you are guided to experience a past life. Hypnotherapy is a dramatic and rapid intervention system that reshapes your feelings of competence and self esteem necessary in solving a wide range of problems. One purpose of hypnotherapy is to restore complete control of individual lives through relaxation and by eliminating stress.

cropped-sphynx-egypt-sphinx-starry-sky-free-1127408 Hypnotherapy is for every person who wants a touch of self-discovery, personal development, optimization strategies to deal effectively with stress, improving communication skills, and personal problem solving. The hypnotherapy process is very relaxing. Once you are in this state of deep relaxation, you are able to remember the past with ease, clarity and confidence. You can also get clarification and understanding of issues from a perspective of truth and justice. Hypnotherapy is a cheaper alternative, painless, without drugs and without side effects. Meditating will help you have a successful hypnotherapy session. I recommend to start with the Holosync Solution Awakening Prologue. I use the The Holosync Solution Awakening Prologue – 3 CD Set for years. Did you ever struggle with meditating or getting in a meditation state. Well, these  Holosync CDs put you in few seconds, in a Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing state. It also helps you heal and release traumas from this life and your past lives that keep from enjoying your full potential in this life. Enjoy ! Isis :-)

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