Mini Update: Gonzales Meets with New Breakaway Civilization Council, Galactic Wave X, Corey’s Post Surgery Recovery | Corey GoodETxSG

I am doing my best to catch up on all the events of the past week. Corey had another surgery and is recovering. Lt. Col Gonzales has apparently met with a newly formed Breakaway Civilization Council, and a report will be produced when he is able.

As a note: Please try to have patience with him in posting updates, he is a full time father and is recovering from a painful surgery. Thankfully nearly everyone is very supportive on this score.

On a personal note, Julian’s transition into spirit was a huge disruption in my life, and while I am actively infusing love and healing into all aspects of this experience, it requires time and energy to do so. I am sure once Corey has the time to produce a report he will, in the mean time we can go within and do our own spiritual work of practicing forgiveness and raising our vibrations. If your life is like mine, there’s plenty to keep us busy on that score.

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey’s text in black.

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Personal thank you: I want to thank all those who have sent well wishes and their love to me during this time of Julian’s transition into spirit. If it wasn’t for the support of all those loving souls who shared their experiences I am not sure if I could have made it through. Thankfully due to a dedicated practice of forgiveness and transmuting, I feel joy when remembering Julian and his life. Everyone who sent love and support helped make that possible, and I am eternally grateful.

- Justin

Facebook Update (August 28th 2:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance UN/Vatican are moving ahead with partial disclosure plans in hopes that a “Full Disclosure Event” can be averted or at least pushed down the timeline a bit. They are now willing to admit the existence of Non-Terrestrials but are desperate to keep their crimes against humanity hidden for another generation.

I do not understand how they think it is possible, but they think if they control the disclosure narrative and get people talking about the subject on their terms that they will be able to manipulate society once again.
Whether this will be allowed is largely in our hands. I for one believe it is time for full disclosure so we can begin to move on a post disclosure civilization. They are negotiating heavily in the background however to control the narrative (For OUR own goods of course) of disclosure on their terms.
Alien Integration  and Vatican

On August 10, the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) released a video showing an extraterrestrial child being integrated into a normal human classroom. The video shows the child initially being mocked, and then accepted after he uses advanced psychic abilities to levitate actors in a school play. The video was released in Chile, and has to date generated over seven million views. What earlier alternative media coverage of the video missed is the Vatican’s involvement through an organization founded by Pope Francis, which is sponsoring the UNICEF attempt to change the way children are educated. This suggests a direct link between the Vatican and a secret United Nations effort to integrate extraterrestrial life into human society.

Upon the video’s release on Facebook, UNICEF Chile announced: “Knowing someone else is a great opportunity to live valuable experiences. Say yes to integration!”

While UNICEF is depicting the video as an effort to have children accept those who are physically different to them, to reduce incidents of violence, the video’s use of an alien starchild suggests a far more compelling explanation. The real purpose is to prepare humanity to openly welcome and integrate extraterrestrial life.



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