Mike Harris 3-31-15 Interview with Ben Fulford

benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_53veterans_today_mike_harris_banner_7Man… this just “showed up”, at 4 AM, to my eyes, thanks toAlexandra!! So I have yet to listen to this, but I like Mike Harris (fromVT). I do not know how long Ben is on the show, but the total length is 2 hours.

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And here are some notes taken from this interview. Thanks to The Event Chronicle site for posting it.

(Stillness in the Storm) This is a full 2 hour interview with Ben going over a great deal. I decided to take a few notes, and included them below.

  • Khazarian Mafia History, Hyksos tribe and their Satanic Practices.
  • The Black Nobility’s root to the Caesars of Rome.
  • Hidden behind the scenes for thousands of years ruling with puppets in place.
  • Fibonacci, spent time in the middle east learning math. The Delbanco family began using the arabic math system for banking. They changed their name to Warburg later, and broke up into many factions
  • The Black Nobility trained Mohammed who founded Islam, as part of the grand P2 Masonic plan to unite into one world religion, using the Hegelian Dialectic.
  • Saudi royals, and the Israeli jews are from he Hyksos tribe.
  • They do not circumcise their males. Circumcision symbolically means that male is marked as a slave.
  • Japanese royals claim they are descended from Egypt, in their ancient writings.
  • German is a Hyksos based language, as a result of connecting them to a find from the mind 1950th century.
  • The Khazarian infiltrated Judaism.
  • Ben talks of his jewish heritage on his mothers side, and told not to read the Torah as child. Because she knew it was brainwashing.
  • Not all jews are part of the cabal, only a very small population,culled out of the population via various doorway groups.
  • They use bribes, propaganda and murder, to blackmail people into their control.
  • Yakuza said former prime minister of japan, was drugged and woke up with a dead prostitute next to him. They blackmailed him into changing the Japanese banking system.
  • (Mike Harris) How do the families put together business plans that take 200 to 300 years to implement?
  • (Ben) An A.I. that uses human minds like a the computer has been helping them. A P2 contact told ben, they were given a long term plan by ET’s, coordinated by the movements of celestial bodies, like marking points. When you are born into a family, you read these books, absorbing this knowledge. The knowledge system becomes an A.I. entity in its own right, becoming a god like figure, a group mind that transcends generations. [in Ben’s opinion]
  • The Japanese said the USA is run by the Rockefellers, by foundational societies and counsel round tables, a Hyksos technology.
  • They used charities to hide the money trail and their plans for the future.
  • Bush family is another faction.
  • The families are fighting amongst each other.
  • Families are contact ben with bonds they are trying to use in some way. With values of 10^60 dollars (1 with 60 zeros after it)
  • The Federal Reserve families used trickery and fancy money tricks to dupe the asian families, who now are wise to the scam.
  • Breakaway civilization is possible.
  • 6,000 suppressed patients for security reasons.
  • Secret Space Program seems plausible given the data.
  • ET’s may have quarantined the Earth to keep these wackos from spreading.
  • Hyksos contact with ETs? He heard a story from someone he met, who claimed to have her whom genetically modified by giant humans.
  • Babylon’s dragon creatures claimed by Black Family legend. Ben says it could just be myth to bolster their image.
  • Are any of the families trying to help? Ben, yes some of the families are trying to help. The economic system behind the idea for man made global warming was feasible, and showed promise. But bush royals squashed it.
  • We should try and work with the good families and stop the bad ones trying to start World War III.
  • Some of the bad factions are trying to force the biblical cataclysm to happen.
  • In the UK there is heavy disclosure coming out about Satanism. This could mean the Hyksos are being routed out.
  • Italy, and Pope Francis, seems to be doing the same thing. He cleaned up the Vatican bank from bribry accounts.
  • The Resistance is located in a few centers, the Bush area in Colorado, Romney, is still a problem
  • The Saudi and Israeli Governments, as well as Japan, there are still Nazi factions.
  • Who are the not so bads? Ben, the Vatican had cleaned itself up, and the British Royals. The Pentagon whitehats should work with those people to clean up the bad areas.
  • Environmental Destruction? Ben, thankfully Fukushima is not spewing out radiation, I have tested this with my own gigarcounter. It seems like things are starting to be turned around.
  • The good families above, Ben proposed to them that we should team up to stop the destruction and round up the bad guys.
  • Humanities sense of morality is fairly dualistic, where we can condone violence in one situation and support it in another. This is part of the program, but some people may have some kind of mind controlling entity.
  • The Jews are brainwashed to think Goyam are inhuman and you can hate them, but they are very kind to each other.
  • Its part of the divide and conquer program for thousands of years.
  • As a people we need to unite under the common needs, for food, clean planet, peace. We don’t need to give up our identities.
  • We need to stop creating the justification for killing.
  • Russia and China are on the verge of re solidifying their
  • Bush posed a plan to reignite a Cold War over the Ukraine, between USA and Russia.
  • Russia would suddenly turn against china, and everyone would follow them, and China would be split into 6 countries.
  • But the plan didn’t work. Even though there are factions in Russia trying to make it happen.
  • But its not working.
  • AIIB is an indication of them not wanting to work with the Fed system of Bush and Rockefeller.
  • P2 Lodge says they were behind Communism, the bogus version.
  • Russia was at one point under the Rule of the Mongols
  • When a chinese dynasty falls out of power, the old royal family uses all their accumulated financial wealth to influence affairs.
  • In Japan there are the Hyksos Occupiers, and then there are the Clans, in each region.
  • What are the Dragon Societies? Ben, When the Bushes took over, and I read the Project for a New American Century, and trying to spread bio weapons. I warned the Asians.
  • I was invited to join the Red and Green Society, that has roots as far as Iran.
  • Before China was unified under the Hans dynasty, a tattooed man ran the show, and he came up with a lot of the ideas that are found in Christianity.
  • But when Han took over they broke up into 3 families, and thats the origin of one of these groups.
  • Then there is Ming, the agriculturalists. They are behind another one.
  • These groups ask me to find the American secret societies.
  • White Dragon Society people are all these people from groups that existed before the freemasons and these western groups. These are the western allies to the Red and Blue Societies.
  • The people who gathered at the White Horse Inn in the UK, who wanted to translate the bible into english, so they wouldn’t have to rely on the Vatican. This is the story of the king James Bible, and the WDS helped this effort.
  • Dragon Family from Singapore includes the Merovingian western kings too.
  • Martial Arts groups set up by the Black Dragon Society, part of this big plan to take down the west when the time was right.
  • They were aware of Hitlers plan to enslave and destroy the non white races.
  • Ben’s grandfather has a white dragon shrine in his old factory in china, he’s not sure what the connection is.
  • There are many martial arts groups on board to end the insanity and make actions, but they have to be the right actions, no shooting from the hip.
  • Because of a disagreement with the old financial system, no new money is being made.
  • The secret controllers say the new system has to be backed by something.
  • Ben is presently involved in trying to unplug the financial system and settle the dispute to move these big projects forward.
  • We should look at Singapore and their model using an Economic Planning Agency for regional areas managing resources properly and fairly.
  • We don’t need to destroy all the old systems, just get the crazies out of the drivers seat, and use them for good, if they can be.
  • Gnostic Illuminati believe the world is so horrible that the original creator must be bad, and they want to install their god Lucifer in his place.
  • But all these families are not able to create major chaos, just delay the inevitable.
  • The Fortune 500 Companies are run almost entirely by the Rockefellers.
  • David Zuckerberg of Facebook, is the grandson of David Rockefeller.
  • We need to break up these massive financial cartal institutions. All the worlds wealth is being syphoned away with bogus debt, a Jubilee is needed to restart.
  • A central bank that is actually owned by the people, instead of these pirates, can be used honestly to restore the wealth of each nation.
  • These banking families have so much wealth its beyond imagination. 0.01% of the population has most of the wealth. A very small population running the show.
  • Giving everyone a cut of the returned assets all at once won’t help because the value would decrease. Look at Norway where everyone is rich.
  • Identifying the Stolen wealth is easy.
  • What are we supposed to do with all the Cabal members, their trained minions and the well trained slaves?
  • Ben, we need to reeducate humanity, the truth about the world needs to be revealed in a big way, so we can move on and know that we all have a common history and purpose.
  • There is a lot of work to do, but its going to be very liberating and enlightening.
  • Right now people don’t have a lot of time due to the debt slavery, but soon things will get easier and people will have time to live happier productive lives. Not just the rich.
  • We need to bridge the economic divide, there is plenty for everyone.
  • But we need to install some type of intermediary system while humanity heals and comes of age.
  • In this system we need, Freedom of the Press, a Meritocratic system, composed of any walk of life, based on their skills not on their family line or bank account like today.
  • The ancient traditional families need to merge with the new way.
  • We need to stay vigilant, and have secret organizations to keep an eye on things and make sure we don’t have another Hyksos take over.
  • US needs to issue its own national currency, get away from the FRN. The UN Hyksos organization needs to be replaced by a real peace keeping force.
  • No more colonization, for anyone.
  • Internationally there will be WDS money flowing, but the US needs the green back again.

Ben’s Closing Thoughts

  • We have not been in charge of creating our own future, and now we’re suddenly going ot be set free.
  • What is the world we want to make? And how can we practically make it happen.
  • But before that we need to clean up the earth, of the Hyksos, our own minds, and the environment.
  • Nice to have a big ceremony, with the end of the old and the start of the new.
  • Use these crazy Blue Beam technologies to have a big show, all over the world.
  • These systems of control are so ancient, we really need to look at what we value, and see if it’s serving us.
  • The Gregorian Calendar is one example.
  • This is a good chance to reset, and have a fresh start.
  • We need to ask ourselves what system do we want to create, and how can we make it fair and honorable.
  • What is really happening out there? Is our reality a digital simulation? If thats true we maybe able to ‘re-write’ the operating system, and change the way we think about everything.
  • Once we really know about all these deeply hidden truths, we are going to see an explosion of growth and development in humanity.
  • We’re on the verge of that shift now, a nuclear explosion of consciousness expansion. No sure how quickly it will happen, but sure it will.
  • We can achieve immortality on this planet, the technology and knowledge exists.
  • So much is going to change for what we think we can do.

Source: Veterans Today Radio
Via: Stillness in the Storm


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