Messages from the Star People via Tolec, Julien Wells, Sherry Wilde & Raymond Kosulandich

Thanks to BP.

I finally listened to the whole Diamonds show with Elizabeth Diamond and it was a fantastic 3+ hours, I must say.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for bringing these four together, and thank you to these wonderful messengers.

What did they talk about? They were all over the map, but it was mostly about the relationships these four people have with “their star people” and the messages they transmit.

What I really like is when they connect with them in real time and tell us what they are saying, but not only that—they describe their appearance and even their clothing and what planet or star system they are from as well as their positions and areas of expertise.

Here are a few things discussed:

There is a lot of confusion around “dimensions”; where they begin and end. Actually they overlap.

People are also confused about our impending upgrade. That’s apparent if you’ve been reading about it for a few years and rarely hear the same version of what to expect more than once or twice. There’s a lot of disinfo and misunderstanding.

Angelics were discussed, as to what they really are.

Tolec was honoured and held in high esteem by the others and he and the Andromeda Council thanked for their guidance and inspiration.

Closing messages from the star guides were that everything is going to be okay for Earth and her peoples. When we transition we won’t even realize it. It will be momentary and it’s nothing to worry about.

They said don’t be afraid, and remind us that we fought and petitioned to be the ones here at this time and we need to relax and enjoy every moment because the journey is not like a trip from New York to L.A. This IS the ascension. And they sent their love.  ~ BP

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