Message from James Gilliland 5-19-16… “Pacific Rim Rocking and Rolling”

Well, very much related to this recent Kp message, James sent this out via email today. And I concur. But not in a “Be afraid be very afraid” kind of way (as the included Infowars link would (apparently) want you to be).

Some may wish to read the latest Matthew message to get some balanced insights into “earth changes”.

Yes, “the Energies” are coming in, Galactically, cosmically, and, hopefully for each in their own way, comically… I mean, come on… we’re intended to enjoy this ride (dammit!!!)!!


Pacific Rim Rocking and Rolling

We have been feeling something big on the horizon. The weather is off, Earth is absorbing more energy from external sources than ever before. She is about to bust loose in her expansion process. These energies are also affecting human consciousness creating not just physical but social and economic changes. People are fed up with the status quo.

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