“Men of Renown”

Issue #74  November 15, 2017

“Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day… where is the US/Paris Agreement announcement, so they can release the RV our way.”


That’s what Trump was supposed to speak today today in the Rose Garden… even said he was going to make a major announcement, twice, before leaving Asia.


Yet we got bupkis here in the US.


Instead, we got tanks in front of Zimbabwe’s Royal Blue Palace yesterday morning, gunshots around the capital of Harare and their national broadcasting station raided.


All planned, but still—scared the crap out of me.


It wasn’t a coup d’etat as it turns out, but it was a cleansing of President Robert Mugabe’s mortal enemies made to look like a coup, just to see who would go against him and his wife, as she will be running the country upon his death.


Remember he’s 93 and sporting a hidden colostomy bag as an accessory.




This was also to be the moment when the world was told about the RV and it was scheduled to begin… it didn’t.  Pump faked again.


Maybe one final purge before the RV is brought forward today?  Let us pray.


We now know there 17 inditements (not 700) sealed and waiting to appreend political operatives in D.C..


One of them for Trump mind you.  And he knows this mind you.  Another we’re hearing is for VP Mike Pence. [use discernment]


That’s why Paul Ryan was scheduled for a town hall meeting last night on Fox in primetime 6pm EDT.  But again, nothing came of it.


Great pump fake.  Had me.


Upon further reflection, Zimbabwe’s coming of age story reminds me of two movies, one old (Coming to America) and one new (Dark Panther)… see repective trailers below… both are not so subtle suggestions of the wealth housed in Zimbabwe as well as the role of African Sovereign Royals as it relates to the natural resources used to collateralize our  shiny new digital currencies.


Coming to America



Dark Panther



What everyone in this GCR/RV vortex needs to understand is that there are two very diometrically opposed ancient sovereign bloodlines currently transferring power and control of the earth—not just finances.


So much so, a third bloodline which genetic interests somewhere between the Anglo and African races (Mongolian or Asian Sovereigns) have stepped into mix to support an entirely new and improved human exeperience at just the right time in our species’ evolutionary history.


Back in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference, the Asians allowed the  Anglos to have a small portion of the global collateral accounts letting them think they had sided with their grand vision of the future… but this was not so… they actually baited them into the current catastrophy we found ourselves back in 2008, which took ten short years to rectify and reverse into the direction we now find ourselves in with Africa back in control of humanity (or the vaunted regime of dark skinned hu-man race … aka soulful beings of color).


All three races are creations of the same genetic modifiers known as the Anunnaki… or Men of Renown in the bible… as they are responsible for evolving all forms of the human race out of Cro-Magnon origins combined with extra terrestrial genetics to create modern humanity.

But wait there’s more…


This said, there were several other species of beings foreign to earth that simultaneously invaded our planet in the last few thousand years and began infiltrating their genetics with our three major Annunaki created races, families, cultures and religions worldwide… they are known as the “cabal” because their reptilian origins are intentionally kept hidden as they actually come from the Orion Constellation and have enslaved humanity for their purposes.


They have a reptilian brain and agenda, with humanoid appearance, but no soul and why their actions are so psychopathic.

But enough about John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the vast majority of Congress and every Senator.


These scaled “illuminated” reptilians like to mark their territory with the familiar 60 degree triangle on three sides logo.  This is why their known as pyramid people.

Now before you throw old Yosef under the bus, understand maybe this is exactly why the ZIM has such incredibly high value, yet appearing so impoverished to the naked eye.


They hate us—and organic humans the most—which are Negroid skulled humans or native Africans.


These same reptilians never wanted true humans to know their true value, let alone where the earth’s great riches were stored and who actually controlled them, let alone what our real genetic history was as a collective manipulated species.


Such disclosures would surely cause great upset the world over, and why everything surrounding the reveal of such foreign beings in control of the earth and humanity, including extra terrestrials infiltrating multiple human races genetically, cultures and religions has been kept so hush-hush… even ridiculed as crazy conspiracy when brought forward.m


Yet the truth is right there for anyone with eyes to see and a heart big enough to ponder.


The bad aliens certainly don’t want anyone to know their agenda, and the good aliens always preferred a slow, long, patient, loving runway of truth telling for humanity to ease into their real history.


Thus why were allowed to be unconditioned slowly from our slavery, and made to believe they were gaining freedoms over several hundred years.


However, when is the right time to let people in on the truth of their captivity?   Seriously, when?  Ten years?  Twenty?  Fifty?  One hundred?  Now?


Trump isn’t human, folks, never was, but his cloned image is actually working for the good guys now.  Ironic given how horrible he was throughout his life, an agent of enslavement of the highest alien species order—a reptilian prince.


Know every American president has been an extra terrestrial reptilian.  Including Obama… who began as bad, but was converted to Good in 2014 (remember the  famous tan suit… dark to light… wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


Don’t agree with this assessment?


What’s your explanation for what we are witnessing now?  Random chance?  Organic machinations from immoral leaders?


Come on.  That’s way too easy.  In factC what the cabal has always wanted us to believe.  Normal is as normal does.  Don’t question the insanity, just keep living your life.  There’s nothing to see here.  Please disperse.


But something ain’t right.  It just ain’t.  Yet there’s a sense that the swamp is really getting drained somehow.


Me hopes this is so.


That’s what the Real Truth’s “Fischer” could never tell Dinarland … because he was monitoring our level of understanding knowing all about the reptilian agenda and upcoming disclosure protocol.


I’m told now the lid is really off the cookie jar now… and GESARA is the gateway to all past truths flowing out…. human or otherwise… full frontal disclosure if you will.


Which doesn’t create arrests per se, but does create a mass alien exodus off the earth, including from inner earth where the Draco reptilian species has lived for many thousands of years.


They enter the atmosphere from either the North or South pole, or through ocean floors, flying into a hollow cavern like tunnels inside the earth’s surface leading to a sustainable inner world called Argartha.


Lord of the Rings in real life, in fact every such far out “sci-fi” movie/book series basically explain multiple extra terrestrial life forms being “of earth” at different disclosure levels, as there are nearly two dozen different alien beings living and surviving either on the surface of the earth or underground in Agartha.


FYI: nearly every sci-fi intellectual property ever made has been done to reveal truths about the hidden relationship between humanity and extra terrestrial beings… if you’re paying awakened attention.


Which most are not.  Way too much going on in their daily lives to notice that they are but mind controlled slaves to a foreign race not of the earth.


Hilarious stuff.  Pass the water bong, Cheech.


Certainly the prospect of unprecedented financial gain sure got your attention with the currencies… but only if you understand the deeper meaning as to how and why such a ‘revaluation’ is even necessary can you possibly hold onto the vibration that accompanies new higher consciousness responsibility (aka the definition of being a sovereign citizen).


Overnight, you and your family become stewards of the planet / species as benevolent way-seers of both humanity’s future and historians of our collective imprisoned past.


Like it or not.


You become Sovereign Elders for a lesser quality term, as people who has lived through the great transition from dark to light, enslavement to liberty, lower to higher consciousness.


Sure you want to redeem those bizarre looking little ZIM notes now?


Maybe even travel off earth and live say 3,500 plus years at the age of 26?


How about letting your children inter-terrestrial marry and reproduce telepathic lizards?


I know, I know… Yosef you done lost your Anglo mind.  This is madness from a madman.


Yeah, well, you’re probably right.  I like to claim I’m normal, but honestly… I’m not.


Yet what if I told you I may also be dead spot on?  What then?  Check please?


Would you accept the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Probably not for most.  Maybe a few.  Maybe.


What a shitty RV union that would make, huh… me, Bewdah, Showme and a 9 foot Nordic eating an entire Luau by ourselves.


Poi and pig for like ten lifetimes.


Yet this is the challenge of the day in my estimation… not the harvesting of money or management of it moving forward post RV … but grasping the rationale as to why we got it… reconciling what our culture and history really is versus what we have been taught… then reconstructing society from the top down instead of the ground up… ultimately meeting hard truths head on while lovingly getting everyone up to speed on what was once pure conspiracy but now just our shared reality.


The alternative is taking a much smaller amount during your historic redemption, enjoying your life as is… and simply waiting for the old 3D reality to phase out without participating in the formulation of a new 5D reality.


Stagnant versus sublime existence… those are your two choices being a ZIM redeemer IMHO.


Either way, you’re right.  Sobeit.


God is with us.

Source: https://www.humanangelservices.com/so/8L-1yfqE?cid=41d17fe3-cbc4-4128-bd88-4145fba816f2&region=c7725e54-9b02-41a0-96fd-ee7962d233eb#/main

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