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Very informative compilation from Stillness in the Storm site.

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Corey was at GaiamTV studios all week finishing another round of tapings for the Cosmic Disclosure show. Julian and I watched the 4 episodes that were available several days ago, and there were some interesting points revealed. Some of those points are covered in the below update.

There were some questions about the difference between Density and Dimensions which we offered an explanation for.

FYI – For those who are wondering if there was anything shared of major import, there was not in my view. Several points were covered in the post by Gregg Prescott: Commentary On: Corey Goode’s GaiamTV Interview And Voice Analysis which we presented our thoughts on.

See The Natural Law Basis of Harvest | The Spiritual Evolution of Gaia and All Who Dwell In the System of Sol for a conceptual analysis of these topics.If you do not already have a GaiamTV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

- Justin

Facebook Update (July 23rd 8:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Post from KP’s Blog: Note, there is a new link to sign up to Gaiam through that we will post later today. There is also an application you can download that also allows you to download episodes so you can watch them on your devices when ever you like with out streaming them. No worries of Internet connection issues or choppy connections etc…

KP’s Blog post below:
[Update: just corrected the incorrect link for the image. Pardons for that.]
…and so I wanted to share my experience, and suggestions.
Here’s a few points I discovered.
  • If you use the link that Corey gave ( you still get the offer of the first month for $0.99.
  • After that it becomes $9.99 per month. You can save 20% if you pay for a full year.
  • Credit card or PayPal may be used for payment.
  • I found the “Standard” player was too choppy, so if this happens to you, go to account settings and change to the “Legacy” player (now the viewing on my computer is smooth and chop-free).
  • If one views these particular episodes “in the Raw” (without clothes), you very likely will receive a personal visit from Raw Tear Eir (the Blue Avian Corey has worked with) asking you to put your clothes back on. This depends on your body type, and what type of feathers you have.


Facebook Update (July 23rd 8:30am):
Sphere Being Alliance Are you feeling the establishments “Soft Disclosure” occurring a little bit every day? If not you aren’t looking hard enough. There is tons of life in our Solar System alone. What they are finding on Pluto and telling us about and the planets they are finding are all to prepare the sleeping masses for bigger announcements in the future. This of course is all data that they already know to be true through the SSP’s.Earth-Like Planets ‘Three Times More Likely’ In Milky Way Than Previously Thought
[We have been covering soft disclosure for sometime on the blog, and it goes far beyond the topics of space and exoplanets. Given that nearly every aspect of our lives is heavily controlled and influenced, nearly anything that is now hidden can be considered disclosure, and assuredly plays a part in opening our minds to the truth.
We recently posted an article by Grahm Hancock discussing a major archeological find in Indonesia: Rewriting History: Radio Carbon Dating Confirmed 26,000 Year Old Mysterious Ancient Pyramid In Gunung Padang, Indonesia]
Facebook Update (July 23rd 8:30am):

Depiction of a Blue Avian by Android Jones, as directed by Corey (click to enlarge a bit)

This was just too beautifully created to not post. This is a screen capture from the first hour of Cosmic Disclosure, and was created by digital artist Android Jones, in collaboration with Corey.
All I can say is (besides “Thank you CoreyDavid, and Android for this image!”) “This is not like any “bird being” I’ve ever seen!!
Gaiam TV link (with credit (support) given to Corey):
Corey’s Sphere Being Alliance Store:

Additional Commentary from Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance This is a very rough image that was later cleaned up by Android/Andrew. This is a raw image compared to what he has done with it since.

Facebook Update (July 23rd 9:30am):
Sphere Being Alliance I am extremely busy this week doing Gaiam TV video shoots for Cosmic Disclosure. I am unable to answer emails or phone calls at this time. I will be doing more updates that are detailed once I am back home.TY,
Corey/GoodETxSGLatest image of the “Blue Avian” created for the Cosmic Disclosure Show.


Since people are taking screen shots of the raw image from the Gaiam TV​ “Cosmic Disclosure” video I am posting the most up to date image.It can be zoomed in on to view areas of the Blue Avian closer [here is a more ‘zoom friendly’ version of the image]. More work is needed and this is not the final version. The “Eyes” are not quite perfect, they are too reddish brown and do not have the correct look to them yet. That will all be corrected once the artist is back in the country. A final image will be presented at a future date.I am finishing up the video shoot this week at Gaiam and already have my first meeting scheduled with the SSP Alliance Council since the huge falling out we had. I was contacted by Gonzales and given the meeting time. I will also be meeting with Raw-Teir-Eir.

I still need to write an update/article about those meetings and incidents and will also give an update about what occurs in this new round of meetings once I am back home and have had time to unwind a bit.

Stay tuned for more updates. In the mean time I hope you have enjoyed the video’s on Gaiam TV. I was extremely nervous the first couple of episodes but I do acclimate to speaking about these topics in the new environment with a crew and multiple camera’s after a short time.

Thank you for all of the moral support,

[Anyone notice Raw Tear Eir’s hand position? The right hand points up and the left hand points down, just like the Magician card in the Tarot deck:

We could write a book on the meaning of this symbolism. Generally, it symbolically depicts the second principle of Natural Law: Correspondence. In more modern parlance the terms Fractal, Self Similar or Holographic all describe this principle. “As it is in heaven so shall it be on Earth”]Related Decoding Fiction – Science of Meaning | As Above So Below (Fractal) Symbolism in Once Upon A Time TV Series
My comment on Corey’s website about this post:

Amazing. when i was watching the GaiamTV episode with this image, i felt a pang of rememberance, like i recognized the image from somewhere. Idk if thats just the impulse of my subjective desire to identify with the inspiring aspects of this narrative or if it reflects some level of ‘soul memory’ in relation to these beings. Im curious to know what other peoples reactions were.

A response to my comment:

I had the same pangs but more so when he talked about being trained as an I.E. And the LOC. but trust it man. pangs as you call them do not lie. And nothing happens for no reason. So with that said I would say that you should pursue the thought even more if you so choose. That’s what the goal is afterall. The pursuit of knowledge of self via the expansion of conciousness. As long as that’s your goal I can assure you that you won’t find any irrelevant information from any pangs you ever get

And my follow up response:

Indeed. I used to dismiss my thought stream as ‘mind chatter’ but the more aware I become and better able to reconcile the information I am receiving via all sources, the more I realize there is way more correlation going on. Lately, I’ve been having quasi precognitive experiences so often its become common place, especially when in the ‘trance like’ state which normal comes from watching/listening to videos.

Question about Density vs Dimension terminology:

Corey you mentioned they are from 6-9 density and we are in 3-4 density aren’t you referring to dimensions rather than Density There are 3 dimensions in each Density…

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance We will be going into the differences between Dimensions and Densities. They are NOT interchangeable terms as many think. They are not two terms that mean the same thing. This is something that has needed to be defined for some time as many make the mistake of using these terms incorrectly.

TY, Corey/GoodETxSG
[These terms are interchanged in various places on the internet but within physics there is a definitive difference.
Dimension is defined as:

a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height.

Whereas Density is defined as:

the degree of compactness of a substance.
a degree of consistency measured by the quantity of mass per unit volume.

The Law of One Material similarly defines density as the concentration of organization within a volume, but instead of mass per unit volume its consciousness per unit volume.

Dewey B. Larson who deduced the Reciprocal Systems Theory, definitively explaining the principles which organize the physical universe defines density as energetic expression organized in degree’s of compactness within a given space.

Without getting too complicated there are some basic examples we can think about that provide an understanding.

Dimensions we experience in life as up and down, left and right, forward and back – these are spacial dimensions, of which there are 3. These same spacial dimensions operate in all the seven densities described by the Law of One. The forward progression of time, within the space-time region of the universe is often labeled a ‘dimension’ but is more accurately described as a condition of frequency, that motion progresses as events in time. Since this progression happens at all points in space, it is a scalar or non directional quantity; not a dimension in a conventional sense. Conversely, speed has direction – you can move forward from one place to another along a directional line defined as a 3 dimensional vector quantity; inclination and declination.

Material Density, in everyday life can be found in concentrations of substances. For example, a beer has less alcohol then a shot of whiskey, per unit volume and therefore has more alcoholic density. Consciousness is what defines the so called densities of existence described in the Law of One and as it relates to where races like the Sphere Beings hail from. Here we would need to redefine life as a system of self organized motion, the body vehicle.

Using that definition, all things in the universe are alive, and fall into degree’s of consciousness density, increasing in complexity using additive principles. For example, the first density is composed of atomic and molecular orders of life. The second density is composed of unicellular and multicellular life, which uses first density life to make up the body vehicle. Therefore in second density there are 2 layers or fields of consciousness operating in the same system of motion: 1st density molecules, which are organized in their own right, and 2nd density cells further organizing the whole system. Finally in third density life, there is yet another layer of consciousness organizing the body vehicle; human consciousness. Again, 1st density molecules make up the bodies of the second density cells and tissue, which makes up the 3rd density body of a human being; 3 discrete fields of consciousness animating the system of motion known as the body.

Going one step further into 4th density, the Social Memory Complex of Earth, what we can probably think of as the spiritual and mindal presence of Gaia, infuses the ‘cells’ of her body, 4th density humans. The Law of One describes 4th density planets as containing all the preceding densities of life, yet organized differently. Using this additive model, it stands to reason that as density levels increase, more of the macrocosm directly influences the microcosm. Possibly 5th density life incorporates a star’s consciousness into the planet, and in turn the life on it. At every density there are more consciousness fields influencing the body vehicles or systems of motion enveloped by them.]

Facebook Update (July 23rd 11:00am):
It’s time for a disclosure of cosmic proportions.
Eons ago, celestial bodies began roaming the cosmos. Over 70 years ago, humans entered the cosmos as well. Now, we’re coming to understand humanity’s involvement and just how far down the wormhole it goes. With factual information backed by NASA (e.g., climate change, increased storms on Mars, evidence of water on Jupiter and Saturn), the evidence is growing for a cosmic shift in what we believe to be true.
Our solar system is changing. Can humanity prepare in time for this shift in consciousness?


Corey Goode is revealing to interviewer David Wilcock first-hand accounts of his 20 years on the inside of the secret space program (SSP). A courageous whistleblower, Goode recounts specific details of the five secret space programs, at least 22 genetic experiments that extraterrestrials are performing with humans, the spiritual component of ETs, and – most important of all – the critical message they are trying to send humankind.
Join Gaiam TV beginning July 21 for Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. In this exclusive series, you’ll be privy to the extraordinary changes already occurring as Earth makes its way through the galaxy.


There is evidence for the existence of humanity’s celestial presence and its coexistence with extraterrestrials. Goode explains many of them. In Cosmic Disclosure, Goode shares his own accounts of:
  • Civilization on the Moon
  • Intruder Intercept & Interrogation Program
  • The Five factions in the SSP
  • Earth Alliance vs Space Alliance
  • Blue Avians & consciousness
  • Breakaway civilizations throughout the galaxy
  • Project Solar Warden’s existence & purpose


An open-minded and fascinating account of life beyond earth, Goode also will explain the spiritual component of ascension as told to him by Sphere Beings. We as a species can’t get full access to the shift the SSP and Blue Avians are trying to share with us. Collectively, we’re just not ready. But, there are tools at our disposal to prepare us.
It’s time to break the wheel of karma and raise our vibration. Could this be the evolved version of the “Golden Age?”


In Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock you’ll meet the man whose accounts of the secret space programs deserve to be told. This is the story of Corey Goode, offered to you here on Gaiam TV.
Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ll be on the edge of your seat no matter what.
Check out his claims for yourself. Caution: May cause a shift in how you see your very existence!


Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. Plus, watch the first two episodes for free.


Facebook Update (July 23rd 11:00am):
[Another GaiamTV Q and A]
Gaiam TV gets an exclusive Q&A session with whistleblower Corey Goode, whose claims of a Secret Space Program are causing people to rethink what they’ve been told to believe. Corey will be appearing on Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock here on Gaiam TV.


Consider for a moment that we are driving and flying around in 18th and early 19th century technology that has been dressed up with the latest in known material science and electronics to make us feel we have advanced as a civilization.
Over the last century are we to believe there have been no advancements in these technologies? We are still burning fossil fuels after we so rapidly advanced from horses and buggies to the point of combustion engine locomotion in ground and air travel, as well as controlled explosions to reach low Earth orbit. But we’ve supposedly completely stalled in our development?
I would think we would find it more difficult to believe that we came so far so quickly and then stopped innovating.
People have been programmed to trust what they are told.
They have been told there are no advanced secret aircraft on many occasions, then find out decades later that they were real once they were declassified and a more advanced technology had taken their place.
It is not my job to convince anyone that what I and other whistleblowers are disclosing about the Secret Space Programs is true. It is my job to get this information planted like a seed into the consciousness of humanity to prepare them for a future full disclosure event. This full disclosure event will not only be about the Secret Space Program or if there are little green men.
This disclosure event will entail the opening of a Pandora’s Box of information that the Elite has kept hidden from the masses who have funded this huge secret infrastructure that became a secret breakaway civilization — of which we were denied life-enhancing technologies. Each person should take the time to look at the evidence and listen to the information, and then use their own discernment as to what they are willing to believe between now and a full disclosure event.


The highest priority is to look closely at their message. The message is nothing revolutionary or new. It is the basic tenants of every religion and positive belief system.
First, we need to unplug ourselves from the mainstream media machine and stop looking at the differences that the “Elite” have used to keep us at odds with each other.
Keeping us divided and at each other’s throats over things like religion, politics, and the color of our skin is ridiculous.
The message clearly states that we should focus on becoming more loving, forgiving (of ourselves and others, thus braking the wheel of karma). We should focus on becoming more in service to others on a daily basis, without becoming door mats to negative-oriented people. We must focus on raising our consciousness and vibrations through prayer, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga or any number of other ways. There is no need to change our belief systems or adopt a new religion.
We should treat our bodies as temples and adopt high vibrational diets to aid us in raising our consciousness and vibratory states. In doing this, we will change the world one person at a time, even if that one person is ourselves.


It has been said by the Sphere Alliance that we will create the conditions for full disclosure with the co-creative powers of our joint consciousness. All matter, energy, and thought are states of vibration.
It has been proven that our consciousness can have a direct effect on the vibratory state of our shared realities.
By doing the inner work mentioned above in the Blue Avian Message, we who are on a path of awakening can prepare ourselves now.
Those who are firmly asleep will have to be jostled awake in an uncomfortable way. There will be the need for financial collapses and revelations of crimes against humanity committed by the very “Elite” that they now trust. They will have to be angered to a point that they will open their minds to the information most of us take for granted. They will look to those of us who are awakened during this time for guidance and stability.


These high-energy waves have been flowing through our solar system for decades already. The signs are all around us. The planets have all showed remarkable changes in their weather, the Sun has gone through major changes, and most of all we are witnessing the people on our planet having problems adjusting to this higher density and vibratory energy. Positive people are behaving more so. Sadly, the lost and negative polarity people are behaving more so, as we see and hear on the news every day.
We have not been told if this will culminate into a sudden event that will cascade throughout the solar system and change everyone at once, or if it will continue to be a gradual process as we have witnessed for some time. We do know that it is happening. Some are fighting the new energies, and others are going with the flow.


There were 22 programs listed in just one ET Federation Group. Each group was convinced that they were doing positive work. Many of us would classify some of these groups as negative and others as positive. It all comes down to a point of view.
They have been taking part in this “Grand Experiment” for many tens of thousands of years. They, too, are participating in this Genetic, Sociological and Spiritual Experiment.
The Blue Avians have stated that no matter how positive some of these groups are, they are still considered “Service to Self” because they are agenda oriented.
They have mixed their genetics with our own as well as mixed their souls with our societies through incarnation programs. This experiment is vast and complicated in nature. It will take most of us some time to begin to wrap our minds around the basics of it.


We will touch on information about:
  • The Ancient Builder Race that was a part of our solar system history many millions of years ago
  • The different ET groups that have fought for dominion over our solar system resources (of which we are considered one)
  • The history of Ancient Civilizations that moved underground and into space, forming their own “Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations” who then pretended to be gods and ETs to the humans on Earth
  • The present era of how the current Secret Space Programs were started in the late 1930s and 1940s and how they have developed into the breakaway civilization that we have now
  • We will also cover the dozens of ET groups that have been interacting with our civilizations from the beginning in order to manipulate them for a certain outcome.
We have quite a lot of content to cover that is all based on my direct experiences working in the SSP, as well as my access to the “Smart Glass Pads” that are similar to tablet devices and connect to both ET and SSP databases that were full of information.

David Wilcock 7-25-15… A Facebook Note… “Cosmic Disclosure Breaks Records… DivineCosmos down”

by kauilapele

David_Wilcock_Search141I’ve been trying and trying to post this full text to FB, but could not figure out how to do it so you could read the text of David’s note. So anyway, here it is.


Facebook Post Link

Cosmic Disclosure has now shattered all existing records in the history of GaiamTV by a very significant degree. It is too early to tell how many of these viewers have become subscribers, but that’s really up to you!

This is a big relief for us, since we’ve risked our lives and been through all sorts of outrageous negative experiences in order to reach this point. The Cabal genuinely did not think we would ever get it together.

Now the Divine Cosmos site has been taken offline, but Gaiam’s site is still running. Our site has almost never before had such a massive hack attack, and the timing is obviously no accident.

The weekend is always when things “go viral” and this is a very transparent move. Who else would have the means and the resources to do this — and why now?

In order to not break the momentum, I will again post the link to Gaiam TV. This one ensures that Corey and I both get credit if you decide to subscribe:…

This was a surprisingly desperate move, along the lines of the Bush Administration cronies recently posting pictures of themselves on 9/11, as if to say “Look at how intense this was. Hit us out of nowhere!”

Sorry, guys, you will have to suffer the consequences of your actions. Humanity will be set free. We are not your slaves.


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