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Isis_LightHi guys :-) ,

It came to my attention that you do not pay too much attention to the books that I posted on this site, in the Ultimate Guidance Books tab.

These are not just books :-)

These are books primarily dictated by the Ascended Masters, and written for the “children of Light” who have come to Earth to fulfill a mission.

The books contain symbolic messages, and the meaning of which will only be revealed to those who meditate on significance of the words.

The content of the books is like a treasure map :-)

If you the reader, take it seriously, you could be led to exciting truths and to an understanding of the most profound mysteries of the universe.

The Ascended Masters, who transmitted these messages, have made it clear that to understand the meaning of the messages, one’s heart and mind must be disciplined.

All the messages are coded, and the encoding is contained in each individual’s Akashic records.akashic-recordsThe decoding can be accomplished only by going inward. That means that each message must be studied, meditated upon, and integrated in one’s essence. This process, takes time, dedication, and a sense of purpose; to commit to the process is a true test of faith. The messages in those books contain several keys that begin your initiation process.

Follow your inner guidance, and read first the one you feel guided to. Everybody has a different path to follow. The Masters will guide you. The right books/messages will come on your way …

You are not alone. Your Higher Selves and the Masters will guide you through the process of finding yourself, your past lives,  your mission here in this time, who you really are, and much more.

Enjoy it ! Isis :-)Atlantis_egypt

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