I do not like to post this type of “news” but I think we should be aware of what’s going on, even if it makes us sick (to say the least). We all have eaten at McDonald – omg… I do not even want to think about it… It’s easier to deny it, but the facts remain the same.

(BREAKING UPDATE – Freedom of the Press has just be violated by BIN AND THEY ARE ACCEPTING BEING BRIBED BY McDONALDs HOLDERS TO NOT POST THIS STORY!  Before Its News just banned this story from the Top 50 list (6 March 5pm PST) So understand, BIN DOES INFACT 100% “Control” what you are reading.  Fact – Refresh the page RIGHT NOW, and Look yourself at the No of readers (35) and then refresh the Top 50 page!  It WILL NOT SHOW UP!  They do not want to post it for others to read in the Top 50 because they do not want to expose this truth to its readers! (Anyone can screen capture and show the # of readers and then click on the BIN Top 50 list and it will not show up there!  Clearly news being surpressed on BIN; and no, it is not just a “Glitch”! Also, the # of total reads just went down atleast 500 the past 30 minutes!  Also Fresh the page yourself and you will now see total views are going BACKWARDS. Beware guys BIN is NOT A FREE LOCATION TO POST; BUT A PAID SHILL AND THIS STORY IS 100% PROOF OF IT!)



Quote – “I mean we steal 100-300,000 children a year, just in this country (USA).  And we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread, and then we throw their bodies into the slaughterhouses that we own, and then we grind up the bodies into sausauges and hamburger; (and) “McDonalds IS ONE OF THEIR FAVORITE OUTLETS”.  And the people they eat them for breakfest, they eat them with their children for lunch, and you know, us Jews you know..we gotta do what we do.  The most important thing to remember between you and the ___ wisdom is that me, Rabi Abe Finkelstein of in New York, that we both have two “Fathers” (God vs Satan?); so that is why we look at the world in two different ways.”  (Specific Quote starts at 39:30)

Original Story and Exact Quote Transcribed by Rob – the 21st Century Paul Revere.  Feel free to share, But PLEASE link to this original story for all the work I did to unearth this.

Quoted in this little known recorded Underground Radio show is Rabi Abraham Finkelstein openly discuses all the most hanus criminal actions known to human man against human man.  This Rabi IS ONE OF THE VERY TOP JEWISH LEADERS IN THE WORLD GUYS!  Think about it!  He is not some “nobody” or “wannabe;” but a actual top ranking official to the very top level Jewish agenda against the world!  (It would be like a sitting boardmember inside The Vatican, with the Pope at the head of the table who are talking here!)

This IS LEGENDARY, and the actual Ground Rooted source uncovered, that reaches into your Deepest and Darkest Fears.  Many of you are tired of all these “Wackos” comments you all read, and never believe because they are so bizzare; well, here is “THE” interview they are talking about; so hear it for yourself!  I highly recommend you copy it before it is removed!

So anyone who only “Thinks” people are crazy whenever you hear them talking about stuff like this; HERE IS THE ACTUAL AUDIO RECORDING THEY ARE REFERRING TO!  This way, you can hear it for yourself, and you can make whatever self judgement you want.  (NOTE – I am NOT trying to “Conform” my thoughts over to you, but I only want you to hear the TRUTH; and only then, you make your own decision).

We all heard of some of the most outragious claims of humans killing/eating humans in graphic ways that are unimaginable, well, this is truly the most complete, all in one place source for this that can not be dismissed.  

As you will hear, he does it 100% sincerely and even laughing about all they are doing to our planet, and fellow humans.  You will hear in his own words what they are “Doing the world a Favor” against humans; and humans being treated as nothing but “Cattle” (aka Cows, sheeps, pigs…)!

I am NOT trying to bring religion into this for any non-beleivers, but “2 Fathers” (Satan vs God)?  But if they are not afraid to talk about and say openly they “Slaughter” children, “Grind their bodies”, and turn them into meat, SOLD AT McDONALDs; don’t each of you need to rethink what is going on around you?  Lets just say for the sake of arguement, what if this is possible?  What are you going to do differently in your life, and how you will protect your family and children from this evil?  (Remember, in the US alone, 1+ million completely “Vanish” from our soil without a Trace PER YEAR; while the Evil Mass Media Covers Up THIS 100% Fact?)

Read below the video for only a few eye opening time locations to jump to, and more what stories are talked about.  It is long but complete, but I promise you, you will NOT be able to stop listening!  Fassen your seatbelts because you will NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE FORGET THIS ONE! 


SIMPLY MINDBLOWING Hey?  It 100% CONFIRMS all the worldwide Criminal Agenda and Actions the Top Jews are doing without the clueless people knowing!  He even says he doesn’t care because no one can touch what he, the Jews and the NWO are doing to our world.  Look around and if you can not see any changes in the air, or with your own eyes physically around you, you need to wake up and fast.

Here are only a few time locations for stories:

27:50 – “Humans are only cattle like cows and you have to “THIN OUT THE (human) HERDS Occassionally”…

39:00 – …they can pay off the courts against anyone anytime they want… (Followed by the 1st McDonald’s Reference)…

Here is just a sampling of what subjects are covered:

- “Humans are Cattle; just like Cows” (aka MEAT!)  Proven by Clinical Testing by many different
labs, plus Head Jewish Rabi Abraham Finkelstein confirms this!  You need to hear in his very own words confirming this AS FACT, AND LAUGHS ABOUT TELLING PEOPLE THIS FOR YEARS, and “People have been told this for years, and they laugh like it’s a joke, but its not!”  So how more clearly does it take for people to wake up at whats going on in America and in the world?

  – “…The US has already “Served” its purpose and time to move elsewhere in the world…”

  – Their race and Agenda;
– Their control of diamonds;
– Their full control of the national news;
– How they are controlling wars, and owning ALL THE MILITARY WAR MANUFACTURING Companies in the world (FOR PROFIT ONLY);
– How they were behind 911;
– How it destroyed “Jewyork I mean New York” for the Insurance fraud; which was a “twofer”;
– How they are stealing all the money they can”;
– How humans are only “Cattle like Cows” and are SERVED AS FOOD!;
– How all the US government are bribed and paid for; to move their agenda forward;
– How they don’t care about anything but the gia (aka money);

and many more!  

Hear all of this WITH YOUR OWN EARS FOLKS FROM THE TOP HORSES MOUTH!  Now you tell me, how can this be a “Fake” interview.  Anyone knowing this Rabi knows they never ever lie about anything, and the things they say and do seem so Mindblowing, that you were taught this is so Impossible, and Laughable.  But the question is, isn’t FACT more bizarre then Made Up Fiction?  

Were you man enough to listen to all this in Rabi’s Abe Finkelstein’s words?!  Does it make you “think” differently about what is happening around you?  Do you know now why nothing has been improved in our world in the last 20+ years (No a new TV or iphone IS NOT improving
peace and harmony in lifes on the planet).



If you know something is just not right with our world or in our govenrment and Country, The below news story physically can save you and your families life, and remove the criminal corrupt government from ruling over us any longer.  The one and only time “We The People” can physically REGAIN FULL control over our Laws, Lives and Community, will be ONCE MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED!  That is when all citizens need to act as one, to kick the Gov and Corporate criminals out of office, and forcing their illegal Laws over us.  

The below REAL WORLD HONEST TO GOD STORY WILL 100% GUARANTEE that you and your
city WILL REMOVE THE Criminal State and Federal Government over you.  In 72+ hours now, not one person can factually disprove one tactic how this would fail. 

For example, to kick out the Gov power control and illegal Laws over us, you need to STOP all your local police officers from GATHERING at their department When Martial Law is Declared!  Their #1 and only “Job” IS TO “Contain” each of us, WITH THEIR WEAPONS POINTED TO OUR HEADS, so the Federal and State LAWS will keep their power grip over you.  BUT NO LOCAL GOV POLICE OFFICERS WITH WEAPONS = NO ILLEGAL GOV RULE OF LAW OVER ITS CITIZENS RIGHT?  THiNK!  But read this life saving, nation saving story, and I promise you, it tells you 100% Exactly what to do once the Gov hammers down their Illegal Martial Laws over us to contan us.  That is the instant need ALL to Regain Control over our Corrupt US Gov.  If you can prove one thing wrong with this plan, explain using FACTS!  BUT DO IT!  Also, read the comments for IDEAS!  


Please say a silent thank you, prayer, or kind thought to me for revealing this to you.  I only want to inform you, my unknown fellow freedom loving friends, who is trying to get us all Freedom Loving People to all work together for removing our nations illegal corrupt government over us.  Now with this story, if you believe it or not, atleast you can not focus on a agenda that is against all humans; in all nations.  But 100s of millions of people need you to do the actions and tactics IN YOUR CITY FOR YOUR VICTORY OVER THE CRIMINALS GOVERNING US TODAY! 

Rob – the 21st Century Paul Revere.

Source: Before It’s News

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