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Betty Hathor: Old souls – This was a Successful Experiment, now it is time to get back your powers 100%. Now it is Time to return to ourSELF and Home! – but never forget those hard times in so many incarnations had a purpose!!! –

I know this video is an older one, but here we are…at the final “gate”(most of us), here we are at the next stage and most of us have already awaken, but don’t forget all those incarnations and hard work we have done through so many lives had a purpose and we did a great job coming here as volunteers…Who are you?…

You are/were a great light-worker helping humanity and other beings in sooo many incarnations and Now it is time to take back your TRUE POWERS and return to yourSELF and to who you really are, it was a great “game” of illusion, now we have won! It was a pleasure working together, and now it is a great pleasure get back together in Oneness and leave behind what we don’t need anymore, and evolve to the next stage…continuously..and create continuously


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