Lightship Armada Filmed from Space Shuttle

Just a reminder …

Those aren’t bubbles in a lava lamp.

As a reminder or a wake-up call, whichever is appropriate, we are not alone, and the government is lying when they say they have no knowledge of extraterrestrial life.

This footage from 2011 comes from NASA’s space shuttle, and you can hear the conversation for yourself. The astronaut doesn’t sound fazed, does he? 

We have help on this challenging journey. Rejoice! And hang in there. Our star families have our backs and all will soon be revealed. The liberation of Planet Earth is nigh; albeit behind schedule, but close.  ~ BP

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2011


Believe what your eyes see & prepare. A NEW AGE OF LIGHT has been decreed by Prime Creator for Earth and mankind. The long centuries of suffering under the darkness of fabricated wars, economic crisis, & enslavement by the immense fraud of our pseudo economic system will be soon a past nightmare. The end of the covert Dominion of the Enemies of the Light will be brought to an End, very soon.

The greatest time of HOPE BEYOND HOPE is now possible for mankind because we are not alone anymore… We now have friends, powerful and wise friends, coming to the help of Mother Earth and Mankind. Our ancestors, our ancient family from the Stars have returned. They have been sent here in a mission of great magnitude, the LIBERATION OF EARTH by the assembled FORCES OF THE LIGHT.

2012 will be nothing less then COSMIC D DAY, the birth of a Free Earth.

The Gal Fed have started destroying the huge underground base & tunnel system the Illuminati secret zionist mafia had built to shelter themselves after having created a nuclear holocaust on the surface to destroy the whole population of Humans. They are also neutralizing the high tech weapons used by the US Army to shoot the UFO of the friendly benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations that are trying to bring us their much needed help.

This immense Armada of over 15 MILLION STARSHIPS is here to PROTECT us & our solar system from any interference from the huge armies of the Dark side. A great war of 10 years has just been won by the Forces of the Light against the coalition of Darkness who were attempting an invasion of Earth & bringing reinforcement to the Earth Illuminati-reptilians dark forces. Many Angels of the Light have died for us in this war to protect Earth & the Divine Plan of Liberation & Ascension of Earth.

This Armada is also necessary to put an end to the powerful coalition of Darkness that is still dominating all secret societies, governments armies, secret services, police on our Planet. GAL FED will have to do a gigantic mass arrest & incarceration of this multitude of very dangerous psychopaths mafia. You see, this Planet is ALREADY INVADED by a covert murderous extraterrestrial dark coalition since thousands of years. The evil ET are hidden in underground bases since this invasion.

This GAL FED Armada is vital to monitor every single Nuclear Bomb that exist on Earth & disable their firing mechanism when the evil zionist illuminati attempt to fire them to create nuclear holocaust of Humanity while the dark ones plan to survive in their vast underground network. MANY attempt at starting WW3 have been stopped by GAL FED that have also started destroying the dark world wide deep underground tunnel & bases system where they had planned to hide as we all die.

When it is secure, THEN the Gal Fed will come meet us, with our family of Inner Earth, with the greatest message of Hope, humanity ever have received. Prepare my friends the greatest days are still to come. The Greatest Celebration in the History of Earth will soon fill our eyes with tears of Joy unequaled.

By the way, do you want to know why there is so much secrecy about extraterrestrials? Why Do you think there is so much secrecy about UFO and extraterrestrials civilizations ? It is because what we call the ANGELS… it is them! Because what we refer to as Extraterrestrials are also higher dimensional Beings from the higher spiritual dimensions in mission here sent by God to come reveal themselves to us. They are sent here by the prime Creator of this Universe to offer immense help to humanity, and also to inform us that they are our family, and that they consider us as family. They are also coming to bring to an end the reign of the dark on this world.

This is why our governments don’t want you to know that there is an immense ARMADA of UFO and giant mothership around the Earth, preparing for first contact with us, waiting for the signal from God to come and help liberate this sacred planet and humanity from the forces of the enemies of the Light that have covertly taken almost complete control of our planet. This is the hope beyond hope and the great Light of Hope that is being hidden from us.

May the light of dawn arise in our soul.


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