Le’Vell Zimmerman Messages

As you evolve the energetic frequency of your presence, you are continuously shifting into new dimensions of experience through portals within yourself.

This shifting in dimensional frequency is indicated through the light code expressed as 11:11, where the new reality that is available to you is slightly different from your current experience, in being a bit more harmonious, peaceful, joyous, and graceful as an unfoldment of the divine truth.

Many souls are seeing this code everyday, where their evolved choices and emotional balancing within has allowed an upgrade in frequency, which is reflective in one experiencing more of their own glory.

Know that it is with the practice of inner stillness that you are inter dimensionally traveling through these portals closer and closer to the reality of your liberation (and First Contact), where you can request who we are of your Angelic Guardians to escort you, as well as assist you in moving through these higher dimensional gateways of creation.

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