Le’Vell Zimmerman Messages – July 31/2015

The incoming energies are extremely powerful, where taking care of your physical vehicle throughout this transition is a priority to assist in an effective, efficient, and graceful upgrade of your presence.

In recognizing how this energy are being received in the form of higher frequency electromagnetic light particles, you can sense how drinking plenty of water is helping the body process these energies throughout the circuitry of your physical vehicle.

Physical Exercise is also one of the foundational pillars that is necessary during this process, where the heightening of the blood flow is pushing the distortions out of your system making way for the cleansing provided through these frequency.

Full consciousness comes with transforming the body back into its pristine condition, where all on this path are reversing the aging process now, in this being the process of physically returning to your eternal state in never having to experience the process of physical death again.


Ascension is not dependent on the food you eat, however processing the higher frequencies gracefully within the vehicle is assisted in allowing yourself to embrace lighter food substances as an aspect of your meals.

Vegetables, Grains, Water, and Fruits are extremely helpful to your system during this experience, where the physical vehicle is very sensitive as the entire cellular structure changes, in sensing how it is important to cultivate your sensitive awareness within as the body communicates with you.

Know that the citrus within oranges, lemons, and limes are very effective in relieving symptoms brought about by these new energies, where once again the electromagnetic nature of such a reality is being assisted through the digestion of these substances within the body.

The activation that are taking place amongst this species in light of these energies will bring an awareness that will quickly remove the dark from this dimension and allow for the global awareness of our Extraterrestrial presence in this dimension once and for all.

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